Victoria Police falsifying flight data?

Victoria Police commits criminal offences every single day, period.
The ‘problem’ there is to catch them out, where that is only just one hurdle.
The next problem is that if one (i.e. the serf) wants to take action, there are a few more hurdles to overcome.
The courts are corrupt and they’re corrupt to the core.
One then has to get past the ‘gate keeper’ of the court, you know, the one who stop matters getting into a ‘court of public record’, because that could alert the general population that something is not right, where that would be embarrassing for their bosses and the stakeholders (see post:   )
Just say the (lucky) serf gets the paperwork past the gate keeper, the matter is then put forward before a judicial registrar, magistrate or judge, where it may not even make it onto a ‘public record’, i.e. the juicy parts.
While the system is rigged, some people may have success BUT it comes at a price called an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which is against the ‘public interest’ and should be exposed as it (the NDA) realistically has no lawful standing.
In any event it seems that Victoria Police have falsified the information of their helicopter, to look like an aeroplane, with no registration or type code.
An ‘honest’ mistake? Believe what you will.
Anyone want to bring this up with CASA?


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