Pedophiles for Globalism-Bill Clinton, Tony Blair & the Pope of Pedophile Priest

Blair with good buttie Jimmy Savile who is known to have raped dead bodies, raped multitudes of children, provided children to British fake royals, politicians and “elites” to rape and sometimes murder

Pedo pope with his known Pedo Cardinal which the pope protected from punishment for raping children

You “bless” the little boys popester.
I’ll “bless” the little girls.

Pedo popes, pope after pope.
Pope gives private “blessing” to Mossad’s child rape honey trap for blackmail purposes operators

Pope Francis, Tony Blair, & Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Join Clinton Foundation Event Promoting Globalism.

The Clinton Foundation has announced Pope Francis will participate in the charity’s annual “Clinton Global Initiative” between September 18 and 19 next week, with the pontiff expected to discuss various topics including climate change, the migrant crisis, child welfare, and projects involving children’s hospitals alongside former United States President Bill Clinton.

Pope Francis will be one of a number of influential figures involved in the annual event, with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, Governor of California Gavin Newsom, CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla,

former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki,

‘Ode To An Unattractive Red Headed yankee Whore’

When Jen Psaki was but yet a small unattractive evil yankee girl-
She decided her lot in life was to give many a man a whirl-
When she reached the age when she could work at her dream of pay for it man-
She plied her trade with her vigina, annus, mouth and hand-
But as a rather plain unattractive street walking sort-
she was outdone making cash by many a better looking tart-
Therefore she decided to prostitute her mouth telling blatant untruths for loot-
This did not bother her as where she was headed after death was already a point mute-
So she stood in front of the cameras ignoring the crack and alcohol fueled pedophilia-
The banging of CCP blackmail prostitutes in Los Angeles and Philadelphia-
Of Hunter recording himself jerking off while waving his illegal pistol around-
Of the child porn on Hunter’s laptop which in every folder did abound-
She sold her ass for shekels to tell massive lies with her mouth with a shit eating grin-
She prostituted herself, made a lying whore of herself again and again-
She betrayed her country, humanity and God-
So that the day her stinking body is laid beneath the sod-
In Hell there will be a welcoming party for the return of one of their own-
As the lying bitch gives a blowjob to the devil’s fiery bone-
The Scriptures warns against selling one’s ass in front of a Seven-Eleven.
But is firm on the point no lying whore shall enter the gates of Heaven!

The Ole Dog!

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen,

among multiple others, all set to join.

The CGI was first launched by the Clintons in 2005 and claims to convene “global leaders

to create and implement solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, inclusive economic growth,

and health equity.”


Pope Francis, Tony Blair, & Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Join Clinton Foundation Event Promoting Globalism.


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