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Retirees Face Steep Hikes In Prescription Premiums In 2024

Authored by Amie Dahnke via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Retired Americans enrolled in Medicare’s Part D prescription coverage could see their premiums increase by 42-57 percent in 2024, a new analysis by HealthView Services has found. Early indicators show significant cost hikes for retirees in the five states with the largest senior populations. This […]

Steep rise in US police deaths explained-Infection with Covid-19 in the line of duty – MANDATORY KILLER JABBED

Anyone with enough cognitive ability to pour horse piss out of a Texican cowboy boot with the instructions written on the bottom of the heel understands “COVID Deaths” is code for dying from the Killer Jab. Many police departments FORCED their cops to take the assisted suicide killer jab to keep their jobs. Now they […]

In steep decline: Body blows to America’s vaunted, quality higher education

Note: Clay Reynolds (retired professor of literature and writing, Univ. of Texas, Dallas, one-time dean, significant novelist, essayist, and book reviewer extraordinaire) is a four decade veteran/survivor of American higher education. What he summarized in an email, reacting to my praise of Professor Gayle Greene’s superb essay, Toxic Clichés,enhanced my outdated knowledge (as a one-time academic, now online […]

Sassanid bas-relief to be installed on original place atop steep canyon

Sassanid bas-relief to be installed on original place atop steep canyon – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Fars province’s tourism directorate is set to reinstall a massive bas-relief, attributed to the Sassanid king Shapur I, on its original place near the entrance of a cave atop a steep canyon in southern Iran. “This magnificent bas-relief is to […]

Biden’s agenda: What can pass and what faces steep odds

President Joe Biden laid out a long list of policy priorities in his speech to Congress — and some are more politically plausible than others. The two parties are working together in some areas, including on changes to policing and confronting the rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans. But Republicans are likely to block […]

Arizona Congressional Aide Found Dead on Steep Death Valley Ledge

An Arizona congressional aide has been found dead days after he and his girlfriend went missing while on a camping trip in Death Valley, officials have confirmed. Alexander Lofgren, 32, an aide to Rep. Raul M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.), was pronounced dead and his girlfriend Emily Henkel, 27, was airlifted to a hospital on Thursday for […]

‘I’ve been locked up 6 times’: Russian rooftopper stops at nothing to take stunning pics

“I have no specialist climbing training and used to be scared of heights, but I beat my fear on a single occasion – ascending a 215-meter tall abandoned steel girder communication towers in a Moscow satellite town,” says the 23-year old, who recently graduated from a prestigious nuclear research university in Moscow. Despite building up […]

Canada will pay a steep price in border talks

  Gar PardyOttawa Citizen September 12, 2011 Last February Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama signed a joint declaration Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness. The declaration stated both countries intended to “pursue a perimeter approach to security” in order to “accelerate the legitimate flow of people, […]

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