A Bit From a Great Aunt’s Letter About How The yankee “soldiers” “Fought” the War

Seated left, my great grandfather Carleton, grandson of an American Revolutionary War soldier who served three years under Washington, grandson of another American Revolutionary War soldier who served six years under Washington, the last 3 as a scout for Washington’s army, Great Grandson of another American Revolutionary War soldier who died soon after the war was over with complications to his lungs from Winter Soldering.
Confederate Soldier and Chaplain when that position was created.
Seated right, my Great Grandmother who’s father fought at the Battle of New Orleans with Jackson

“When the war broke out, father enlisted although as a traveling preacher he was exempt from service.
I do not know how many battles he was in but have heard him tell of one where a friend of his was shot down by his side and he knelt by him to prayed with him while the bark from a tree near by kept hitting him in his face caused by bullets from enemy guns.

He learned the union men were on their way to where we were then living and got permission to go home to move his family.
About a week after we moved the union men came and hung one of our neighbor boys trying to make him tell where his father’s money was buried.
He was only twelve years old and did not know.”

That was mild compared to what the yankee terrorist did in many places.
You yankees who can be proud of what your side did in that terroristic illegal invasion of my land and what they did to my people, can not have a soul, or be human any longer.

I may forgive when I see some shame and seeking forgiveness from the yankee, but I will be damned if I forget the yankee evil done my people.

To forget past evil is to welcome it to come again.

The Ole Dog!


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