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We have put the world in danger with artificial intelligence, admits ChatGPT creator

OpenAI chief executive pleads for regulation as he raises prospect of ‘significant harm’ ByMatthew Field16 May 2023 • 8:22pm OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman faced questions from senators concerned about the dangers of AI bots CREDIT: JIM LO SCALZO/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Tech companies are in danger of unleashing a rogue artificial intelligence that will cause “significant harm to […]

Students in Cyprus create ChatGPT-powered robot AInstein to improve classroom teaching

Students in Cyprus create ChatGPT-powered robot AInstein to improve classroom teaching. PASCAL English School in Cyprus have recently completed the creation of a robot that has the capabilities to understand commands, interact with humans and perform everyday tasks using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. After much experimentation and hard work, PASCAL Space Center proudly presents… […]

Google Launches ChatGPT Rival Called ‘Bard’ For testing in US and UK

Google launched its ChatGPT rival, “Bard” for testing in the United Kingdom and the United States to rival the currently popular ChatGPT. The tech company invited people in both countries to test its new AI chatbot in a bid to catch up with its Microsoft-backed competitor. Google announced the development of Bard last month, just two […]

They forgot to tell you that ChatGPT is woke

March 21, 2023 They forgot to tell you that ChatGPT is woke By Ed Brodow Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the new hot topic.  We’ve been hearing a lot about the A.I. creation called ChatGPT.  Some “experts” are saying that ChatGPT could be the most significant development since the Gutenberg printing press.  Is it true? ChatGPT describes itself as […]

Google’s New Bard AI Is More ‘Woke’ Than ChatGPT

Google’s Bard AI program is even more ‘woke’ than ChatGPT and is riddled with far-left political bias, refusing to acknowledge Donald Trump or criticize abortion, while heaping praise on Joe Biden and urging its users […] The post Google’s New Bard AI Is More ‘Woke’ Than ChatGPT appeared first on News Punch. Source

ChatGPT creator warns of AI dangers

ChatGPT creator warns of AI dangers Date: March 20, 2023Author: Nwo Report Humans will eventually need to “slow down this technology,” Sam Altman has cautioned Posted BY: RT News Artificial intelligence has the potential to replace workers, spread “disinformation,” and enable cyberattacks, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has warned. The latest build of OpenAI’s GPT program can outperform […]

Study Confirms ChatGPT Has ‘Extreme Leftist Bias’ and Discriminates Against White Conservatives

The AI language model ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has been exposed as having leftist biases and being more tolerant of “hate speech” directed at conservatives and men, according to a recent study by conservative think tank, the Manhattan Institute. The study titled “Danger in the Machine: The Perils of Political and Demographic Biases Embedded in […]

“This Kind Of Growth Is Almost Impossible For The Human Brain To Comprehend” & ChatGPT is behind AI!


ChatGPT Co-Creator Says The World May Not Be “That Far Away From Potentially Scary” AI

The co-creator of ChatGPT warned that the world may not be “that far away from potentially scary” artificial intelligence (AI). Sam Altman, the CEO of ChatGPT creator OpenAI, said in a series of tweets on Feb. 18 that it was “critical” for AI to be regulated in the future, until it can be better understood. He stated that he believes that […]

ChatGPT Danger Threat!

Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids ChatGPT Danger Threat! February 12, 2023 Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________More Vids! A Technocratic Pandora’s Box Here! 3 Predictions For 2023 Here! Making Secession Work Here! +BN Classics! Enabling A Big Brother Future Here! The Jews Who Censor You Here! The Enemies Of Free Speech Here! +BN Vids Archive! HERE!___________________________________Support The Brother […]

Even the Pentagon Is Using ChatGPT Now

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s convincing machine-learning-powered chatbot, is absolutely everywhere lately. Even the U.S. Army is using it, Motherboard has found.  The Pentagon used OpenAI’s ChatGPT to write an article on February 8 about the launch of a new counter-drone task force. The article flagged that it had been written by AI at the top.  “The article […]

ChatGPT Is a Bullshit Generator Waging Class War

SamImage: JASON REDMOND/AFP via Getty Images After a Ph.D in Experimental Particle Physics, Dan McQuillan worked with people learning disabilities & mental health issues, created websites with asylum seekers and worked in both Amnesty International and the NHS. He is now a university lecturer and recently published ‘Resisting AI – An Anti-fascist Approach to Artificial Intelligence‘ […]

BREAKING: ChatGPT is now live with Microsoft’s Bing

Microsoft unveils the new Bing with AI chat integrations Microsoft has announced a revamp of its Bing search engine and Edge web browser powered by artificial intelligence, weeks after it confirmed plans to invest billions in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. With the updates, Bing will not only provide a list of search results, but… […]

OpenAI Can’t Detect Its Own ChatGPT-Generated Text Most of the Time

In response to the growing concern from educators over ChatGPT’s ability to help students cheat, OpenAI released a tool on Tuesday that can detect AI-written text. However, the company said, “Our classifier is not fully reliable.”  “In our evaluations on a ‘challenge set’ of English texts, our classifier correctly identifies 26% of AI-written text (true positives) […]

Artificial intelligence ChatGPT program successfully passes Bar, medical licensing exams – are machines taking over the world?

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A recently released artificial intelligence (AI) program called ChatGPT is already taking and passing some of America’s most difficult professional exams, including the Bar exam for law and various medical licensing exams.What would take a human being years of diligent study to pull off is now being completed in an … [Read […]

ChatGPT Can Pass U.S. Medical Licensing Exam and the Bar, Received B Grade on Wharton MBA Paper

ChatGPT – a recently released AI with the uncanny ability to mimic human writing – has passed some of America’s most challenging professional exams, studies have shown, raising concerns it could soon put many white collar workers out of a job. Source

Conservatives Are Panicking About AI Bias, Think ChatGPT Has Gone ‘Woke’

Conservative media recently discovered what AI experts have been warning about for years: systems built on machine learning like ChatGPT and facial recognition software are biased. But in typical fashion for the right-wing, it’s not the well-documented bias against minorities embedded in machine learning systems which has given rise to the field of AI safety […]

Ukraine Wants Access to ChatGPT

The vice prime minister of Ukraine wants access to ChatGPT, the machine learning-powered chatbot from OpenAI that can generate advanced writing based on different prompts that a user enters, from fairytales to speeches.  On Friday, Mykhailo Fedorov tweeted, “Would like to appeal to ChatGPT team, @OpenAI to open your software for Ukraine. We are excited […]

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