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“Japs, Jewry And Trannies”: Media Matters President’s Bigoted Blogs Resurface Amid Spat With Musk

On Monday, Elon Musk’s X sued Media Matters, claiming that the David Brock-founded leftist ‘watchdog’ group manipulated the platform to show major ads next to Nazi imagery, causing a flood of advertisers to leave the platform. “The end result was a feed precision-designed by Media Matters for a single purpose: to produce side-by-side ad/content placements […]

RULED BY TRANNIES: Biden regime grants transgender employees near-dictatorial power over employers

(NaturalNews) The Biden administration is continuing its support for pronoun madness with a recently published proposed workplace harassment rule that threatens… Source



Ever look at New Zealand’s PM and think, MAN! That’s one butt ugly woman? Well you are half right anyway. That is one butt ugly TRANNY! EVER NOTICE DRESSES AND DICKS JUST DO NOT GO WELL TOGETHER? Whats up with the Ratschilds loving trannies and raping little children” Must be their Demonic bloodline! The Ratschilds […]

Elite US unit of Killer Jabbed Trannies Ready to Get Fudge Packed By the Russian Bear in Ukraine if conflict ‘escalates’

Killer jabs cause heart attacks where young otherwise healthy folks fall down kicking and die. War is not a spectator sport. Lots of humping heavy gear, marching, running, sudden adrenaline rushes heavy breathing and such. So these mercenary troops in the USA Corporation’s killer jabbed tranny queer fudge packing “soldiers in the USA Corporation’s mercenary […]

How Hollywood Trannies Look So Feminine; They Have Cutting Edge Plastic Surgeons & Stylists Too. Comment: Anything FAKE you want is here. Comment: Hollywood is run by Super Satanists. Just ask Mel Gibson. 10 Easy Knee-Friendly Exercises for Crossdressers to Grow Their Hips 10/18/2021 Because of this, male glutes are mostly muscles that can be shaped with the correct exercises. This may mean that you…Tagged With:Butt Exercises , Crossdresser Workout […]

Clones, Doubles, Trannies

Clones, Doubles, Trannies – Who’s Your Daddy? / Medeea Greere Please join me on a rabbit hole collection of ideas, videos, memes and photos that will get you to question more. I knew nothing about any of this, did some research & am convinced these people are up to something that they are hiding […]

Hypocrite ADL Blasts Trump over Trannies, but Supports Homo-banning Israel

August 02, 2017 0 Source Article from

Trannies Make Our Country Safer – If You Ask Questions About It, You are Evil

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 27, 2017 .@RepSeanMaloney: “There are thousands of transgender service members serving honorably.” #Tucker — Fox News (@FoxNews) July 27, 2017 We don’t have a choice. The Seal Team Six is all a bunch of cocksucking faggots, and without them we would all be dead. Trannies defeated the […]

Trump: US Will Not Allow Trannies to Serve in the Military in Any Capacity!

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 26, 2017 After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow…… — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017 ….Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on […]

NHS Accused of Neo-Nazism for Denying Boob Jobs to Trannies

Michael ByronDaily Stormer July 21, 2017 In 1948, an ambitious Welshman named Aneurin Bevan, pictured above, launched a public healthcare program in Britain called the National Health Service. His vision? To live in a nation where boob jobs were available to everyone, including those who believed they were the opposite sex. And, […]

Investigating Kulak Unrest at the (((New York Times)))

Atlantic Centurion July 15, 2016 A recent article in the (((New York Times))), titled “For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words of Resistance,” takes on the intersection of the Trump campaign and the rise of the alt-right. I’ve written on the Trump-fueled growth of White identity politics before (1, 2, 3, 4) in addition […]

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