The Real Victoria Nuland: US foreign policy official retires after decades of fomenting conflict and destruction

On Tuesday, the State Department announced that she will be retiring from her role “in the coming weeks.”

“Toria’s tenure caps three and a half decades of remarkable public service under six Presidents and ten Secretaries of State,” a statement from Secretary of State Antony Blinken read.

“What makes Toria truly exceptional is the fierce passion she brings to fighting for what she believes in most: freedom, democracy, human rights, and America’s enduring capacity to inspire and promote those values around the world.”

Far from her advertised qualities, Nuland has used her position of power to pursue ideological pursuits that served as a force for death and destruction.

Let’s take a look at Nuland’s resume and explore the activities of this supposed “freedom and democracy” champion.

Clinton Administration

Nuland’s first big role came in the form of serving as chief of staff to deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, a longtime Clinton family confidant. He who would later become president of the far-left Brookings Institution, a corrupt “think tank” which, during Talbott’s tenure, served as a vessel for the interests of the government of Qatar.

From 1997 to 1999, Nuland was Deputy Director for former Soviet Union affairs at the United States Department of State, where she handled U.S. policy towards Russia.

Bush 43 Administration

From 2003 to 2005, Nuland served as the principal deputy foreign policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney. Nuland’s team helped to make the case for pushing the envelop in Iraq. The Bush Administration spent over $1 trillion on the war, toppling Saddam Hussein in the process, but then creating a vacuum for the birth of the Islamic State. Almost half a million people died during the war, including over 4400 U.S. troops.

Bush White House

After fomenting carnage in Iraq, Nuland shifted over to the NATO portfolio during the second Bush term. In her role as U.S. Ambassador to NATO, Nuland was tasked with expanding European partner commitments to the war in Afghanistan. After trillions of dollars in costs and tens of thousands of civilian and military lives lost during the 20 year war, the U.S. withdrew from the country in 2021. Since then, the Taliban has come into power and now rules the country under the same flag that it did prior to 9/11/01.

Obama Administration

Nuland began her tenure in the Obama Administration as the State Department spokesperson.

From 2013 to 2015 Nuland’s portfolio was dominated by Eastern Europe and Russia. She was the American point person for the infamous “Maidan uprising” in Ukraine, which resulted in the ouster of the country’s elected president. Critics of the Nuland-led campaign have labeled her activities in Ukraine as a successful coup effort in a foreign country.


Trump Administration/Private Sector

Nuland retreats into the “private sector” within the Albright Stonebridge Group, a firm with multiple offices in Beijing and Shanghai. The organization served as a means to promote globalist ideologues and retain their employment for future high level Biden Administration appointees.

Biden Administration


As the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Nuland appeared to telegraph the future bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline, declaring that it will “not move forward” if Russia invades Ukraine.

Of course, the rest is history, and the Nord Stream system was sabotaged.

Nuland has since acted to disrupt peace talks and advance the maximalist position of fighting the Ukraine-Russia war to the very last Ukrainian, ensuring that there is more reasons for Congress to allocate untold billions to the war effort.

Surely, she will get a John McCain-like send off within the D.C. Beltway in the coming weeks. Since the 1990s, Nuland has acted to wreak maximum amounts of havoc from within the power centers of the American government, and that’s why the men and women of institutional Washington hold her in such high regard.

Only in D.C. would such a wicked “public servant” be celebrated.


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