March 13 – ZOG is Responsible for Migrant Invasion


(Mayorkas is a member of the board of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society which is funnelling millions of migrants into the US)

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Organized Jewry has all the characteristics of a plague of locusts eating the fabric of our society. “We shall destroy every collective force except our own,” they say in the Protocols of Zion (16-4.) The four collective forces that define our human identity are race, religion (God), nation and family (gender.) 

We are being reengineered to be their mind controlled slaves. 


Biden regime providing travel “loans” to illegals using nefarious UN migration scheme

“As millions of American citizens struggle to make ends meet, the Biden regime is busy handing out “loans” to illegal alien migrants all around the world so they can travel to and enter the United States illegally.

“A program of the United Nations (UN) IOM Migration Program, which works in partnership with the United States Refugee Admissions Program, the Biden regime is handing out U.S. taxpayer cash to illegal aliens at zero interest. Once in the U.S., these illegal aliens never have to pay back their “loans.”

According to the program’s website, the “penalty and interest-free loans” – which are not available to struggling American citizens, by the way – only require that illegals sign a promissory note prior to leaving their homelands promising to pay back the loan. Should they choose to never pay back the loans, there are no penalties attached.

Mike Adams-COVID jabs unleashed 12 sigma mass death event

“There is no more denying that Operation Warp Speed, the federal government’s fast-tracked Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” unleashing scheme, was a premeditated genocide of the American people – so much so, in fact, that COVID jabs are now considered to be a 12-sigma event.
A 12-sigma event is an event that has an almost zero percent chance of happening – a black swan event, if you will. Concerning Operation Warp Speed, unleashed by the Trump regime, it is also an extinction-level event, or an ELE.

Besides the many thousands who died not long after getting “fully vaccinated,” there are also millions of cases of serious injuries caused by the shots that will never go away for the people who now suffer from them.

“Not only was Operation Warp Speed rolled out as a full-blown depopulation scheme, it was also designed to irreversibly debilitate and incapacitate as many ‘vaccine’ victims as possible,” reports State of the Union.

“What this really does is that it ties up the great majority of U.S. citizens so that they have no time or energy to hold their murderous government accountable for the greatest crime against humanity in world history.”

IDF Hit With Sudden Wave of Resignations and Retirements Amid War in Gaza

All of these exemptions are straining the IDF’s pool of soldiers, leading to a serious manpower crisis. Gallant has raised the issue with the current wartime government of Israel, citing his support for legislation to address the problem if more members of the coalition were in favor of it.

“The army is in need of manpower now. It’s not a matter of politics, it’s a matter of mathematics,” Gallant said.

Belgian Nationalist Sentenced to a Year in Prison Over ‘Hateful Memes’ Shared in Private Group Chat

Belgian nationalist activist and former member of parliament Dries Van Langenhove was sentenced to one year in prison on Tuesday for being part of a private group chat seven years ago where people shared “racist” and “antisemitic” memes.

“Belgian nationalist activist and former member of parliament Dries Van Langenhove has just been sentenced to a year in prison, a 16,000 euro fine, and ten years of “deprived civil rights” which will mean he is barred from politics,” Keith Woods reported on Twitter.

“His crime? He was in a private groupchat where offensive memes were posted,” he added. “This is an absolute disgrace. Western regimes are reaching new levels of tyranny to suppress nationalism.”

Washington State: Get $2000 to Snitch on Your Neighbor for Speech “Crimes”

The bill allows taxpayer-funded payments up to $2,000 per “person targeted” by a specific hate crime or bias incident.

The bill will stop free speech.  It will also have a profound effect on journalists and reporters. 

(Trozzi has aged 20 years in the past two.)

Raising Awareness: Dr Mark Trozzi & Michael Alexander with Wayne Peters on What’s Up Canada

For four years we have watched our most upstanding nurses and doctors protect the public, maintain oaths, and stand against medical assault, coercion, and negligence causing death and injuries. Meanwhile, institutions such as Ontario’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, the CPSO, have not only neglected their duties in these matters, that have unlawfully weaponized their authority against these very same doctors and nurses. It is a profound and perverse inversion of reality.

We don’t accept this, and we are not just playing defence.”

As Torah Judah-ism Commands-Palestinian mother fears imminent loss of her last surviving child to starvation

As Torah Judah-ism Commands-Sexual abuse and beatings: A Palestinian mother’s ordeal in Israeli custody

‘The Israeli female soldiers beat me and kept shouting at me to take off my clothes. I was surprised I was being asked to take off my clothes again. She stripped me down to my underwear and kept spitting on me throughout the entire process…’

Mark Glenn–Don’t blame the Jews for this. They are doing EXACTLY what it is that their religion commands of them, to wit-
‘When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are to possess and drives out the many nations larger and stronger than you, and when the Lord your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy. Do not save alive anything that breathes, for you are a people holy unto the Lord your God who has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession…’ -Book of Deuteronomy

As Torah Judah-ism Commands-Iron bars, electric shocks, vicious dogs and cigarette burns: How Palestinians are tortured in Israeli detention

Iron bars, electric shocks, dogs and cigarette burns: How Palestinians are tortured in Israeli detention

US trying to overthrow Netanyahu’s government, senior Israeli official says
A diplomatic feud has grown between Netanyahu and Biden over Netanyahu’s Gaza policies.

“Distrust of Netanyahu’s ability to rule has deepened and broadened across the public from its already high levels before the war,” it stated.

“We expect large protests demanding his resignation and new elections. A different, more moderate government is a possibility,” the report stated.

Biden Impeachment Inquiry Reveals US Being Ruled by ‘Demented Gangsters’

Last month, former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov was arrested and charged for allegedly fabricating a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme involving US President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.
The weaponization of the US Department of Justice against US President Joe Biden’s accusers reveals that the United States is ruled by “complete and total demented gangsters,” Steve Poikonen, who serves as the host of the Slow News Day show, told Sputnik’s The Critical Hour on Monday.

The banks are going BUST and they planned it” Gerald Celente with Benny Morris 

Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente joins us with the very latest troubling trends he’s watching right now including the collapse of small and regional banks. We’re also watching gold hit all time highs. Coincidence? 

AI will replace human perception and reason


The WEF advisor explained that while humans did create AI, it is “the first technology in history” that can think and act on its own without mankind’s oversight.

United Kingdom bans puberty blockers ‘in best interests of kids’

Puberty blockers cause physical changes in the body, especially for prepubescent children. The drugs inhibit the normal development of puberty, such as facial hair and breast development, as well as cause other health issues such as weakened bones.  

The UK government praised the “landmark decision,” according to the Daily Mail. Officials said healthcare should be evidence-based in order to protect the “best interests of the child.”

Mike Yeadon- Put simply, there has been no pandemic. There was the normal range of illnesses in the early part of 2020 as in any other year. What was different about 2020 was that all governments, lead by the WHO, engaged in coordinated lying to their citizens.

This continues to this day. Everyone was told there was a pandemic was coming. The illusion was created by deliberate misuse of a clinical diagnostic test called PCR. The heart of this entire deception is the incorrect belief that PCR is nearly flawless and so a positive result means that a person “had covid”.

There is no such disease. Not one symptom is unique to the claimed new disease. A positive test was called “a case”. Anybody dying within a few weeks of a positive test was declared “a covid death”. All that was needed was to roll out such tests rapidly in early 2020 & the carefully planned result, an apparent “pandemic” was created. Government & media lies was initially all it took to maintain the illusion.

Adverse vaccine reaction- One man’s horror story

This is Tony Shingler:  “‘3 years ago today since I took the AstraZeneca jab, I was diagnosed with GBS post AstraZeneca, 14 months in hospital, 8 on a ventilator. Never again will I trust NHS, regulators, or government for what they’ve done and how it has left me with permanent disabilities.’

The government and all those guilty must be held to account for Crimes Against Humanity


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