Olympic Poster Accused of Erasing French Culture by Omitting French Flag, Christian Cross Atop Dôme des Invalides

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A detailed poster promoting the 2024 Olympics in Paris has sparked outrage on social media after omitting a Christian cross from a major structure, with the French flag also observably missing.

The design, created by a French illustrator over 2,000 hours, was unveiled Monday and was immediately criticized online, with some accusing the Olympic Games and French organizers of disregarding Western Civilization and the country’s Christian roots.

Many called out the artwork for removing the iconic Christian cross atop the Dôme des Invalides, where the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is said to be buried, in a possible attempt to appease Muslims and the woke left.

“They replaced the cross on Les Invalides in Paris from the official poster design for the 2024 Olympic Games in France. Whom are these people trying to appease? These actions suggest a disdain for Western civilization and its Christian heritage!” one X user wrote.

Other X users piled on, accusing France of being a dying nation which does nothing as its national identity and cultural heritage are erased.

Likewise, online commentators called out the piece celebrating the Paris games for missing the French flag.

“The French flag… totally absent,” one commentator noted in French, adding, “The [#wokeism] which advocates the erasure of our history, our Judeo-Christian roots, our identity is him, very present even the Olympics are paying the price!”

Conservative French politician Marion Maréchal also criticized the art for omitting the cross and flag, asking, “Why did you erase the cross at the top of the dome of the Invalides? Why no French flag? What is the point of organizing the Olympic Games in France if it is to hide what we are?”

It remains to be seen whether the Olympics or French organizers address the controversy surrounding the missing icons.


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