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Food Stamp Program Is More Likely to Give Benefits to Illegal Alien Families

By Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple Contrary to what liberals often claim, most Americans don’t hate immigrants, or even fear them. But what does raise the ire of most working class Americans, is when people sneak into our country illegally. And what angers them more even more, is when those illegals are given preferential […]

More than 80% of Jerusalemites under poverty line

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Eighty-two percent of Palestinians in Occupied Jerusalem lived under poverty line in 2014, a sharp increase from previous years, statistics said. According to the Jerusalem Institute for Israeli Studies, the poverty rate among Palestinian children in occupied Jerusalem in 2014 was higher, at 86.6 per cent. Occupied Jerusalem’s approximately 300,000 residents […]

OY VEY: Distribution of Mein Kampf May Cause Another Lampshading

Benjamin GarlandDaily Stormer June 17, 2016 (((Michael Laitman))) In response to the recent widespread distribution of Mein Kampf by the Nazi trolls who run the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, The Jerusalem Post has published an article warning that the Jews might now be gassed and then converted into lampshades and soap by Nazis again. In […]

GMO food ‘safety’ testing exposed as a corporate-run science fraud

(NaturalNews) Genetically modified (GM) food may be one of the biggest frauds in science and will definitely not feed the world or improve our farming techniques. On average, 80 percent of most American staple foods is genetically modified to some degree. GMOs have long been part of a daily routine for Jonathan R. […]

BREAKING: What Russia Just Discovered In The Middle East Will Kick Off WWIII

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Say what you will about Vladimir Putin but he puts Obama to shame when it comes to a lot of things including fighting Muslim terrorism. Obama’s foreign policy failures have created the probability of the next world war. And what Russia has just uncovered in the Middle Eastern Muslim majority country of […]

BREAKING: FOX Just Broke News That Will End Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Hillary Clinton and General David Petraeus have something in common- they both misused their classified emails. General Petraeus, a 4-star general and military hero was forced to resign as Director of the CIA as a result.  Photo: HEATHCLIFF O’MALLEY Hillary on the other hand did the exact same thing, much worse […]

The Taboo Speech

In a supposedly free society it is pertinent to ask why many key speeches are considered taboo by the war’s victor nations. During his near 13 year term of office, elected Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler made many epic speeches. All such addresses are important in terms of posterity. As the world was shaped by […]

Country Star Luke Bryan Delivers This ‘Unpopular’ Message About The Christmas Season

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Most pop culture stars are pretty liberal unfortunately so it’s always a pleasure to see a star say things that would typically make liberals head’s spin. One such man is Country music star Luke Bryan, whose full name is Thomas Luther Bryan. Luke was recently asked during a recent interview with Rare Country, to […]

Iran’s VP seeking ways to stop plummeting oil prices in Algeria visit

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri, who travelled to Algeria on Wednesday, said he is going to negotiate with the North African country’s officials to avert further slump in oil prices. “We should negotiate with the Algerian officials to find ways to stop a severe decline in oil prices,” Jahangiri told reporters in […]

10,000 Suns – Return of the Immortals

These metaphysical musings extend from Man’s Connection to The World Tree and Hyperborean Frugivores. Resonance is a law of correspondence. Creation is sound/ light at different frequencies. Trees, flowers, fruit are a manifestation of condensed sunlight. What is your resonance? The path to Asgard/ Immortality is a process of density, from the least vital, […]

Rejecting Islam: What The Mainstream Media Will Not Tell You

Renegade Broadcasting The latest radio shows from our sister site. Source Article from

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