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Trying to survive a mouse click away from death

Musa, Moses, fled the then all-powerful pharaohs to this side of the Sinai. Now, my daughter and I will, with God’s grace, flee the Israelis to the land of Egypt, to save our lives. Source

Every. Click. Tracked. Recorded.

January 24, 2024 Something very basic that the average person does not care about even if they knew about it. Your every click on a website is tracked. Every single one. How does this work? Surprisingly easy enough to understand yet apparently no one wants to explain this. There are ways around this for […]

Update Your Apple iPhone and iPad Immediately to Avoid ‘Zero-Click’ Spyware Attack

Apple has urgently rolled out software updates to counter a newly discovered “zero-click” vulnerability that allows spyware to infiltrate its devices. Owners of iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and even Apple Watches should immediately update their device by following the instructions at the bottom of this article. Source

Type in on your Browser and Click

This is What You Will Get: The White House Really??????  Really!!!!!!! Source

The FBI and Zero-Click

Renegade Editor’s Note: I am not a fan of Napolitano, but this is an interesting story. By Andrew P. Napolitano During Source

Data Broker Helps Police See Everywhere You’ve Been with the Click of a Mouse — EFF Investigation

Millions of Americans’ everyday movements can be traced by police with the click of a mouse and possibly without a warrant, thanks to a data broker that’s selling phone geolocation data to state and local law enforcement, an Electronic Frontier Foundation investigation has found.

Facebook Introduces ‘Call In Drone Strike’ Button You Can Click On All Russian Profiles

MENLO PARK, CA—Facebook made waves this week after announcing they would temporarily be lifting their ban on calls to violence as long as the violence is directed towards Russians. Now in an exciting new update, Facebook will allow users to directly commit actual violence against Russian people with a new “call in drone strike” button.  […]

Join CHD’s “Click to Action” Campaign to Inform Our Elected Officials about the DC Circuit Decision and Ask Them to Take Action!

The Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD’s) historic win against the FCC presents the first real opportunity to create change surrounding 5G technology and harmful wireless radiation. We must capitalize on this win to maximize its impact. Our elected officials must be informed of the decision!Send the Letter to Your Representatives The DC Circuit decision from August […]

‘It’s click politics’: Social media stars join California recall field

Paffrath may be little known to the older demographic that reliably votes in elections, but YouTubers are gaining legitimate fame among younger media consumers. His loyal followers are largely “in the 28-35 range,’’ which he says is “a little older” than most YouTube aficionados in their teens and early 20s. His YouTube clout trounces any […]

ShadowBanned on Twitter? How to check it for free with just one click

The Free It’s not just Facebook banning thousands while keeping their friends lists to sell for marketing and political persecution. Twitter is getting more authoritarian by the day. Right now they’re banning many Right Wing accounts, due to the final fall of Donald, ha ha. But they already shut down lots of excellent progressive, community […]

Click Here To Watch Trump VS Biden Presidential Debate

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Here’s How to Delete Yourself from the Internet – at the Click of a Button

In our smartphone-obsessed digital age, we effectively live our entire lives online, which makes us increasingly vulnerable to unseen threats.  Cyber crime, fraud and identity theft are exponentially growing concerns. Our personal lives, locations, and increasingly our passwords are made public online for anyone to find. If the highly invasive Investigatory Powers Bill (AKA the Snooper’s Charter) isn’t blocked, then every single digital […]

Manchester Bombing: The Papers, The Speculation and the Click-Baiting

Duplicitous National Endowment for Democracy: Undermining democracy wherever it exists

     Using a front to hide illegal or immoral activities has been a feature of human criminality since the beginning of human civilization itself. Facades, both ideological and economical, have helped criminal enterprises conceal the true nature of their activities for centuries. In ages past, organized religion would often take systems of legitimate philosophy and […]

Back To The Present

The thirteenth-century Christian mystic Meister Ekhart described how in moments of inner quiet: There exists only the present instant . . . a Now which always and without end is itself new. . . . There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it […]

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