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How Modeling Can Go Terribly Wrong

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL To theorize about our existence is essential. Indeed it could be argued that to think and speak is, in the most basic sense, to impose abstract models upon the multiple and often confusing manifestations of life around us. Without mental models for understanding the things outside our heads we would […]

Interview 1830 – Modeling Disobedience with James Corbett and Bruce de Torres

via Bruce de Torres: Here, deep into 2023, what are the worst things happening – the most dangerous and important things that we’re facing – and what’s the good news? Who are the people and organizations, besides you, who are trying to wake people up, so more people can resist the total tyranny toward which […]

White House Is Quietly Modeling For $200 Oil ‘Shock’

While the Biden administration is hoping and praying that someone – anyone – will watch the comical “Jan 6” kangaroo hearsay court taking place in Congress and meant to somehow block Trump from running for president in 2024 while also making hundreds of millions of Americans forget that the current administration could very well be […]

The Failure of Imperial College Modeling Is Far Worse than We Knew

A fascinating exchange played out in the UK’s House of Lords on June 2, 2020. Neil Ferguson, the physicist at Imperial College London who created the main epidemiology model behind the lockdowns, faced his first serious questioning about the predictive performance of his work. Ferguson predicted catastrophic death tolls back on March 16, 2020 unless […]

Company Sells Sex Robot “Clones” Of Dead Partners Using 3D-Modeling Technology

Authored by Elias Marat via, For many people who have lost their significant others, sex dolls have provided one way to ease the pain of grief and loneliness. However, sex robot company Lux Botics is taking things one step further – by offering a clone of dead partners using state-of-the-art three-dimensional modeling. With demand for […]

Dyke Slut Ellen Page Makes Propaganda Film About Rising Global Homosexual Empire

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 29, 2016 The Jewish terrorist propaganda outlet VICE is releasing a gay propaganda film which reveals an underground global empire of faggotry. Page is famous for having made the Jewish film Juno, wherein she gets preggo by a Jew and many unfunny Jew jokes are told. Following that film, she announced […]

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