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NYC ‘Super Speeders’ Amass Hundreds Of Speeding Tickets

“Super speeders” in New York – or people who have racked up over 100 infractions for going 10 miles per hour or more above the speed limit – are on the rise. In New York City, of all places. Is nothing sacred anymore? In a report published last week by Bloomberg, it was revealed that these repeat offenders […]

NYC Speed Cameras Have Issued 4.5 Million Tickets Totaling “Hundreds Of Millions” This Year

NYC Speed Cameras Have Issued 4.5 Million Tickets Totaling “Hundreds Of Millions” This Year In the first 9 months of New York City’s school zone speed cameras, almost 4.5 million tickets have already been issued with fines totaling an astonishing “hundreds of millions of dollars”.  The speed cameras in New York City now monitor and […]

Two historic tickets used the night of Lincoln’s assassination fetch $262,500

Two tickets that once cost 75 cents apiece for top-tier seats at the theater where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated reportedly sold at an auction for $262,500 on Saturday. The green tickets gained entry to a performance of the comedic play, “Our American Cousin,” at the historic Ford’s Theatre in D.C. on April 14, 1865 –… […]

Premium Tickets or Discounts? Cineplex CEO ‘Experiments’ With Ticket Price

While audiences rush back to theatres to catch “Avatar: The Way of Water” on pricey Imax screens, the head of Cineplex Inc. says he’s open to “experiments” with cheaper tickets for some movies if they might lure back people who are staying home. Chief executive Ellis Jacob said Canada’s biggest movie chain is looking at “different pricing […]

Ticketmaster Cancels Public Sale for Taylor Swift Tickets Because It Already Sold Them All

Ticketmaster announced Thursday that it is canceling Friday’s Taylor Swift Eras Tour public sale, stating that the vast majority of tickets were sold during presales and that not enough tickets remained to do a public sale. “Due to extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand, tomorrow's public […]

Dem Mayor Says Spending Taxpayer Funds on First Class Tickets To France Was Necessary Because She’s a Black Woman

Democrat Mayor of New Orleans LaToya Cantrell says that it was “necessary” to spend taxpayer money on first class airline tickets during a European trip because as a black woman, she would have been unsafe flying coach. Mayor Cantrell made the extraordinary claims in response to criticism over the $30,000 she spent on first class […]

Drone On, Anti-Vaxx Tickets, Mask Surcharge – New World Next Week

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee / YouTube This week on the New World Next Week: killer drones are hunting targets by themselves; a concert promoter is charging an extra $1000 for the unvaccinated; and a California cafe owner is charging $5 for orders placed while wearing a mask. CLICK HERE for […]

Tickets For Florida Concert Selling At $18 For The Vaccinated Or $1,000 If Not

Tickets For Florida Concert Selling At $18 For The Vaccinated Or $1,000 If NotDate: May 29, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: RT A concert promoter in Florida is charging a ‘no vax tax’.Paul Williams of Leadfoot Promotions in Tampa Bay, isoffering $18 discounted tickets to an upcoming show for those who have been vaccinated against the virus…..and […]

MLB Requires Photo ID to Pick Up Tickets Yet Blasts Georgia for Voter ID Law

Even as Major League Baseball continues its attack on Georgia’s requirement to show a valid photo ID to vote, the league has a photo ID requirement of its own for fans picking up tickets at the stadium. South Carolina Republican state Rep. Nancy Mace took note of this requirement and found it hypocritical. “Hey @MLB, […]

Iconic Berlin department store KaDeWe issues ONE-HOUR TICKETS to shoppers amid coronavirus restrictions

Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe), the iconic department store which opened its doors in Berlin in 1907, has begun issuing tickets to shoppers, allowing them access to the store in hourly slots to help slow the spread of Covid-19. Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, Germans and tourists could simply walk into KaDeWe to browse the goods […]

Anonymous Donor Pays Off $7,300 in Parking Tickets

An anonymous donor spread some holiday cheer in Pennsylvania when he footed the bill for $7,300 in parking tickets. When a Pennsylvania town experienced 18 inches of snowfall this week, cars were buried. Some people could not dig their cars out quickly enough, so the city handed out tickets to vehicles parked in the way […]

Ohio Sheriff Offers One-Way Tickets for Celebrities Who Say They’ll Leave US If Trump Is Reelected

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is so fed up with entitled Hollywood celebrities saying they will leave the country if Trump wins the election that he is offering to buy their tickets — on one condition. The tickets out of America must be one-way. ‘Hell, I’ll even help them pack,” Sheriff Jones said. “It’s that […]

German theater investigated over free ‘Mein Kampf’ tickets for swastika wearers

The Konstanz Theater in the state of Baden-Württemberg has been offering a controversial deal for the upcoming performance: theatergoers can either pay for their entry or get in for free if they agree to wear a swastika in the auditorium. Patrons who opt to pay for their ticket will be asked to put on a […]

Cop Who Was Fired For Not Writing Enough Tickets Finally Speaks Out On Video

A police officer in Alpharetta, Georgia, claims he was fired for not issuing enough traffic tickets to motorists in the area. Officer Daniel Capps was on the force for nine years and was ultimately terminated because he declined to issue a traffic ticket to a driver after he bumped into another car. According to a department memo […]

One Officer, Scores of Tickets and a Familiar Racial Disparity

It was just before 9 a.m. one day last July, and Noemi Martinez was on her way from one job interview to the next, running to catch a bus on Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville, Fla. Sprinklers from a nearby nursery were showering water onto the broken sidewalk in front of her, so Martinez walked out […]

First Tickets for Sweden’s ‘Man-Free’ Festival to go on Sale

Tickets for what has grabbed global headlines as Sweden’s first ‘man-free’ music festival, organized in response to reports of sexual assaults at concerts, will go on sale in less than two weeks. Emma Knyckare’s idea for the festival started with a simple tweet she posted in July after the Bråvalla festival in Norrköping cancelled its 2018 event after reports […]

Couple Win Free Tickets To Las Vegas Concert, Make Decision After Tragedy Making Headlines

The world has been gripped by the recent tragic events that happened in Las Vegas, but even in the darkest of times, there’s always a ray of light that comes shining through. In this case, that loving light can be found in Dawn-Marie Gray and her husband, Kevin. The couple had won tickets to a […]

19 Year Old Builds Robot Lawyer, Overturns 160,000 Parking Tickets

In his second year at Stanford University, London born Joshua Browder created DoNotPay, the “world’s first robot lawyer.” The program, coded solely by Browder, has overturned 160,000 parking tickets in 21 months across New York and London.  Working at no charge, for free, saving people a total of $4 million in fines, DoNotPay swiftly revolutionized […]

Facial Biometrics Instead of Train Tickets? Don’t Even Go There

Veteran Officer Offered to Dismiss Tickets in Exchange for Nude Photos

A veteran Baytown Police officer is the target of both a criminal and internal affairs investigation. According to affidavits filed in the case, Officer Michael Coppock told an 18-year-old driver that he would change two traffic tickets to warnings if the teen would send him naked pictures of herself. […]

FOX News “Terror Expert” Sentenced to Prison for Lying to the Public for Years

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project A man who falsely claimed for decades to be a CIA agent and worked as the FOX News “Terror Expert” has now been sentenced to 33 months in prison, according to prosecutors, as cited by Reuters. According to a U.S. District Attorney’s Office […]

Buried: Average White Age is 57, Average Mexican Age is 9

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 29, 2016 Typical Mexican family Typical White family One does not have to be a statistician to recognize the ominousness of these numbers. We are being buried alive. Daily Caller: U.S. Census data of American residents shows that the most common age for white Americans is by far the oldest. The most […]

Chicago Cop Who Rammed Car; Beat Innocent Woman Pastor Has History of False Charges (Update)

In April, Asa J posted the story about a female pastor, who had her car rammed and then was pepper sprayed and beaten by a group of Chicago police officers in what was described as a “road rage” incident. Within a lawsuit she subsequently filed, Reverend Catherine Brown maintained that she was “treated like an […]

It’s Official: US International Trade Commission Predicts Negligible Economic Bene From TPP

Techdirt has written hundreds of stories about TPP over the years. So many of those have revealed troubling aspects of the deal that it’s hard to single out the worst. But there can be no doubt that one of the most extraordinary facts is that the US and the other TPP nations were […]

Media Silent as US and UK Train Saudi Forces Responsible War Crimes in Yemen

While the Syrian conflict is plastered on the pages of most mainstream news outlets, Yemen has been met with indifference and, until recently, a virtual media blackout. Writing for Stop The War, Nawal Al-Maghafi sums up the reason for the silence of the Western media on the devastation: “Unlike in Syria, the U.K. and […]

Sirens Don’t Grant Extra Rights

Tonight an Iowa City Cop was forced to break a stupid law because I was following it. Alright, he wasn’t actually forced to, he just did it because he could. And I cannot say I blame him. The law he broke is so blatantly stupid that I often feel like an idiot myself for following […]

Federal Judge Rules FBI Illegally Defies Freedom Of Information Act

The following post was submitted to the CopBlock Network by Isiah Holmes, who has been featured several times previously on Cop Block, via the Submissions Page. In this post, Isiah discusses a recent ruling by US District Court Judge Randolph D. Moss that the FBI has been illegally denying FOIA requests. Transparently Criminal A […]

Pennsylvania Police Officer And Brother Caught Burglarizing Apartments

Spink, 23, told a borough officer just after midnight that he received a call from a woman describing suspicious captivity (sic) at 176 S. Green St., police said. He did not identify the woman, police said. Spink entered the apartment complex through a second-floor balcony door, then let in his brother John Brandon Hoffman, 32, of […]

The Astounding Benefits Of Using Hemp To Build Homes

Founder of WorldTruth.Tv and Eddie (6499 Posts) Eddie L. is the founder and owner of WorldTruth.TV. and Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other […]

You Should Be Adding 2 Tbsp Of Coconut Oil To Your Coffee In The Morning. The Reason? I Had No Idea

The video you are about to watch is for all you coffee drinkers who use their cup of Jo for alertness and energy every day. It is nothing I ever imagined would give coffee that extra “oomph” that would turn it into a “Super Drink”! Adding coconut oil or coconut butter to your coffee, will allow […]

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