Patrick O’Carroll- Chlorine in Drinking Water Causes Cardiovascular Disease

Around 1970, China jumped on this same bandwagon 

by launching its own heart-disease business after it first 

launched its own water-chlorination program too. 

By an “amazing” “coincidence”, heart-disease in China 

was virtually unknown before the “Illuminati” got the brainwave 

of chlorinating China’s municipal water supplies. 

Afterwards, heart-disease in China skyrocketed. 

This is called industrial “progress” and societal “advancement”.


By Patrick O’Carroll


In the late 1960s, Dr Joseph M Price proved that 95 percent of chickens drinking chlorinated water developed atherosclerosis. He concluded:

“The basic cause of atherosclerosis, heart-attacks and most forms of strokes is CHLORINE, the chlorine contained in processed water”.

In his book “Coronaries, Cholesterol, Chlorine” (originally published in 1969), Dr Price conclusively proved the link between water-chlorination and atherosclerosis, where a protective plaque composed mainly of cholesterol builds up inside arteries, eventually resulting in heart-attacks and strokes.

The body is using cholesterol to BANDAGE the scars; but the scars are caused by CHLORINE.

Dr Price demonstrated, with fact after fact, proof after proof, that you can eat the foods you want to eat, and avoid heart-disease by simply following his guidelines for avoiding chlorinated drinking water.

Dr William Campbell Douglass II MD called this book by Dr Joseph M Price “one of the top ten nutrition books of the twentieth century … an amazingly original toxicology book vital to every living soul on this planet”.

After WW1, the London-NY-Alliance discovered a “windfall” oversupply of chlorine left over from WW1. It was too expensive to dispose of properly, so the London-NY-Alliance decided to just feed it to the slaves.

Fluoride is a notorious byproduct of the aluminum business. They dumped it our water supply because that is much cheaper than having to pay oodles of cash to dispose of it properly. All “laws” are easy to bypass. In banana republics like the USA or Europe, the aluminum business just bribes the puppeticians to turn a blind eye. Easy!

The London-NY-Alliance had already been planning to weaponize chlorine prior to WW.  Britain launched its heart-disease business by first launching water-chlorination around 1905; and the USA’s Rockefeller Death-Care Business launched its heart-disease profit-center by first launching water-chlorination around 1908.

Around 1970, China jumped on this same bandwagon by launching its own heart-disease business after it first launched its own water-chlorination program too. By an “amazing” “coincidence”, heart-disease in China was virtually unknown before the “Illuminati” got the brainwave of chlorinating China’s municipal water supplies. Afterwards, heart-disease in China skyrocketed. This is called industrial “progress” and societal “advancement”.

Basically, the power-elite (or “Illuminati”) everywhere are addicted to depopulation.

And Weaponized Chlorine is one of their favorite methods of killing off what they call “useless eaters”.

Ideally, they want each slave to live till 50 and then “die for his country” by never claiming his pension.

Besides chlorination of municipal water supplies, WHAT ELSE contains chlorine?

Refined salt (NaCl) feeds you a weaponized form of chlorine. You should use rock-salt, or else sea-salt instead. If you live near the coast, you should go for a swim and absorb through your skin the 60-70 vital minerals available from seawater, especially if it is not irradiated by Fukushima;

Under the guise of “disinfection”, chlorine has always been used very widely in the whole dairy business;

Pharmaceuticals made by the Rockefeller Death-Care Business contain excessive amounts of chlorine;

Chlorine derivatives are still used in hospitals today under the guise of “disinfection”;

Swimming pool sanitation is heavy on chlorine, and this is easily absorbed through the human skin.



Cholesterol is a BANDAGE that the human liver makes to protect scarred arterial walls.

Blaming cholesterol for heart-disease is like blaming the fire-brigade for starting a fire, just because the fire-brigade was caught on the scene at the same time as the fire was blazing.

For over 100 years, the Rockefeller Foundation paid the “free” press and media to write or carry stories about how cholesterol (the “fire brigade”) has always been the “cause” of heart-disease and of cardiovascular problems.

For over 50 years, the Rockefeller Foundation paid the “free” press and media to ignore Dr Price’s findings in hopes that the chlorination of water, salt, dairy, pharmaceuticals and disinfectants would continue to kill tens of millions of the slaves of “advanced” nations.

 By an “amazing” “coincidence”, the Rockefeller Foundation is closely tied to the Rockefeller Death-Care Business.


 And all this comes under the banner of “freedom” and “democracy”.




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