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A New Guide to the Theology That Drives Trump’s Dominionist Prophets and Apostles

Book Review “American Evangelicals for Trump: Dominion, Spiritual Warfare, and the End Times,” by Canadian scholar André Gagné, explores the theological underpinnings of the New Apostolic Reformation, a movement of predominantly Charismatic Christians that views politics as spiritual warfare and opposition to former President Donald Trump as demonic. Gagné, a professor of religion at Concordia […]

Scientific Alarmism Drives DoD Climate Policy

Authored by Scott Sturman and Doug Goodman via The Epoch Times, Executive Order 14057 justifies the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions as necessary to counteract the existential threat of climate change. The program’s comprehensive and prohibitively expensive initiative proposes to transform the operational military by achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, […]

The lies of manufacturers and reviewers on Solid State Drives

What’s the BEST drive for gaming? What drive is for ‘content’ creators, you know OnlyFans? What SSD is best for workstation type loads? Is 7300MB per second too slow for my games? There are many misconceptions and ‘lies’ used to promote a manufacturer’s wares, in order to be the sales kings of the industry. It’s […]

Zelensky Drives By In Ferrari To Remind Americans Of The Importance Of Filing Your Taxes

KYIV — With Tax Day rapidly approaching, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a helpful reminder to all American taxpayers of the importance of paying their taxes in a timely manner while tearing through the war-torn streets of Kyiv in a brand new Ferrari F430. Source

Census: Mass Legal Immigration Drives U.S. Population to 333 Million in 2022

The United States population now stands at more than 333 million residents, driven to the highest level in American history mostly as a result of the nation’s decades-long mass legal immigration policy. Source

Trapper Trannos mocks road safety and drives 220km+ on a public road (VIDEO)

After his familiar mocking of the police when he was arrested because a pistol was found in his possession (without a firearms permit), in a video Trannos mocks road safety. In the video he uploaded, the “trapper” appears to be driving at over 200  – 220km/h to be precise – on a public road. Of […]

The two-state compromise drives arguments for and against Palestine’s UN membership

The Palestinian Authority is once again seeking full membership of the UN, and the US has already expressed its opposition. The two-state compromise continues to form the premise for the arguments both for and against UN membership, as presented by the PA and the US respectively. However, the PA’s political decision-making is so fragmented, that […]

Facebook to fire ‘Woke’ Staff after Censorship Drives Users away

Facebook is planning mass layoffs of its workforce due to the company’s far-left censorship policies backfiring and causing extreme financial hardship. The move comes after Meta, Facebook’s parent company, suffered “one of the worst downturns” after a […] The post Facebook to fire ‘Woke’ Staff after Censorship Drives Users away appeared first on News Punch. Source

Analysis: Biden Drives Foreign-Born Population to 47M, Largest in History

President Joe Biden’s policies have helped drive the nation’s foreign-born population to 47 million as of April, the largest in United States history, new analysis reveals.

WATCH – Inflation Drives Tennessee Man to Start Fish Farm: Report

A Tennessee man has begun farming his own fish as inflation has sent grocery store costs through the roof, according to a report. 

Putin’s messiah syndrome drives the invasion, brutality to cities and civilians, plus his cultural/imperial vision

Putin’s messianic vision sees the destruction of an independent Ukraine almost as a religious duty. Source

RH – News Round-Up: Ukraine, Covid, St. Patrick Drives the “Snakes” Out of Ireland

Links for this episode: Redditors shot dead in Ukraine conflict after volunteering to fight in “legion” Army General Reveals How Judeo-Masonic Oligarchs, Chabad Lubavitch Jews, And The C.I.A. Gained Control Of Ukraine The post RH – News Round-Up: Ukraine, Covid, St. Patrick Drives the “Snakes” Out of Ireland appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

ESG Scoring Drives Companies Into Sustainable Development, Aka Technocracy

ESG stands for “Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance” and has been likened to a globalized Social Credit Scoring system for business. If you have a high ESG score, it will be easy to qualify for credit, to get the best deals with vendors and to participate in the global supply chain.  Alas, if you don’t have […]

How union drives in Mexico help workers on both sides of the border

Image Credit: Caesar Rodriguez/New York Times This article was produced by the Independent Media Institute. What Tom O’Shei remembers most about his visit to Mexico in 2019 is the determination he glimpsed in the hundreds of Mexican workers who paraded through the port city of Lázaro Cárdenas and stopped to pray at a monument honoring […]

Political Marginalization Drives Legal Conservatism among Indian Muslims

Amid the existential crises of Indian Muslims after Partition, the constitutional assurances given to the collective identity was vital in ameliorating the fears of the Muslim community. While individual freedoms are tenable while interpreting the constitution, recognition of the collective identity of the Muslim community by the way of State protection for colonial era Muslim […]

Census: Biden Drives Up Foreign-Born Population Across Swing States

President Joe Biden’s immigration policies have significantly increased the foreign-born populations across a number of swing states, United States Census Bureau data reveals. The data, analyzed by Steven Camarota and Karen Zeigler at the Center for Immigration Studies, shows that the foreign-born population has now hit a record 46.2 million as of November 2021 — […]

US Build Up in Asia Drives China and Russia Closer Together

While the US-Russia relations have, for historical reasons, always remained uneasy, the US’ recent ‘war on China’ and Washington’s subsequent efforts to bolster its military build up in Asia are directly driving its two strategic competitors into a strategic partnership. In this regard, ways have been suggested – and attempts have been made – to drive a […]

War In Ukraine? NATO Expansion Drives Conflict With Russia

 Russia is seeking a legally binding pledge that NATO will stop expanding east, including to Ukraine. If the US refuses, is war next? Richard Sakwa joins Pushback. Russia is seeking a legally binding pledge that NATO will stop expanding east, including to Ukraine. If the US refuses, is war next? Scholar and author Richard […]

The Philosophy that drives the Chaos: Julianne Romanello & Gilad Atzmon interviewed by Jason Bosch

Posted on July 21, 2021 by samivesusu JULY 19, 2021 BY GILAD ATZMON In this extended discussion Julianne Romanello and myself together with Jason Bosch delve into the ideological and spiritual thoughts that have turned our world into an open air prison. We looked into the work of Leo Strauss, Athens & Jerusalem, Noahide fundamentals, the […]

A New Vision That Puts Health Over Profit And Drives Innovation

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. June 7, 2021 There is a struggle right now to push the World Trade Organization to waive patent protections for medicines, vaccines and technology used for the COVID-19 pandemic. James Love of Knowledge Ecology International explains why that would be an important but not sufficient step to increase access […]

Giuliani: FBI Refused Hunter Biden’s Hard Drives During ‘Illegal, Unconstitutional’ Raid

Thursday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who formerly served as former President Donald Trump’s legal counsel, criticized the FBI raid on his Manhattan apartment during an interview with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson. According to Giuliani, the agents were “very professional and very gentlemanly,” however they refused to accept hard drives that Giuliani […]

DOJ Hacks Left Hunter’s Computer Hard Drives In Rudy’s House, But TOOK EVERYTHING ELSE! WHY?

LITICSUS  Addison Wilson10 hours ago0 1 minute read Ads by optAd360 No one knew that the situation was this bad! America is a banana republic, thanks to the power-driven Dems! Join The True Defender Telegram Chanel Here: Among the most honorable and highly respected persons in the U.S is the former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. However, on […]

WATCH: Return of ‘Catch and Release’ Drives Migrant Surge to U.S., Says Texas Border City Mayor

EAGLE PASS, Texas — Communities all along the southern border are dealing with issues related to the surge that has impacted law enforcement entities and residents as well. Mayor Luis E. Sifuentes expressed the complaints he received from constituents concerning trespassing and other associated crimes. He described the frustrations and fears expressed by local citizens […]

ACH (1490) Frosty Wooldridge – Frosty On How To Handle Anyone That Drives You Nuts!

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1490) Frosty Wooldridge – Frosty On How To Handle Anyone That Drives You Nuts! Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on April 9 2021, Andy is joined by Frosty Wooldridge, for a show entitled, “Frosty On […]

Planned Chaos Part 9 of 9 | Darkness Drives The Madness

Prepare For Change .net Planned Chaos Part 9 – Darkness Drives the Madness October 23, 2020 by Derek Knauss Darkness Drives the Madness The information provided in this article is highly detailed, likely confusing, and certainly controversial.  This should not be surprising since the Truth and our origins have always been kept from humanity.  Take a step […]

Overfunding The Military Drives Climate Crisis And White Supremacist Culture

Above photo: Ivan Cholakov / Shutterstock. As the U.S. now approaches the third month since protests erupted following the police murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless Black Americans calls to defund and abolish the police are resonating throughout public consciousness. While the Black Lives Matter movement rightfully pushes for the defunding and abolition of a […]

Anti-China Hysteria Drives Record 2021 US Defense Spending

Anti-China Hysteria Drives Record 2021 US Defense Spending Under the cover of an imagined ‘China threat,’ Washington continues to devote bottomless funding to endless war and militarization while neglecting its own people. Anti-China hysteria has emerged as the central ‘threat’ designed to justify endless U.S. military spending and adventurism in the Asia-Pacific. The 2021 Department […]

‘Collective Narcissism’ drives Liberal belief in Fake News – Study

     “Exaggerated feelings of moral superiority” make liberals vulnerable to believing fake news, according to a study which looked at stories relating to Brexit and U.S. President Donald Trump. Researchers at Nottingham Trent University found liberals and conservatives are equally likely to believe untrue news stories that correspond to their worldview and dismiss factual information […]

Innocent Driver Blamed After NY Cop Drives 74 in 40 MPH Zone Without Lights, Sirens, or Seatbelt, and Dies

New details have been released by New York State Police in the case of the Whitesboro police officer who crashed and died while speeding with his lights and sirens off in an April 11 incident. Whitesboro Police Officer Kevin Crossley, 34, was traveling at 74 mph in a 40 mph zone without wearing a seatbelt, […]

The Tail Wagging the Dog: Death Categorization Drives Healthcare Decisions

Next Story By World Mercury Project Guest Contributor Joy M. Fritz, posted here with permission. I work with doctors, coroners and the local county registrars every day to create death records. It’s what I do for a living and I wanted to share my thoughts on the mortality rates being thrown around on mainstream and […]

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