Right Wing Round-Up: Ripe And Fertile

  • Annie Grayer @ CNN: GOP lawmaker claims KKK is ‘the military wing of the Democratic Party’ in closed door meeting ahead of antisemitism hearing
  • GOP Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania said in a closed door briefing with lawmakers on Tuesday that the Ku Klux Klan is the “the military wing of the Democratic party” and that migrants coming to the US “have no interest in being Americans,” according to audio of Perry’s comments shared with CNN.

  • Dahlia Lithwick @ Slate: How Originalism Ate the Law
  • America is captive to a legal theory that dictates our laws on guns, abortion, and so much more. We need to act.

  • Angry White Men: Trump-Endorsed Candidate Mark Burns Tells Holocaust Denier Stew Peters That There Is ‘A Skyrocket Of Attacks Against Christians’
  • In a conversation with Holocaust denier and Nazi sympathizer Stew Peters, Pastor Mark Burns blamed President Biden for “a skyrocket of attacks against Christians and Christian churches.” Burns also claimed that being transgender is “an evil from the gates of Hell,” that America “is a Christian nation,” and that, if elected, he will “push back any laws that are contrary” to “God’s Word.”

  • Marlon Ettinger @ The Daily Dot: Video of Nick Fuentes admitting he knew about Ali Alexander grooming allegations resurfaces after Fuentes has X account reinstated
  • Videos of Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes admitting that he knew about allegations regarding grooming by Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander resurfaced this week after Fuentes’ X account was reinstated by Elon Musk.

  • Troy Matthews @ MeidasTouch: Trump Aide Promises Ban on Pornography in 2nd Trump Term
  • Former Trump aide John McEntee promised a ban on pornography was coming in the United States in a recent interview with Daily Wire host Michael Knowles. McEntee had a senior position in the Trump White House and is a key contributor to the infamous Project 2025, a collection of policy proposals to transition the United States to Christian nationalist authoritarianism in the first 180 days of Trump’s second term.

  • Emily Shugerman @ The Daily Beast: New Hampshire Pol Who Called Teens ‘Ripe’ Won’t Apologize to His ‘Haters’
  • [Rep. Jess Edwards], the New Hampshire lawmaker who called teenagers “ripe” and “fertile” says the uproar over his comments was an overreaction and that he will not apologize to the “haters.”

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