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Milan Kundera, Czech Author Of ‘The Unbearable Lightness Of Being,’ Dead At 94

PARIS (AP) — Milan Kundera, whose dissident writings in communist Czechoslovakia transformed him into an exiled satirist of totalitarianism, has died in Paris at the age of 94, Czech media said Wednesday. Kundera’s renowned novel, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being,’’ opens wrenchingly with Soviet tanks rolling through Prague, the Czech capital that was the author’s […]

Mission completed: Man City beats Inter Milan to end wait for first Champions League title

Billions of dollars have been spent and many tears shed on Manchester City’s journey to the summit of European football. Source

Matteo Salvini’s Son Robbed by African Migrants in Milan

Egyptian migrants have been arrested for robbing the teenage son of Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini last month, according to reports. The harrowing incident unfolded at around 8 p.m. on December 23 in the Gambara area of Milan. Federico Salvini, 19, was approached by two men who threatened him with a broken bottle while […]

Fire crews fight chemical blaze on Milan outskirts

At least six people were injured in a chemical fire at a plastic factory on the outskirts of the Italian city of Milan.

‘Gas Is Green… Washing’: Greenpeace Disrupts Industry Conference in Milan

Attendees at the opening ceremony of Gastech, the world’s largest meeting of gas companies, in Milan on Monday were greeted by what Greenpeace campaigners called “climate hell”—a display of “toxic” fumes and the sounds of sirens that the organization said represented “the fate we face if we continue to burn fossil fuels.” Greenpeace Italy led the […]

Activists storm ‘Gastech’ world gas fair in Milan

Greenpeace Italy activists on Monday peacefully invaded the world gas fair ‘Gastech’ in Milan.

Greece beats 2022 Eurobasket host Italy in Milan

Greece  has beaten 2022 Eurobasket beating group host Italy 85-81 in Milan on Saturday increasing the probability that it will win their group too. ‘True, the Greeks played a more consistent game compared to their opener against Croatia, and outplayed the Italians with their spirited defending and resourceful offense. They did let a 15-point lead […]

Persian readers enjoy Milan Kundera’s “Joke”

TEHRAN – A Persian translation of Milan Kundera’s 1967 novel “The Joke” has been published by Saless in Tehran.

Persian readers enjoy Milan Kundera’s “Joke”

TEHRAN – A Persian translation of Milan Kundera’s 1967 novel “The Joke” has been published by Saless in Tehran.

Byzantium Suffers Barbarian Wrath in the Massacre of Milan of 539 AD

“Woe to the vanquished!” the old saying goes, and it was often showcased in history. During the devastating Gothic War that raged between 535 and 554 AD on the Italian Peninsula, the venerable city of Milan suffered greatly at the hands of its conquerors. The events that transpired within the walls of that city remain […]

Italy’s Rome and Milan to be declared Covid ‘red zones’ as whole country heads for Easter lockdown amid rising infections

Rome and Italy’s business capital Milan will be plunged into the country’s toughest Covid-19 restrictions from Monday in a bid to stem the rising tide of infections, the health ministry said on Friday. Milan’s Lombardy region, which was the epicenter of the pandemic in Europe, will be placed under the most restrictive health measures, which […]

Heavy snow coats Milan in white but disrupts city traffic

A wave of blustery and wintry weather swept through Italy on Monday 28 December. Milan woke up to a thick layer of snow covering the city. The northern Italian town’s famous Piazza Duomo was looking particularly scenic with its white winter coat. More than 15 centimetres of snow fell during the night and covered the […]

Topless FEMEN protester confronts Berlusconi at Milan polling site (VIDEO)

Footage posted online by RT’s Ruptly agency shows Berlusconi arriving at the polls in Milan amid a sea of journalists. As he smiles at the cameras, he is startled by a topless girl with “Berlusconi, your time has run out” scrawled across her chest, and the word “FEMEN” written on her back. Berlusconi immediately walks […]


Cyborg models carrying severed heads pronouncing the Feminist manifesto and gender bending fashion models were shown during Milan Fashion Week last Wednesday. With Gucci being considered a part of the illuminati choice corporations, this fashions show fit in perfectly well with the post-human, Transhumanism agenda being pushed upon humanity. Everything they do is inverted and perverted. […]

COMMENTARY: Milan Fashion Week – Models Carry Fake Heads On Gucci Catwalk

Image copyright Reuters “Milan Fashion Week: Models carry fake heads on Gucci catwalk,” Source: Models were seen cradling replicas of their own heads on the Gucci catwalk, in one of Milan Fashion Week’s most surreal shows. The fake heads were eerily accurate, down to the hairstyles and the expressions of those walking in the show. […]

Milan police detain Gambian migrant for attempting to snatch cross from Christmas tree

A 21-year-old man from the Gambia was arrested by Italian police as he attempted to climb up the illuminated Christmas tree erected in Milan’s Piazza Duca d’Aosta on Friday, ANSA reported. Confronted by police about his odd behavior, the man had nothing to say other than “the tree is not good” while pointing to the cross, […]

Model Kidnapped In Milan To Be Sold On Internet

A 20-year-old British model who traveled to Milan, Italy for a supposed photo shoot, has been left traumatized after reportedly being drugged, kidnapped and stuffed into a suitcase by human traffickers. Her captors were demanding a $300,000 ransom from her agent to prevent her being auctioned online to the highest bidder, according to Italian police. The […]

The Milan March for Open Borders

Milan, which is Italy’s financial and economic hub, is now very much like any other major global city: blandly cosmopolitan, deracinated and geared towards nouveau riche tourists. In the December 2016 referendum the affluent Lombard capital was one of the very few places in which a majority voted in favour of the centre-left government’s constitutional […]

Obama Pockets $3.2 Million For Speaking Gig In Milan

But the irony didn’t end there.  In an effort to combat the public outcry, the beloved former President defended his efforts by arguing that the decision to take $400,000 from Cantor Fitzgerald couldn’t possibly mean that he’s a sellout because, well, he already sold out to Wall Street during his initial Presidential campaign back […]

Exceptionalistan’s kill list: Smashing the ‘B’ in BRICS

     The stakes could not be higher. Not only the future of the BRICS, but the future of a new multipolar world is in the balance. And it all hinges on what happens in Brazil in the next few months. Let’s start with the Kafkaesque internal turmoil. The coup against President Dilma Rousseff remains an […]

China’s Forbidden City Will Open Doors to Secret Garden for the First Time in Nearly a Century

The Forbidden City is an ornate imperial palace that was home to Chinese emperors during the Ming dynasty all the way to the end of the Qing; it is a magnificent example of Chinese art and architecture that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each year. Yet, what many of the guests […]

Iran’s coverage: Foreign boots in Syria, publicity stunt: Iran FM

Daily look at Iran’s late-breaking news and upcoming events:   Foreign troop deployment to Syria, publicity stunt: Iran FM Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has dismissed as “propaganda” claims by certain regional countries that they might deploy troops to Syria, saying no outsider can make decisions for the conflict-stricken country.   Silk Road train arrives in […]

Meteor fireball observed over the Mediterranean Sea – 19.01.16

     Meteorite-producing fireball observed on 19 Jan 2016 (at about 23h59m UT). The event took place over the Mediterranean Sea. It was recorded by the meteor-observing stations operated by the University of Huelva at Calar Alto, La Hita and La Sagra astronomical observatories. Source Article from

Mass Invader Sex Attacks in Stuttgart, Hamburg

Swarms of nonwhite “refugee” invaders have engaged in mass sex attacks in Hamburg and Stuttgart over New Year’s Eve, it has emerged, reinforcing a pattern set by the 1000-strong attack mob in Cologne. News of the nonwhite sex attacks in Hamburg and Stuttgart have been grudgingly reported by the controlled media after alternative news […]

Ukraine peace deal implementation ‘to be extended into 2016’ – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

“It is already clear that they [Minsk peace accords] are to be extended,” Karasin told RIA Novosti Thursday. “A result is what’s important for us in this process, namely, the peaceful settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.” Karasin said a Normandy format meeting on a foreign minister level is set for the next week. […]

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