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ADL head smears Tlaib as antisemitic for pointing out Israel blocked ambulances

On Monday Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt condemned Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and implied she was antisemitic for criticizing Israel’s deadly invasion of Jenin. He also dismissed evidence that Israel has prohibited Palestinians from receiving medical attention, despite video evidence and testimony from multiple individuals in the area. “Israeli forces are now blocking ambulances […]

How Corbyn’s mass movement was destroyed by anti-Semitism smears

I appeared live on the Jimmy Dore show this weekend past, talking to guest host Aaron Maté about the fabricated Labour “anti-Semitism crisis” which successfully stopped Jeremy Corbyn from becoming Prime Minister of Britain. Palestine is Still the Issue is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free […]

What Jeremy Corbyn should have done to fight the Labour anti-Semitism smears

I appeared live on George Galloway’s The Mother of all Talkshows on Sunday to discuss Al Jazeera’s new series The Labour Files and what it means. We also discussed the mistakes of the Corbyn era and what the former Labour leader should have done to combat the anti-Semitism smears. Share Palestine is Still the Issue […]

New year, old smears – #37

Welcome to the first edition of the newsletter in 2022. I hope you managed to have a good holiday break with your friends, family and loved ones, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. I had a lovely time with my family, am feeling rested and recuperated and am raring to go with more ground-breaking investigative […]

Unhinged Mastriano Repeatedly Lies, Smears Breitbart Reporter in Meltdown Interview

Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano repeatedly lied about Breitbart News and questioned the religious faith of a Breitbart reporter in an unhinged interview Wednesday morning then refused to answer any questions about the statements. Mastriano, a Republican and retired U.S. Army Colonel, has publicly floated a possible gubernatorial bid in Pennsylvania next year—and is expected to formally […]

Matt Walsh Smears School Board Members as ‘Predators’ and ‘Child Abusers’ Over Trans-Inclusive Policy

The Alliance Defending Freedom, the massive religious-right legal group, streamed live video of a protest rally outside a Loudoun County school board meeting in Northern Virginia Tuesday night, at which local parents and teachers opposing the school district’s transgender-inclusive policy were joined by representatives from national right-wing political groups FreedomWorks and Heritage Action, along with […]

Rightwing smears and ‘both sides’ lies

When covering the excesses of the far right, it’s common for cable news pundits to lump them together with what they usually call the ‘radical’ or ‘hard’ left, arguing that these are issues ‘both sides’ need to deal with. Those most often compared to armed groups of ‘patriots’ like the Oathkeepers, who have members accused of […]

Gretchen Whitmer Falsely Smears Breitbart News as ‘White Nationalist Website’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) falsely smeared Breitbart News as a “white nationalist website” recently, a lazy liberal trope employed to dismiss its reporting. During the April 12 edition of the MIRS Monday podcast, Whitmer was asked, “Have you had any days off?” She was also asked where she would have gone for spring break. […]

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Smears Gab As An ‘Anti-Semitic Platform,’ Says It Has ‘No Place in Texas’

Renegade Editor’s Note: I am no fan of Andrew “Torah” Torba (who has gladly posed alongside Alan Dershowitz) and do not like how Gab is filled with a bunch of right wing retards, but it one of the few social media networks where someone like me is allowed, which makes this article relevant. This also […]

New York Times Covers Up for a Terrorist — and Smears Golda for Good Measure

The New York Times logo. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – When is a Palestinian terrorist not a Palestinian terrorist? When The New York Times covers up her past and hopes nobody will notice. I’m referring to a deeply troubling allegation contained in a major article in the Times on March 6, authored by its new […]

Big Tech, Corporate Media Smears WallStreetBets as Racist!

A post claiming to be from a Robinhood employee that has gone viral on Reddit alleges that the White House put pressure on the broker to halt buying of GameStop shares. Retail traders were left fuming earlier today when Robinhood and other trading platforms curbed buying of stocks that the Reddit community WallStreetBets has targeted […]

Andrew Yang smears BDS as rooted in Nazi thought (and sadly, he knows what he’s doing)

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang announced a run for New York mayor last week and today he penned a piece for the Forward, titled “My Vision for New York City’s Jewish Community” in which he said that the nonviolent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign targeting Israel is “rooted in antisemitic thought and history, hearkening back” to Nazi […]

NBC Smears Triple Amputee Purple Heart Vet Because He Ran a Conservative Facebook Page

Dark Politricks is a site dedicated to investigating the dark side of politics including corruption, propaganda, the police state, war on terror, the intelligence services and their misdeeds, false flag attacks and much more. The site also promotes free speech, internet freedom and justice for all people. For an overview of my beliefs and political […]

EU lawmaker demands investigation of Israel lobby smears

Ali Abunimah Lobby Watch 9 March 2018 Palestinian human rights defender Omar Barghouti says it is up to European civil society to bring an end to EU complicity in Israel’s crimes. (intal) A prominent member of the European Parliament is demanding an official investigation into the role of a high-level European Union civil servant in […]

A Personal Reply to the Fact-Challenged Smears of Terrorist-Whitewashing Channel 4, Snopes and La Presse

A Personal Reply to the Fact-Challenged Smears of Terrorist_Whitewashing Channel4, Snopes and La Presse How about the “fact checkers” and apologists look into why the White Helmets recycled an image claiming to show a victim of “Russian airstrikes” after having previously used the same image before Russia even began bombing ISIS in Syria. -Eva Bartlett republished at: The Indicter In […]

Haaretz smears the Tamimi family to counter worldwide solidarity with 16-year-old Ahed

Promote the blood libel? Check. Glorify terrorism? Check. Celebrate Israeli deaths? Check. Ahed Tamimi and her family aren’t fighting for peace, and they’re not just fighting the occupation: They’re fighting to destroy Israel, and their fight is seasoned with Jew-hatred ~ Haaretz 1/4/18 That is how Petra Marquardt-Bigman begins her article published yesterday in Haaretz, […]

How The Intercept Smears Syria By Mistranslating An Assad Speech

There have long been attempts in the anti-Syrian media to claim alignment of the socialist and anti-sectarian Syrian government with western fascist and religious supremacist elements. The latest in this propaganda genre is the just published Intercept piece Why White Nationalists Love Bashar al-Assad. The Intercept is a rather dubious news outlet […]

CIA-Funded Washington Post Smears Indie Media For Covering DNC Fraud Lawsuit

Source: Caitlin Johnstone via The Washington Post, whose sole owner is both a CIA contractor and one of the wealthiest plutocrats of all time, has sent its Bezos-paid Ringwraiths after small independent reporters for having the temerity to talk about a lawsuit that had severe implications for the future of democracy in […]

Ensconced at New York Times, pro-Israel advocate Bari Weiss smears Sarsour as a ‘hater’

and further Statement of Facts in New Jersey Trial of Assata Shakur: “As a member of Assata’s New Jersey trial legal defense team, and her appeal lawyer, I think a correct statement of the circumstances of New Jersey Trooper Werner Foerster’s death as established by exhibits, trial testimony and forensic evidence and that conclusively repudiate […]

Elie Wiesel and Primo Levi: A study in contrasts

The late Elie Wiesel was an immensely complicated figure who helped raise public awareness of the Holocaust, but who also became consumed by his own celebrity and the immense power he wielded in the world. It is hard not to compare the careers of Wiesel and the Italian-Sephardi Primo Levi who both survived the hell […]

Orientalists, Gatekeepers, Evangelists and Subverters of the Syrian Defense Community

May 12, 2016 By Intibah Kadi A curious phenomenon has gradually crept upon the English language social media community that defends Syria; a small but effective group of “orientalists” with their varied agendas, gatekeepers amongst them of all shapes and sizes and evangelizers and assorted nefarious subverters. Syrians, having never experienced working together with people […]

The Secret Surveillance Catalogue

The Secret Surveillance Catalogue December 18th, 2015 Via: The Intercept: Concerned about the militarization of law enforcement, a source within the intelligence community has provided The Intercept with a secret, internal U.S. government catalogue of dozens of cellphone surveillance devices used by the military […]

Ron Paul Explodes In Popularity Despite Smears

TheAlexJonesChannel August 16, 2011 The establishment media’s attempt to ignore Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign for president has become so blatant following his close-second finish in the Iowa straw poll, that even mainstream reporters cannot ignore the biased attempt to drown out his message. Despite their best efforts, Ron Paul continues to explode in popularity, surfacing […]

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