The Report From Iron Mountain’s Coming Alien Invasion

Mid last century a study was done on how to better farm the sheep.

Long before the False Flag of 9-11

leading to the Fake “War on Terror” which is really a War OF Terror done by the same vile evil soul-less animals who did 9-11, the Report From Iron Mountain foretold the fake War on Terror to keep the sheep quaking from fear in their wool.

The report said when the faked War on Terror lost it’s terror to the masses, then an “alien invasion” would be used to scare the shit out of the sheep to keep them begging to be saved from evil the ones they were begging to save them were doing themselves to the sheep.

Anyone who thinks human sheep are the only “intelligent” life form on the only inhabited rock of all the universes is indeed in for a rude awaking.

From time to time more advanced species has visited and some lived for a while on this rock.

The Pedophile’s

End of Times Death Cult’s “god” Yahweh was from an advanced species which visited this rock and used humans as beast of burden, slaves and sometimes snacks.

It is a no brainer in the future other advanced species from other rocks in the universes will visit Earth.

But the caterwauling by “governments”, Ratschild owned and controlled MSM and certain 30 shekel whores of an invasion of space aliens is priming the weak minds of the sheep to be herded through the slaughter house doors once again by faked “terror” events by evil “elite” f##ks.

Read the report for yourself.

Click to access Report_from_Iron_Mountain.pdf


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