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$3.5 Billion Slipped Into Ukraine-Israel Aid Bill To ‘Supercharge Mass Migration From The Middle East’

Tucked away in the $95 billion military aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan is a $3.5 billion slush fund to open new processing centers for Muslim migrants, in what Sen. Eric Schmitt described as a bid to “supercharge mass migration from the Middle East.” Source

The Legal Batteries That Supercharge the Bureaucratic State

There is a legal thing called “Chevron deference” and it has encouraged the massive growth of the power and scope of the bureaucratic state over the past 40 years. Named after a 1984 legal case, the doctrine holds (in a nutshell) that courts must defer to the wisdom of the implied expertise of a government […]

Redistricting, abortion supercharge state Supreme Court races

The U.S. Supreme Court may get all the attention. But some of the most consequential decisions for the next decade could come instead from their counterparts in the states, many of whom are facing voters in the fall. Like many downballot offices, state Supreme Court races have often slipped out of the headlines in favor […]

Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Supercharge Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Supercharge Surveillance January 29th, 2018 Via: The Verge: Artificial intelligence is giving surveillance cameras digital brains to match their eyes, letting them analyze live video with no humans necessary. This could be good news for public safety, helping police […]

10 Ways You Can Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels Without Medication

Next Story “Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Dopamine also helps regulate movement and emotional response, and it enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move toward them.”   – Psychology Today There are a lot of articles on the internet about dopamine and […]

8 Superfoods to Supercharge Your Life

January 5th, 2018 By Dr. Michelle Kmiec Contributing writer for Wake Up World Powerful Foods for Optimal Health The term “Superfoods” refers to a category of mostly plant-based foods that are known for their health-enhancing and disease preventing properties. And though there is no scientific definition of “superfood” — though there should be — it is generally accepted […]

How to Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels Naturally and Never Feel Depressed or Anxious Again

Christina Sarich, GuestWaking Times Dopamine is the brain’s master chemical. This single neurotransmitter is responsible for a plethora of mental and physical processes. By learning how to stimulate your own dopamine levels naturally, you can overcome depression, anxiety, apathy, and fear, while boosting feelings of pleasure created by this amazing little neuron. Dopamine is what […]

Pharma propaganda on parade: Most ‘science’ journal studies on prescriptions are written by Big Pharma’s own scientists

(NaturalNews) It is no secret that the internet is littered with misinformation, whether it’s a matter of simple ignorance or people spreading falsehoods for their own agenda. Many people consider scientific journals to be among the most credible sources available, but it turns out that they, too, fall into the latter category; they’ve […]

Cold-blooded country: Poll finds majority of Israelis support IDF soldier’s killing of wounded Palestinian

     The majority of Israelis support an IDF soldier, accused of shooting and killing a severely wounded Palestinian assailant in Hebron last week. According to a poll by an Israeli TV station, only 5 percent of responders deem his actions lawless. Some 57 percent of Israelis said there was no need to arrest the soldier […]

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