April 13 – Satanyahu’s Mission: Start World War 3

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When they met in 1990, Chabad chieftain Menachem Schneerson predicted Satanyahu would  become PM and

start WW3 in order to destroy civilization, a prerequisite for the return of the Jewish Messiah, the Antichrist. 

Obviously, Satanyahu attacked the Iranian Embassy in Damascus to entrap the US in such a war.

 A Reddit Conspiracy reader gets it:

“It amazes me that no one is talking about the real motives of Israel striking the Iranian embassy

Let me walk you through it: Israel drone strikes Western aid workers in Gaza.

The USA responds by strong verbal criticism and supposedly a threat to change the “unconditional” support Israel gets from the USA.Israel realizes they need to force the USA completely back on their side.

Israel immediately strikes the Iranian embassy/consulate in Damascus, a highly provocative move. Israel conducts the strike without telling the USA, likely because they knew the Americans would stop them. Now the USA has no choice but to back Israel 100% against any Iranian response or else be accused of abandoning their “strongest ally”.

Whatever apparent or real “tension” there was between the USA and Israel is now old news and forgotten. Israel has once again completely outmaneuvered and redirected the USA in favor of its interests and against our own. The vast majority of Americans don’t want to be dragged into another war in the Middle East.

In the words of Netanyahu himself: “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in their way.”

Visegrad 24- Sophisticated Zionist propaganda tool is now on YouTube shorts

Here an “ex Muslim” says all Muslims learn in public school that the time will come to kill all Jews. Their other videos seek to humanize genocidal Zionist maniacs.

Zionists are trapped in a mindset that will lead to their destruction, and possibly ours. YouTube also has many anti Zionists posts.

Ex-Shin Bet chief: ‘Netanyahu unfit for office and is leading Israel to its doom’

Charging that the PM is ‘directly responsible for the greatest disaster in Israel’s history,’ Nadav Argaman says ‘he must go, or things could get very, very bad’

Encore – Zionists killed Jews on Oct 7 to justify their Palestinian genocide (just like they funded the Holocaust

to justify establishment of Israel)


Australia Bins 35% of Multi-Billion Dollar Covid Vaccine Supply With Another 15% Set to Expire Soon

Australia Bins 35% of Multi-Billion Dollar Covid Vaccine Supply With Another 15% Set to Expire Soon

As part of its pandemic response, the Australian government purchased 267.3 million doses of Covid vaccines, enough to vaccinate Australia’s population of approximately 26 million people ten times over. But figures released to Dystopian Down Under by the Department of Health (DOH) this week confirm that, three years into the vaccine programme, only 70 million doses, or 26% of the 267.3 million doses purchased, have been administered, while 35% of vaccines doses have been wasted since the start of the vaccine rollout.

WHO Official Admits Vaccine Passports May Have Been a Scam.

Testifying in a lawsuit, WHO’s leading vaccine expert said she advised against COVID vaccine passports as the vaccines did not stop transmission and gave a false sense of security. The World Health Organization’s Dr. Hanna Nohynek testified in court that she advised her government that vaccine passports were not needed but was ignored, despite explaining that the COVID vaccines did not stop virus transmission and the passports gave a false sense of security 

Radiation levels in US Cities Off the Charts

Paul Craig Roberts- Great Dispossession Part 1

Klaws Swab tells us that in the Great Reset that the World Economic Forum is preparing for us “you will own nothing and you will be happy.” Well, we already own nothing. Our bank deposits and stocks and bonds, in the event the depository institution gets into trouble, belong to the depository institution’s creditors, not to us. All assets are pooled and serve as collateral whether or not labeled “segregated.”

Are Israelis buying up Northern Cyprus?

Once celebrated as a prime sanctuary for foreign investments in the Mediterranean, Turkish Cyprus has come under fire for allowing Israeli entities to purchase large swathes of property on the strategically significant island.

The increase in the number of home sales and lands to foreigners, particularly those of Jewish origin, has become a cause for concern in Northern Cyprus. In response to a Turkish media campaign alleging that thousands of Israeli and Jewish people were buying properties in the region, the TRNC will restrict property sales to foreigners.

The speech by Yanis Varoufakis on Palestine that German police banned

Former finance minister of Greece articulates the emerging world wide consensus about Israel. The genocide in Gaza is an attack on the moral basis for civilization and needs to be stopped.

France’s Aquitaine-class FREMM frigate Alsace has turned tail from the Red Sea after running out of missiles and munitions repelling attacks from the Yemeni armed forces, according to its commander, Jerome Henry.

“We didn’t necessarily expect this level of threat. There was an uninhibited violence that was quite surprising and very significant. [The Yemenis] do not hesitate to use drones that fly at water level, to explode them on commercial ships, and to fire ballistic missiles,” Henry told French news outlet Le Figaro in an exclusive interview published on 11 April.

“We had to carry out at least half a dozen assistances following [Yemeni] strikes,” he added


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