Rothschild’s UK With A Hand Puppet Pedo “king” Makes Easy Migrant Child Trafficking-SUPRISE-SUPRISE

In the 17th and 18th centuries any men with any balls left Merry Ole.
Most of them came to America bringing their females with them.
All which was left on that tiny little island for pedophiles, rejects, misfits and pretend “royals” were the dregs of an inbred society.

After the battle of Waterloo, Khazarian scum using the name Rothschilds took over running the island.

Which the pedophillic usury Khazarian mongrels still run.

The Ratschild Khazarian scum use fake “royals” but real PEDOs as hand puppets to distract the dim witted inbred British sheep from noticing the slaughterhouse doors they are being marched through.

Pedophilia has been a tool to blackmail the ball-less British “elite” into doing the bidding of their Ratschild’s masters for generations.

The Ole Dog!
Who’s ancestors with balls left the kiddy F##kers behind and came to America in the 17th & 18th centuries.

Necked child trying to escape from a window of Buckingham palace.

Dozens of young asylum seekers have been kidnapped from hotels run by the Home Office

The UK Home Office has turned a blind eye to the disappearance of dozens of unaccompanied migrant children from a Sussex hotel it operates as a children’s home, according to an investigation by The Observer published on Saturday.

Of the 600 unaccompanied minors who have passed through the Home Office-run premises in Brighton over the last 18 months, some 136 have been reported missing, and 79 of those are still unaccounted for, the news outlet’s investigation found. A whistleblower with Home Office security contractor Mitie told the paper that the alleged kidnappings are bold, frequent, and not limited to the Brighton facility.

“Children are literally being picked up from outside the building, disappearing and not being found,” the security guard reportedly said, suggesting “traffickers” are responsible. A similar facility in Hythe, Kent allegedly lost 10% of its young charges every week.

Police had been warning the Home Office for over a year that criminal networks would likely target the young asylum seekers being put up in the hotel, and the location was known to be problematic – a “hotspot of exploitation,” in the words of another source from child protection services – due to the operation of so-called ‘county lines’ gangs in the area.

The security guard even admitted to have witnessed the kidnappings by the gangs firsthand, but claimed feeling helpless to do anything about it. “Albanian and Eritrean gangs pick them up in their BMWs and Audis and then they just vanish,” the source said.




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