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Thirsty fields: How agriculture drains the Colorado River’s lifeline

The architect of the Grand Canyon and a pivotal waterway of the American West, the Colorado River, serves as the backbone for both urban and rural expanses across several states. However, a recent scientific investigation unveils a stark reality: agriculture consumes more than half of this vital river’s annual flow, posing serious questions about sustainability […]

Biden Drains US Strategic Oil Reserve To Lowest Since 1986; UAE Warns Not To Expect Any Help From OPEC

Continuing to do the same action and expecting different results is the Einsteinian definition of insanity… but that hasn’t stopped the Biden administration in the case of its attack of his oil/gas prices. Source

Fed Drains $1.9 Trillion in Liquidity from Market via Overnight Reverse Repos

The New York Fed disclosed today that its overnight reverse repos (RRPs) spiked by $208 billion from yesterday, to a record $1.904 trillion. With these RRPs, the Fed took in $1.9 trillion in cash from 103 counterparties, and in exchange handed out Treasury securities, temporarily draining $1.9 trillion in liquidity from the market and financial […]

Mohammed Bin Salman Drains the Saudi Swamp

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman just drained the Saudi swamp. The future King has been much more successful in this endeavor that Trump due to the fundamental differences in political systems and leadership culture, which has seen him decisively neutralize a broad swath of pro-American challengers for the throne and their supportive conspirators under the pretext of an […]

Have You Been Seeing 11:11 All The Time? THIS Is What It Means..

When you see a clock displaying the time 11:11, do you make a wish, or at least a mental note of it? Many people do exactly that and claim that they tend to remember and notice the time most often when it strikes 11:11. The reasons given for why this is so vary widely and […]

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