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Trickery, Humiliation, Death – and the Timeless Hunger for ‘Honour and Glory’

 DECEMBER 30, 2023 Source ALASTAIR CROOKE One major theme of Homer’s Iliad – which somehow seems as fresh and as vivid today as when first written – is its description of how even the greatest of states in Western civilization fail to reclaim what they lose. “Attempts to repair one loss lead only to more losses”, Emily […]

‘Blaze Your Glory!’: Twitter Has a Bizarre New Slogan After ‘X’ Rebrand

“X”, the product formerly known as “Twitter,” has a new tagline in Apple’s App Store: “Blaze your glory!” The tagline now shows up when an iOS user tries to download the social media app, which was purchased by increasingly unhinged reactionary billionaire Elon Musk last year. Users noticed the update on the App Store on […]

World Cup: France and Argentina dreaming of glory in Qatar final

The game kicks off at 16:00 CET with the best teams from Europe and South America both looking for their third title. Source

HIS Glory with Pastor David Scarlett: GOP needs to win midterm elections to take control of Congress, says Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said Republicans need to win in the November midterm elections and have a strong majority in order to take control of Congress. “The fight right now is to win in November. And that is our biggest push right now – to win in November and get as many seats […]

Glory Days: In Michigan, Nostalgia For A Romanticized Past Outstrips The Reality of An Economic Rebirth

Amid the economic upheaval, these workers said they found security in their union work, which they credited with pushing up pay for workers across the economy — even if they were still struggling to meet inflation. “These unions, I think, bring the wages up,” Hauck said. “And then the rest of the companies that are-non […]

Playing ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ on Street Case Ruled ‘Not Proven’

One senior Hong Kong citizen who played the familiar protest song “Glory to Hong Kong” on the street earlier was charged by police with “playing an instrument without a licence.” The case was heard on Aug. 22 at the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Court. The old man denied the charges. The magistrate finally ruled that a […]

Romans 11 And The Glory Of Israel’s Fulfillment Through The Nations

In this essay, we’d like to conduct an exposition on Romans 11, as it has come up a number of times in comments from our readers. The passage is really a cornerstone piece in many debates — mostly given Paul’s propensity to explain and prove what he believes — rather than when he merely gives […]

The Golden Age Of Heroes: The Glory Of The Mycenaean Civilization

The myths and legends of classical Greece told of a Golden Age of Heroes, of mighty kings, glorious palaces and warriors who fought courageously in fierce battles. This age that inspired the classical world was believed to be pure myth for millennia. For almost 3,000 years, the Mycenaeans, ancestors of the classical Greeks, were lost […]

‘Small Farmers, the Glory of the Nation’

The Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi has given the slogan ‘Small farmers, the glory of the nation’. His slogan is quite accurate, as evidenced by a report by the United Nations. The report highlights the fact that family farming is the only way to ensure food security for the whole world and save […]

Qajar-era bathhouse to gain former glory

TEHRAN – Hammam-e Haji Khani, a Qajar-era (1789–1925) public bathhouse located in Fars province has undergone some rehabilitation works, a local tourism official has said. A budget of three billion rials ($71,400 at the official exchange rate of 42,000 rials per dollar) has been allocated to the project, Ahmad Taqavi announced on Thursday. The historical […]

Olympic Swimmer Who Wore ‘Glory to God Alone’ Cap Wins Gold – Smashes World Record

A South African swimmer wearing a swim cap that said “Glory to God Alone” has won Olympic gold and beaten the world record in her event. Tatjana Schoenmaker won the women’s 200-meter breaststroke race with a record-breaking time of just 2 minutes and 18.95 seconds. She broke the previous world record of 2 minutes and 19.11 seconds set […]

Canada CDC Suggests “Glory Holes” For Safe Sex During Coronavirus Pandemic

Canada CDC Suggests “Glory Holes” For Safe Sex During Coronavirus Pandemic Written by Kecia Gayle July 22, 2020 Photo Credit: TMZ/ Getty Images Canada CDC Suggests ”Glory Holes” For Safe Sex During Coronavirus Pandemic Canada’s top health experts want people to stay extra safe and clean even when they plan to get a little dirty. […]

Historical castle restored to former glory

TEHRAN –Parts of the walls of the Kalat Ahram Castle, also known as Zaer Khezr Khan Castle, in Tangestan county, southwestern Bushehr province were restored, the deputy provincial tourism chief has announced.  A budget of four billion rials ($95,000 at the official exchange rate of 42,000 rials per dollar) was allocated to the project, which […]

Ancient Iranian utensils, artworks gain former glory

TEHRAN – A selection of 21 historical objects have been documented, restored, and preserved in laboratories across Iran’s South Khorasan province, a cultural heritage official announced on Wednesday. 12 ceramic and clay utensils, six metal works, two manuscripts, and a glass piece constitute the relics, each date back to different historical eras, the official added. […]

After 9/11, Sammy Sosa Hit Home Run, Proudly Ran With Old Glory. Now We Have Two National Anthems.

In less than 20 years, American sports events have transformed from patriotic expressions of love for the United States to sports-themed social justice seminars that now play the fictitious “Black National Anthem” and feature Black Lives Matter propaganda while some players refuse to enter the field until the actual National Anthem plays. In the days […]

For glory and matchmaking: The very lively history of Jewish tombstones in Turkey

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The Glory That Was Greece And The Grandeur That Was Rome: Two Short Videos Celebrating Europe’s Great Heritage

These two videos (total length 6 minutes) celebrate the great achievements of the European people, now under threat with the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan for White Genocide.  UPDATE. A correspondent has just sent me this document, a declaration called “A Europe we can believe in“, signed by English philosopher Roger Scruton and nine other eminent Europeans. Feel […]

Dr. Duke with League of the South on Why We Are Glory Bound in the Fight for Our People!

Download Today Dr. Duke started the show discussing the importance of the defeat of Jon Ossoff in the special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, a district Ossoff doesn’t even live in.Then Dr. Duke brought on Tiny Malone, who is the head of security for the League of the South. They talked about the upcoming […]

Russian Soldier Who Called Airstrike on Himself While Surrounded by ISIS is Hero

The history of war and conflict is replete with examples of individual heroism and courage that serve to bring clarity to the momentous stakes involved in the outcome, and how they influence history and the fate of millions of human beings, up to and including generations as yet unborn. The very nature of conflict dictates […]

Nuclear deal eliminates barriers for Iran to join SCO

Russian presidential envoy to the SCO Bakhtier Khakimov said that Russia expects that the beginning of the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear program will eliminate obstacles that were in the way of Iran’s accession to the SCO. MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement eliminates […]

Jim Dean on America’s Disinformation War on Russia – Veterans Today

. <!– –> Home Health Agent Orange Coping Gulf War Illness (GWI) Medical Disability Benefits PTSD Investigations 9/11 Holocaust JFK Assassination Paris Attacks 2015 Sandy Hook Life Art, Books, & Entertainment Economy & Business Education Environment Food, Wine & Travel History Civil War (1861-1865) Cold War (1947-1991) Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq War (2003-2011) Korean War […]

What Is True Love & How To Let It Happen To You

There was a Granny who had a brace of flying ducks. They spent most of their time sitting and resting on a nearby shed watching the neighbourhood. Every now and then Granny would catch a duck for a dinner. She  threw duck food on the ground then waited for them to come closer until  she […]

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