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Pence says Trump was wrong to blame GOP midterm losses on abortion issue

Former Vice President Mike Pence said on Thursday that former President Trump was wrong to blame Republican losses in the 2022 midterm elections on the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that guaranteed the federal right to an abortion.  “The former president actually suggested that we lost elections in the midterms… […]

How did Israel fare in the 2022 U.S. midterm elections?

Josh Ruebner talks about how Israel factored into the 2022 U.S. midterm elections and what we should expect from the new congress on Palestine. Source

Chinese agents caught using TikTok to manipulate midterm election in favor of Democrats

(Natural News) The Chinese-owned social media app TikTok is once again in the news for manipulating U.S. elections to install Democrat political puppets who are favorable to the communist regime. An investigation found that a number of prominent TikTok accounts are little more than Chinese state media mouthpieces that push anti-Republican, pro-Democrat messaging across the […]

Decisive, literally defining ‘midterm’ for the ages

Does not this heart-warming stunner/ Fortify the winners as front-runner? Source

There are plenty of opportunities for Palestine advocacy following the U.S. midterm elections

Control of Congress remains up in the air following the 2022 U.S. Midterm elections but the outcome still has some interesting implications for Palestine advocacy.  Source

Guide into US’ most polarized Midterm Elections

4 Nov 2022 Source: Agencies By Lea Akil  With the US Midterm Elections 2022 approaching, several issues are on the table in the polarized nation. Here is a guide to the Midterm Elections, all you need to know, and what to expect. The US Midterm Elections on November 8 will significantly have a toll on the course […]

A third of 2022 midterm voters may use mailed out-ballots

Growing numbers of voters will mark their ballots at home, latest data finds. Source

Former Clinton Pollster: Republicans Have ‘Momentum’ Ahead of Midterm Elections

Appearing Friday on the Fox Business Network, former Clinton pollster Mark Penn said that Republican candidates have “momentum” going into the 2022 midterm elections. [embedded content] A transcript is as follows: DAGEN MCDOWELL: These concerns that you talk about for voters, and the disastrous state of the economy, is it actually playing out in the […]

FBI and Corporate Media Gear Up Lies for Midterm Election

Misinformation and outright lies are at the base of elections in the United States. Following the FBI-staged post-election “insurrection” at the Capitol, it has become tantamount to an act of treason to discuss the possibility the election was in some way rigged or stolen. Source

This is what the midterm elections looks likes for the Democrats.

Submitted by The Armchair Political AnalystSOTN Exclusive There are basically three distinctly scenarios shaping up for Election Day 2022, each of which will have HUGE repercussions for the continuity of the American Republic. Firstly, if the midterm elections actually take place, they will only occur in the midst of so much chaos, confusion and conflict […]

Is it any wonder that so many GOP candidates refuse to say that they will accept 2022 midterm election results….

…..especially after the Democrats are set to steal every election in sight … and the DNC uses the CIA’s Mockingbird Media to call elections before the votes are even counted and certified. Source

As extremist Trumplicans sabotage the midterm, party suicide looms, and more scandals on tap

Democrats gain as MAGA narratives decay, absent real-world deliverables except pardons/apologies for outlaws As democracy-busting shifts to high national security menace, President Biden’s emergency call out is a timely offset to the latest shocking MAGA fascism warring against law and order. Never before has the Criminal-in-chief so clearly showed his darkest side. Not only has Trump exposed how little he’s learned – politically, morally or legally – from inciting the D.C. riots, this guiltless/clueless wonder openly brags he’s funding insurrectionists and promising both pardons (what in 2025!) and […]

RNC Says Joe Biden’s Speech Ignored Issues Important to Midterm Voters: Border, Crime, Inflation

The Republican National Committee (RNC) criticized President Joe Biden’s speech on Thursday after he ignored many midterm issues voters care most about to focus, instead, on slamming Republicans and painting them as extremists.

HIS Glory with Pastor David Scarlett: GOP needs to win midterm elections to take control of Congress, says Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said Republicans need to win in the November midterm elections and have a strong majority in order to take control of Congress. “The fight right now is to win in November. And that is our biggest push right now – to win in November and get as many seats […]

Pollster Slams David Wasserman’s Midterm Predictions Favoring Democrats as Biased

Pollster Rich Baris, Director at Big Data Poll, slammed David Wasserman’s Cook Political Report midterm predictions favoring Democrats as biased and based on his “love of flawed polls.”

Biden headed to key midterm states for Labor Day

While Biden’s travel plans have been billed as a Labor Day celebration, these stops will also kick off the start of the fall campaign in the final stretch before midterm elections. His recent return to the campaign trail also comes on the heels of a series of legislative victories and a small bump in his […]

Facebook has a midterm strategy. Trump won’t be part of it.

Facebook will not move up its timeline for reviewing its decision to suspend Donald Trump, regardless of whether he announces he’s running again for president, a top company executive told POLITICO. In sticking to its January timetable, Facebook has decided to keep Trump off the world’s largest social media platform even if he becomes a […]

You know this is the next Plandemic just in time for the midterm elections!

___ Source

Extremism exposed, handing off golden midterm levers – IF only Democrats push systemic changes

The tragic irony is that the volcanic extremism on display is anything but invisible or mysterious or unexpected. Source

Poll: Inflation, Gas Prices Impact Midterm Elections Far More than January 6

Polling shows 40-year-high inflation and record high gas prices will impact the midterm elections far more greatly than January 6.

Poll: Plurality Say Economic Issues Top the List Heading into Midterm Elections

A plurality of Americans say economic issues will be the top set of problems on their minds when they cast their votes in the upcoming midterm elections, a Politico/Morning Consult poll released this week found.

NBC News: Democrats Blame Biden White House for Bleak Midterm Prospects

Roughly six months away from the November elections, NBC News reports President Joe Biden’s “angst is rippling through the party” as lawmakers are “blaming the White House for their dim prospects in November.”

Vulnerable Democrats Craft Title 42 Midterm Talking Points to Omit Biden’s ‘Broadscale Release’ of Illegal Aliens

The most vulnerable Democrats facing re-election in this year’s midterms have crafted carefully-worded talking points to describe their dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s ending Title 42, the crucial border control authority, while making sure to omit his plans for “broadscale release” for border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities. 

Report: Democrats Prepare for ‘Biblical Disaster’ in Midterm Elections 

Between record levels of inflation, unfettered illegal immigration, a war in Ukraine, and an increasingly unpopular president, Democrats are preparing themselves for “a biblical disaster” in the upcoming midterm elections.

Dems have an opening for a midterm villain. Donald Trump, you’re hired!

Now they need to make sure voters remember it, instead of the governing troubles that have plagued the party for the past year. “We still have a villain. We’ll have to remind people of what that was like. And that sure scares the hell out of me,” Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.) said. “For God’s sake, […]

Nolte: Ukraine War Fever Could Kill GOP Midterm Chances

How does any rational or caring human being watch us lose a 20-year war against cave-dwelling barbarians, and not just lose that war, but lose it in the most humiliating fashion imaginable, and less than a year later already have a war-boner for Ukraine? I’m convinced the unholy alliance between Neocons, the corporate media, and […]

CBS White House Reporter: Democrats Need Migration Bill for 2022 Midterm Election

Democrats will lose the 2022 midterm election unless they try harder to pass immigration legislation, CBS’ top political reporter Ed O’Keefe claimed on December 26. “The problem for Democrats going into next year is if they expect to be able to turn out the kinds of people that they need to win congressional elections and […]

New Jersey’s most powerful Democratic boss predicts midterm carnage

“Most of the folks in the Democratic caucuses now realize that the voters are not asking, they’re demanding, for change,” Norcross said. “And we better give it to them. Otherwise, we’re going to end up being a minority party.“ Norcross, who’s previously described himself as a Reagan Democrat and had a strong working relationship with […]

Latino Dems lean on Padilla to pump up midterm turnout

Padilla will run in concurrent elections next year — a special election to finish the remainder of Harris‘ term through 2023 and a regular election for a full six-year term. The plan is to leverage Padilla’s popularity — especially among Latinos — into stronger Latino turnout in the state, where they make up about 30 […]

Release of Detailed 2020 Census Data Sets the Stage for 2022 Midterm Congressional Elections

The final report of the 2020 Census that will be used to redraw lines for congressional districts within 44 states was released by the Census Bureau on Thursday, setting the stage for redistricting battles in state legislatures around the country. The process of redrawing congressional district boundaries has the potential of changing the majority control […]

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