BIG Elections Thefts are always used as distractions from countless other election thefts routinely perpetrated by the Democrats.

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

Not that elections in the USA ever mattered, but virtually everyone misses the most effective strategy used by the Uniparty since the first ballots were ever held in this Republic.

BIG and naked election thefts are always used for cover for the numerous other elections thefts that can be even much more consequential.

This is exactly what happened — BIG TIME — in the fog of electoral war during and after the 2020 POTUS election theft by Team Biden.  Hundreds of elections were easily stolen by the DEMs nationwide during that election cycle because everyone was so focused on Trump-Biden.

Similarly, while everyone was watching the obvious governor race theft in Arizona from the perfectly telegenic Kari Lake by election thief Katie Hobbs, there were so many other elections thefts in the House that it’s difficult to know where to start.  And yet virtually none of those transparent electoral frauds were ever investigated.  They said the RED WAVE failed to generate, when it was really a BLUE WAVE of electoral fraud that overwhelmed it.

What follows is an excellent comment on this mater:

The important point that you make here that is going to go unnoticed by most is that it is not the presidential election that is the most important upcoming event but the House and Senate races are.
I believe that the cabal will allow Trump to win and focus cheating to gain control of one or both the Senate and House in order to hamstring the president as they blame him for the crash and burn that this country is headed for.
All eyes are being tricked into watching the presidential race and few have noticed the change in the House makeup.
If you are living in a county where you don’t know who your DA is, or who your local election commissioners are, or who your judges are, then the presidential race is just distraction to you. We all need to get our local houses in order if there will be anything short of a hot war for America.
Follow the left’s playbook and undo the damage. Start local and work outward. The cabal is flipping the House because no one is watching.

The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
March 30, 2024




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