The Adverse Health Effects of the Disastrous Covid “vaccine” Will Be With Us for a Long Time

Paul Craig Roberts

Pfizer and Moderna are both seeking emergency use authorization for their Covid boosters for children. 

Can you believe that after all the adverse information that has come out about the health and life dangers of the Covid “vaccine” and its ineffectiveness against the virus that there still are parents so insouciant, uninformed, and downright stupid to support more ruination of children’ health?

How can a country with a population this utterly stupid continue to exist?

The people who died from Covid died because Fauci’s Covid protocols, deigned as a marketing device for Big Pharma, prevented doctors who are not in private practice but are employees of health care organizations from treating the virus with effective means, such as HCQ and Ivermectin.  Fauci had to deny that there was any treatment for Covid or emergency use authorization for the dangerous vaccine could not have been granted.  Doctors in private practice who saved lives with HCQ and Ivermectin and who could not be fired are being punished by attempts to take away their medical licenses.  The discredited PCR test was used to greatly exaggerate the number of Covid Cases. Ventilators killed tens of thousands, and deaths from the vaccine itself were counted as Covid deaths. 

That medical protocols this visibly and utterly corrupt, along with the pointless lockdowns that have disrupted supply and caused inflation, was, and is, the medical practice of an alleged superpower demonstrates that US medicine exists for the profits of Big Pharma and HMOs and not for the health and wellbeing of the population.  That the American people accept this is frightening.  What won’t they accept?

Israeli Report: “The mRNA Experimental Vaccine from Pfizer Killed “About 40 Times More (Elderly) People Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed” During a Recent Five-week Vaccination Period” 

Is the U.S. Blood Supply Tainted? Do COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Blood Abnormalities?

The Covid vaccine has contaminated the blood supply.

The enormity of the crime committed by Big Pharma, Fauci, CDC FDA, HMOs, and the whore media is unprecedented. 



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