Chicago Declared ‘Worse Than Venezuela’ As Migrants Flee Back To Home Countries

Democrat-run Chicago has been declared one of the world’s worst slums, with conditions worse than the countries from which most of the migrants in the US originally came from.

It’s true that Chicago has a shockingly high crime rate, far worse than most Third World nations.

But in what has to be a crowning insult, the city has become so “unpleasant” that migrants are fleeing back to Venezuela, despite its tyrannical communist government.

It is the Daily Mail that described the city’s fall.

“Since August last year, 20,700 migrants have arrived in Chicago from Texas. The Lone Star State’s Gov. Greg Abbott sent migrants to Chicago and other Democrat-run cities because of their proud status as ‘sanctuary cities.’ They offer enhanced protection against detention or deportation for undocumented migrants,” the report said.

WND report: But “Illinois’ harsh winters, lack of migrant infrastructure, and ambivalent support from locals has made many people, who undertook the harsh U.S.-Mexico border journey, actually turn around and go back home,” it said.

“Nothing here for us,” Castejon explained, warning others the failed journey was not worth the effort and expense.

The report explained how Venezuela-born Michael Castejon, 39, and family members have had to sleep on police station floors and in shelters, because his work permit was slow to arrive and they could not afford rent without subsidies, which expired.

Now they’ll be returning to an authoritarian regime, the report said.

He told the publication, “We didn’t know things would be this hard.”

“How many more months of living in the streets will it take? No, no more. It’s better that I leave. At least I have my mother back home,” he said, “We just want to be home. If we’re going to be sleeping in the streets here, we’d rather be sleeping in the streets over there.”

The thousands of illegal aliens are in Chicago after mostly crossing the U.S. border in Texas. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, noting the boasting from multiple leftists cities about how they were sanctuary locations, then dispatched loaded buses to them.

Catholic Charities already has helped multiple families to return, the report said.

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Brayan Lozano, head of the volunteer group of the Police Station Response Team, told the Daily Mail, “The word of the situation in Chicago is beginning to spread.”

The report described the situations of others, also forced to sleep on police station floors, who also have decided to return.

The report noted Chicago now has some 11,000 illegal aliens in shelters and another 4,000 living in police stations or its airport.

The catastrophe, triggered by Joe Biden’s decision to make the nation’s southern border virtually open by cancelling the security measures installed by President Trump, has prompted city resident to debate the whole issue of offering “sanctuary.”

The report said, “Progressives in Chicago are outraged that a move to end Chicago’s status as a sanctuary city is even being considered for a ballot. But many of the city’s residents – including a large number of those who are themselves ethnic minorities – are keen to end the Windy City’s sanctuary city status.”

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