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‘Israel’s 9/11’ is a slogan to rationalize open-ended killing of Palestinian civilians

“The horrific cycle of violence in the Middle East will not end until the Israeli occupation ends—and a huge obstacle to ending the occupation has been the U.S. government.” Source

‘Blaze Your Glory!’: Twitter Has a Bizarre New Slogan After ‘X’ Rebrand

“X”, the product formerly known as “Twitter,” has a new tagline in Apple’s App Store: “Blaze your glory!” The tagline now shows up when an iOS user tries to download the social media app, which was purchased by increasingly unhinged reactionary billionaire Elon Musk last year. Users noticed the update on the App Store on […]

In Climate Initiative, Arby’s Changes Slogan To ‘We Have the Bugs’

U.S. — After urging from environmental activists, the World Economic Forum, and Bill Nye the Science Guy, Arby’s has changed its slogan to “We Have The Bugs.” Source

Army Unsure Why Their New Slogan ‘America Is Racist, You Should Die For It’ Isn’t Getting Traction

FORT FARRAKHAN, CA — A U.S. Army spokesperson admitted concern today after the recent drop in recruitment numbers, despite the unveiling of the new “America Is Racist, You Should Die For It” slogan. Source

Biden Unveils 2024 Campaign Slogan: ‘Can’t Do Much About That’

WASHINGTON, D.C.—”Can’t Do Much About That!” is President Biden’s official slogan for his upcoming 2024 re-election campaign. The Biden administration unveiled the slogan this morning and noted that it is a direct quote from the president himself, intended to capture Biden’s mysterious folksy charm and no-nonsense attitude. Deputy Chief of Staff Jen Blackwoman said, “We want Americans […]

Tips to Create a Good Slogan

It is a phrase that identifies a product or service. Learn how to create one that your customers will remember and repeat over and over again! By Entrepreneur Staff Within the marketing tools, the slogan is one of the most powerful, as it helps to increase the levels of recall in consumers and differentiate yourself from […]

Azadi : The Resurrection of  a slogan

In August we celebrate the 74th anniversary of our independence. At the time, the communists had raised the slogan then famous or rather infamous – “  yeh azadi jhoohi hai” ..  this is a false independence meaning that this  independence would not mean anything the ordinary people fighting for daily survival and that this was […]

Croatian Reality Show Removes Scenes of Contestant Who Has Nazi Slogan Tattoo

“Love is in the Village” contestant Jurica Živoder (left) has a Nazi slogan tattooed on his left forearm. Photo: Screenshot. The network behind Croatia’s reality series “Love is in the Village” recently removed from the show dozens of scenes that feature a contestant who has a tattoo of a Nazi slogan. The German phrase “Meine […]

Elections Committee Bars Netanyahu From Using Health Ministry Slogan In Campaign

The Central Elections Committee on Tuesday banned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party from using the campaign slogan “Returning to life,” a reference to Israel’s recovery from the pandemic. The slogan was disallowed because it had been taken from a Health Ministry campaign to encourage vaccination, the Walla news site reported. Judge Uzi Fogelman said […]

Benjamin Netanyahu: ‘Never Again’ Is More Than a Slogan

Memorial to Jewish children murdered by the Nazis, at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, April 11, 2011. Photo: Avishai Teicher via Wikimedia Commons. – On January 27, the world marks the horrific murder of six million Jews — men, women, and children — by the Nazis and their helpers in the Holocaust. We remember the […]

Another slogan from the globalists

Kiwis if you search the slogan ‘build back better NZ’ in google it features prolifically in NZ. Worth a listen … the globalists are fond of their slogans being the great propagandists that they are. Controlling your thoughts, one at a time. EWR [embedded content] GFC TV 6.56K subscribers Share this: Like this: Like Loading…

‘Jews to the grave’: Man shouts anti-Semitic slogan as he topples Kiev menorah

A man was filmed shouting an anti-Semitic phrase as he toppled a giant communal menorah on Thursday that was installed in the Ukrainian city of Kiev ahead of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. “Ukrainians, we are a force. The Jews to the grave,” shouted the man named by the Jewish community as known anti-Semitic activist […]

Slogan Voters: The Road To Political Masochism

Slogan Voters: The Road To Political Masochism Above Photo: IoSonoUnaFotoCamera/Flickr Ralph Nader points to one more problem in voting — slogan voting. A PR phrase is developed usually after it is tested through polls and focus groups, that people can emotionally relate to. Ralph focuses on Trump voters, but this could have also been applied to […]

Nike’s “Just Do It” Slogan Was Inspired By The Last Words Of A Murderer Awaiting Execution

An Open Letter to Las Vegas Judge Who Handcuffed A Defense Attorney in Court

Last week, I posted about a judge in Las Vegas who had ordered a public defender to be handcuffed in the courtroom during a case in which she was representing a man that the judge then sentenced to jail time. According to Judge Conrad Hafen, he did so in order to “teach her a lesson” […]

Anonymous Conservative Claims Facebook Biased Against Right Wing News

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Brands   It all started with an anonymous “former Facebook contractor” who happened to be a Republican and shared with the press stories about how the company’s algorithms that determine trending news have been tweaked toward a certain political bias. The […]

ALERT! Everyone who lives in these states needs to contact their governor and representatives to encourage this action to stop Obama’s invasion…

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