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Utility bills in America hit RECORD HIGHS as heating a home becomes a “luxury”

(NaturalNews) Last summer, the Biden regime proclaimed that “Bidenomics” is working, and that the United States economy has never been better. Meanwhile, actual… Source

Utility Bill Debt For Americans Hits Record As Heating Homes Now Seen As Luxury

The Biden administration has whined for months about the public’s negative views on the economy, arguing that people are operating on “false perceptions influenced by right-wing media.” Most Americans have figured out that government officials and the corporate media have a habit of misrepresenting economic data to convince the public that the economy has never […]

CCP is embedding itself into U.S. utility infrastructure; Biden administration issues warning about situation they created

(NaturalNews) President Joe Biden’s administration warned that Chinese hackers have been positioning themselves inside critical U.S. infrastructure to cause… Source

Law enforcement is spying on America via “smart” utility systems that surreptitiously share data without your consent

Monday, October 10, 2022 by: Ethan Huff This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL 11KVIEWS (Natural News) The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) in California is capturing people’s private utility data and handing it over to local law enforcement without a warrant or […]

What Would You Do If Your Utility Bill Was Ten Thousand Dollars?

By Daisy Luther Imagine going to the mailbox to face the usual onslaught of bills and finding something different…something that could totally destroy life as you know it. Many Europeans are finding just that – utility bills for 1-2 months of power that work out to around $10,000 because of their energy crisis. Yep, you read […]

1.1 Million More Utility “Smart” Meters to Be Deployed in Virginia; $203.9M to Be Spent on “Customer Information Platform”

By B.N. Frank American opposition to expensive, hazardous, and privacy invasive utility “Smart” Meters (electric, gas, and water) has been ongoing since companies first started deploying them.  A free online documentary was produced about these horrible devices in 2013 and then updated in 2017.  Adding insult to injury, the high costs associated with purchasing, installing, and replacing them are usually passed […]

Why The Internet Should Be A Public Utility

When The Invisible Hand Becomes a Fist Perhaps by now you’ve heard that the FCC in the US is planning to “roll back net neutrality”, that is, to give telecomms companies the right to charge you for visiting different websites. So think: $4.99 for Netflix, $5.99 for the news bundle, $9.99 for the sports package, $12.99 for […]

Puerto Rico’s utility cancels controversial $300 million contract with Montana firm hired to repair electrical grid

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State of Arizona’s Transparency-Determined Utility Regulator Suing Regarding Customer Rate Increase

By Catherine J. Frompovich Something very unusual and interesting has happened within the political sphere of Arizona state politicking:  “a utility regulator is asking the Arizona Supreme Court to void last week’s vote giving the state’s largest electric utility permission to immediately charge its customers an extra $7 a month.” [1] According to […]

Public Utility Consumer Abuse For Refusing AMI Smart Meters, PECO Style

August 2, 2017 By Catherine J. Frompovich Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) main surveillance device, the AMI Smart Meter, has caused much grief, fright, concerns and actual bodily harms from non-thermal microwaves emitted by the ZigBee radios in all smart meters in every state.  Those harms are called electromagnetic hypersensitivity […]

Are State Public Utility Commissions Acting In The Public’s Interest Or Are Felonies Involved?

July 13, 2017 By Catherine J. Frompovich Independent EMF/AMI Smart Meter researcher Warren Woodward of Sedona, Arizona, is one heck of an activist, in my opinion.  Personally, I wish there were thousands like Warren!  Recently, Warren emailed some rather disconcerting information regarding “The recent indictment of former Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) chairman […]

Bringing Power To The People: The Unlikely Case For Utility Populism

Above Photo: Solar panels installed on a Pennsylvania farm, thanks to a USDA grant (U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr) One glaring omission in the postmortem handwringing about the 2016 election is the fact that most poor people in America—of all races and genders—simply didn’t vote. They were prevented from doing so by a number of structural […]

A Consumer’s Right Of Self Defense Against Smart And Digital Utility Meters – A Demand To Cease And Desist

June 24, 2017 By Catherine J. Frompovich One rather well-informed individual in the State of California, Eric Windheim, whose “House Doctor” business is Windheim Environmental Solutions, did something I found most thrilling, encouraging and which I support. Mr. Windheim filed a “Notice of Right of Self Defense Against Smart & Digital Utility […]

What Makes A Successful Utility-Led Community Solar Program?

With almost two-thirds of utility professionals expecting moderate or significant growth in community shared renewables over the next ten years, it is time to look at what works and what doesn’t for utility-led programs. Investor-owned utilities (IOUs) now have 13 community solar programs representing 91 MW of capacity, according to Dan Chwastyk of the Smart Electric Power Alliance […]

New Robot Picks Individual Items from Warehouse Shelves

New Robot Picks Individual Items from Warehouse Shelves June 15th, 2016 Via: MIT Technology Review: A German firm called Magazino believes it has built a better warehouse robot: the Toru. Unlike the robots used in Amazon warehouses that help locate items for shipping by […]

Trial Links Assassination of Egypt’s Attorney General to Muslim Brotherhood & Hamas

nsnbc : The Cairo Criminal Court postponed the trial against 67 person for their alleged role in the assassination of Egypt’s Attorney General Hisham Barakat to July 13. The assassination of Barakat in June 2015 has been linked to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as well as to members of the Palestinian Hamas. Policemen investigate the site […]

Global Bankster Mafia Caught Rigging Markets to Destroy Middle Class

Christina Sarich, StaffWaking Times Billion dollar lawsuits are nothing to gold-rigging banks like Deutsche, but the proposition of spending time in jail might just have motivated the notorious criminal institution’s executives to rat on its peers. This is just the beginning of disclosure in the financial industry which the world has […]

Swedish Media Attacks Brave 15-Year-Old Who was Killed by “Arab” for Stopping Sex Assault

Steve GoodeWhite Genocide Project January 26, 2016 In a Swedish school, Arminas Pileckas, a 15 year-old Lithuanian boy, was stabbed to death by a 14 year-old “Arab student“ after Arminas stopped him from sexually assaulting a Swedish girl in his class. The “Arab” boy, who was reportedly from Syria, was sexually assaulting a Swedish girl when […]

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