Embalmers Are Noticing Something Strange in the Bodies of Vaccinated People

They’re seeing large, whitish, fibrous clots that “seem to be almost exclusively in the vaccinated.”

One embalmer said:

“We have never seen this level of clotting nor ever seen the white clotting prior to 2021, especially in the young as we do now.”

Here are more of their comments:

“Large fibrous white string-like clots. Being removed from arteries and veins, growing larger overtime. A normal embalming is taking 3 to 4 hours whereas before it was an hour and a half to two.”

“I rarely have a body without clotting nowadays. Most of the little ones are not embalmed, especially fetal demise. Just about every embalmer and funeral director I know is concerned about the clotting issues. They feel as though it is linked to the experimental vaccine that many of them took themselves.”

“When I noticed the increased and/or heavy white clots, the family would usually inform me that the person had been at some point diagnosed with COVID-19 and usually had received the vaccine. These answers were disclosed voluntary by 90 percent of the families.”

This is the scariest thing I’ve seen happen in the last 20 years. I worry every day if me or my family have them growing inside us.”

Read these embalmer comments and more in ’s eye-opening article below:

Embalmers are Continuing to Find Mysterious Clots in the Vaccinated

The Forgotten Side of Medicine
Embalmers are Continuing to Find Mysterious Clots in the Vaccinated
One of the first articles I published here discussed the inexplicable blood clots allegedly being found within the vaccinated by embalmers across the world. I focused on this because: •Having a visual image one can viscerally feel is typically one of the most effective ways to convince people that a controversial subject exists and that they should care…
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I also highly recommend subscribing ’s Substack. He does some of the best medical deep dives on the entire platform.


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