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A New Guide to the Theology That Drives Trump’s Dominionist Prophets and Apostles

Book Review “American Evangelicals for Trump: Dominion, Spiritual Warfare, and the End Times,” by Canadian scholar André Gagné, explores the theological underpinnings of the New Apostolic Reformation, a movement of predominantly Charismatic Christians that views politics as spiritual warfare and opposition to former President Donald Trump as demonic. Gagné, a professor of religion at Concordia […]

Nyampe: Insights for an Indigenous Orthodox Theology 

The Ngarrindjeri peoples and places are associated with the lands around the lower Murray River, the Fleurieu Peninsula and the Coorong, South Australia. Since the mid 19th century, they have had a very intriguing engagement with Christianity and generally with white culture through the Point McLeay (Raukkan) Mission. Personally, I came across them during my… […]

The odyssey of modern Orthodox theology 

In this week’s column, Dr Adrahtas surveys various social spaces and the Orthodox theology they produce: Academic Theology, Pulpit Theology, Social Media Theology  and Politically Correct Theoogy. Source

Gab Is Openly Pushing Dominion Theology

You know all that rhetoric about “Christ is King” being thrown around on places like Gab? These guys are dead serious with their beliefs and are actively working to create a society where Christians rule over us with an iron fist. They do not take kindly to their semitic religion being exposed, and while Gab […]

Tell Us What Kind Of Seating Your Church Has And We’ll Tell You How Good Its Theology Is

We’ve all been there: you’re visiting a church and you begin surveying the place, looking for the telltale signs that this is a place of sound teaching, a place that will uphold the faith of Paul, Jesus, and Billy Graham. One key indicator of sound theology that many people overlook is church seating. Here’s some […]

Mercer U. Theology Prof’s Prayer: ‘Dear God, Please Help Me to Hate White People’

Mercer University theology professor Chanequa Walker-Barnes wrote a prayer in which she asks God to help her “hate white people,” specifically, “the nice ones,” such as “the Fox News-loving, Trump-supporting voters” who “don’t see color.” She published the “Prayer of a Weary Black Woman” in the book A Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal. […]

Theology of Thanksgiving: Whom Shall We Thank?

Studying the history of Thanksgiving is like digging a narrow mine shaft into the complexities of the history of the English settlement and the United States. For years, various days of Thanksgiving had been pronounced at different levels of government, almost all in response to bountiful harvests or military victories, often at the same time. […]

YCP – Covenant Theology in the Epistles of Paul, Part 2

YCP – Covenant Theology in the Epistles of Paul, Part 2YAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE Pastor James explains why Paul is NOT a universalist. Share this:

YCP – Covenant Theology in the Epistles of Paul

YCP – Covenant Theology in the Epistles of PaulYAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE Pastor Eli James explains how horrible translations and even worse interpretations have corrupted the epistles of Paul, making it seem as if his writings deviated from Covenant theology.   Examining the actual Greek words used by Paul proves that he was not a universalist.  Also, […]

How They Do It– Sanders hits Trump nominee who called Islam ‘a deficient theology’

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COMMENTARY: How The KGB Created Liberation Theology

“The official punishment of a Catholic thinker for the sole crime of defending an orthodox doctrine,” wrote Professor Claudio Pierantoni, signifies the “beginning of the official persecution of orthodoxy within the Church.” Pierantoni is a scholar of patristics and professor of medieval philosophy at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago. He wrote in defense of Dr. […]

Waters dispute: Xi warns Obama not to threaten China’s sovereignty or national interests

     China has warned the US that it will protect its sovereignty in the disputed waters of the South China Sea and rejects attempts to use international laws and freedom of navigation as a pretext to undermine its national security interests. In a meeting with US President Barack Obama at the fourth Nuclear Security Summit […]

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