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Aging Iraq Invaders Keep Accidentally Saying ‘Iraq’ Instead Of ‘Ukraine’

Aging Iraq Invaders Keep Accidentally Saying ‘Iraq’ Instead Of ‘Ukraine’ by Caitlin Johnstone, Caitlin’s Newsletter June 29, 2023   President Biden accidentally referred to Putin’s war in “Iraq” when answering questions from the press, a year after former president George W Bush made the same gaffe. Both men played crucial roles in the push to […]

The Arab world is shifting towards a policy of healthy aging

The world is currently experiencing an aging population, which will necessitate increased government spending in the coming decades to ensure an acceptable standard of living for older adults. As a result, officials and policymakers must adapt to shifting priorities by focusing on a comprehensive strategy for healthy aging. An in-depth examination of the Arab World Demographic […]

Flyte 70: The “Pro-Aging” Beauty Brand Co-Founded by a Greek-American

Flyte.70 founders Elena Frankel and Carolyn Barber. Credit: Flyte.70 “Pro-aging” American beauty brand Flyte.70 co-founded by Greek-American Elena Frankel in 2021 has been creating innovative products targeting women who are 40-plus. Frankel and Carolyn Barber were pioneers of the indie beauty boutique concept in Boston in the 1990s. Thirty years later, they feel proud that […]

Anti-aging vaccine appears to work… in mice

Anti-aging vaccine appears to work… in miceDecember 16, 2021 Would you take an anti-aging vaccine ? Image Credit: PD – John KeithScientists have developed a vaccine that could one day reverse the aging process in humans.Mankind has been obsessed with gaining immortality for thousands of years, but even despite the incredible advances in science and […]

New pathology report shows Covid rapidly accelerates the aging process due to DNA damage

New pathology report shows Covid rapidly accelerates the aging process due to DNA damage  October 27, 2021 Walter M Chesnut@Parsifaler ·Oct 24, 2021 Replying to @Parsifaler3) SARS-CoV-2 infection there was a MASSIVE loss of telomere length and a profound activation of the ATR DNA damage response. The authors posit that the telomere shortening is a result […]

Silicon Valley’s Billionaires Seek to Hack Aging Process by Reprogramming Human Cells

(MIT Technology Review) — Last October, a large group of scientists made their way to Yuri Milner’s super-mansion in the Los Altos Hills above Palo Alto. They were tested for covid-19 and wore masks as they assembled in a theater on the property for a two-day scientific conference. Others joined by teleconference. The topic: how […]

Aging David Beckham Discovers How Identifying As Jewish Can Open Doors And Kickstart His Fading Career

Now that his soccer playing days are behind him, David Beckham is looking for something to do with the next 40 years of his life — and it appears that he’s discovered that when it comes to the success of any future endeavors, saying “I’m Jewish” will open a lot more doors than “I used […]

‘You don’t have to die in your seat’: Democrats stress over aging members

“The older generation does not want to pass the baton. You don’t have to die in your seat. Pass the baton on,” said Florida state Sen. Shevrin Jones, a 37-year-old Democrat who lives in Hastings’ district. “I want to make sure that I’m not stepping into ageism, but we have a bench problem,” he said. […]

China Eases Birth Limits To Cope With Aging Society

BEIJING (AP) — China’s ruling Communist Party said Monday it will ease birth limits to allow all couples to have three children instead of two in hopes of slowing the rapid aging of its population, which is adding to strains on the economy and society. The ruling party has enforced birth limits since 1980 to […]

Caring for Aging Parents and Beyond

When my eighty-five-year-old father had back surgery, he investigated nearly every top orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles until he found one willing to repair three levels of his lumbar vertebrae. We were overjoyed to see him recover from the spine operation, but soon thereafter, he needed a knee replacement. For all his health issues, he […]

Can blood from young people slow aging? Silicon Valley has bet billions it will

The Spanish firm Grifols helped set off a kerfuffle last year when it, along with other firms, offered nearly double the going price for blood donations for a COVID-19 treatment trial. Brigham Young University in Idaho had to threaten some enterprising students with suspension to keep them from intentionally trying to contract COVID-19. The trial […]

Israeli Scientists Find Way to Reverse Biological Aging

    Previously, the same group of researchers pointed to the benefits of oxygen therapy for the human brain, reporting significant improvements to cognitive function and the functions of brain tissue in a control group of elderly volunteers. A group of Israeli researchers appear to have stumbled upon something akin to the Holy Grail, finding […]

7 Anti-Aging Secrets From Ancient India

October 9th, 2020 By Nick Polizzi Guest Writer for Wake Up World As far as I know, the elixir of immortality and the fountain of youth haven’t quite been discovered yet. But gosh… there is an awful LOT we can do to preserve that wonderful vital energy and sparkling quality we call “youthfulness” well into […]

Your Iron Levels Could Be a Key to Slow Aging and Long Life

August 5th, 2020 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Iron is an essential nutrient, integral to hundreds of biological functions including oxygen transport, DNA synthesis and energy metabolism. Almost every cell in your body contains iron.1 Plants, bacteria, animals and even cancer cells cannot survive without it.2,3 Plants use iron to make chlorophyll, while […]

A 44 Year Old Teenager Shares His Anti-Aging Health Tips

Next Story Roger Haeske is a health and fitness coach, and after going through some difficult times in his life with his mental and physical health, he ended up finding his very own fountain of youth. It’s basically just positive vibes, which is huge if you’re aware of the emerging science behind the mind-body connection, […]

Astragalus Root – Health, Immune System and Anti-Aging Benefits

April 4th, 2018 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest writer for Wake Up World Astragalus root is an herb that’s tremendously important in traditional Chinese medicine. It is known for its many health benefits, especially its potential to slow the aging process. Research has revealed this herb may have the ability to encourage healthy function of the […]

How Your Cell Phone Can Make You Unattractive and Ruin Your Relationships: Acne, Impotence, Premature Aging, Reduced Impulse Control, and More

By B.N. Frank On March 28, Sowetan Live published their article, “Acne, infections: your cellphone could be giving you bad skin.”  The article provides all the juicy details, pun intended. Since cell phones were found to be 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat, acne and infections aren’t all that surprising since many […]

Vitalik Buterin Donates $2.4 Million in Ether to Anti-Aging Research

The SENS Research Foundation, a charity funding research for treating-age related diseases, has received a $2.4 million Ether donation from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, according to a press release on the charity’s website Friday, Feb. 1. The foundation was co-founded in 2009 by Aubrey de Grey, a gerontologist who is researching rejuvenative therapies to extend […]

Aging and the Perception of Time

January 21st, 2018 By Josh Richardson Guest writer for Wake Up World Time perception is a construction of the brain. How fast we perceive time to be passing — or “mind time” — can be manipulated or distorted, with our evaluations of time differing based on our state of being at the time of judgment. […]

Old-order Amish found to have a gene mutation that protects against aging

(Natural News) It seems like we’re one step closer to finding the elusive fountain of youth. A recent study has discovered a genetic mutation in the Amish that makes them live longer. Researchers have determined a genetic mutation in the Amish people, who live in the midwestern United States, that allegedly helps them live 10 […]

Just Say “NO” to Aging! The Fountain of Youth is Within

October 10th, 2017 By Nanice Ellis Contributing writer for Wake Up World Honestly, do you ever allow age to define you, or, do you allow others to define you by age? When you think about all the stereotypes that come with getting older, and the limitations associated, do you ever wish you could get off the […]

Avocados found to improve eye health in aging adults

(Natural News) Most of us have heard of macular degeneration and know that it relates to vision loss. This condition is so common that it affects over 10 million Americans, and it refers to the deterioration of the central part of the retina, known as the macula. Since the macula focuses central vision, when it deteriorates […]

Groundbreaking Study Shows Fasting Can Slow Aging, Rebuild, Immune System, Reverse Diabetes

By Jay Syrmopoulos Los Angeles, CA – Cutting edge research reveals that occasionally adopting a diet that mimics the effects of fasting may provide dramatic health benefits. “Fasting flips a regenerative switch essentially regenerating the entire immune system. It gives the OK for stem cells to go begin proliferating and rebuild the entire system,” said Prof […]

The "aging" lie and how atherosclerotic narrowing is responsible for majority of American’s chronic health problems later in life

(Natural News) Have you ever heard of the “unified theory” cure for heart disease? Linus Pauling, a phenomenal American scientist, worked with a German doctor named Matthias Rath decades ago, and they discovered that most heart disease was the result of long-term vitamin C deficiency, and that the solution was to treat patients with frequent […]

Lutein in avocados found to protect the brain from effects of aging

(Natural News) A new study showed that while green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale are a staple food of people who are looking to stay fit, they can also be used by people who are looking to retain their brain power. According to the study that was published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience […]

Pineal Gland: How To Detox The Part of Your Brain That Controls Sleep, Aging And Your State of Mind

The importance of the detoxification of the pineal gland is he, even though you might not be aware of it. This little gland is located in the middle of the brain, and its function is related to our physical and mental well-being, due to which it is often called “the third eye”. Unfortunately, this gland […]

Rural America is Aging and Shrinking

Technology and diverging values widen the gap between small-town USA and cities. Americans in rural areas and small towns see the world a lot differently from those living in and around cities, according to a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll that the newspaper has been reporting on this week. A lot of the biggest differences in the poll have […]

Cannabis May Help Rejuvenate the Aging Brain and Ward Off Dementia

June 7th, 2017 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Regardless of your views on the pros and cons of recreational marijuana, the body of scientific evidence about the medicinal value of cannabis is getting more compelling as additional research is done. The cannabinoids in cannabis — cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) […]

University Study: Cannabis Reverses Aging Process In Brain

Cannabis helps reverse the aging process in the brain, according to a groundbreaking European study. The new study opens up further possibilities for the medicinal use of the hemp plant, with researchers claiming it will soon be used in the treatment of dementia. Led by scientists from the University of Bonn, Germany, along with a team from The Hebrew […]

Study Finds Cannabis Reverses Aging Processes in the Brain

Alex Pietrowski, Staff WriterWaking Times The movement to free up the weed is growing, thanks in large part to an ever-growing body of scientific research disproving the U.S. government’s assertion that cannabis has no medical value. Research has proven that medical cannabis has a positive effect in the prevention and treatment of […]

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