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Nolte: Woke Marvel Turned ‘Blade’ Into Women’s Film ‘Filled with Life Lessons’

The Disney Grooming Syndicate had originally planned to release Marvel’s reboot of “Blade” this year. You won’t believe the madness that has held it up. Actually, you will… Source

WATCH – Sling Blade: Florida Man Arrested in Road Rage Machete Attack

A man in Miami Springs, Florida, is accused of attacking another man with a machete on Friday during a road rage incident that shocked officials. Source

Six Fantastic and Mythological Beings from the Blade Trilogy

In the original Blade trilogy, Wesley Snipes played Eric Brooks, the title character also known as Blade. The film, written by David S. Goyer and directed by Stephen Norrington, was released in 1998 Read more Section:  News Myths & Legends Americas Read Later  Source

On The Edge Of A Blade: Grasping Aztec Violence and Human Sacrifice

The ancient history of the Aztec civilization is one of the most fascinating historical subjects, and for numerous reasons. Still largely shrouded in mystery, this colorful, complex culture was one of the crucial stages of all Mesoamerican civilizations and continues to be a well of new knowledge. Alas, the expansion of modern European nations brought […]

Blade Runner & HAL 9000 racist? ‘Whiteness’ of artificial intelligence ‘exacerbates racial inequality,’ new study suggests

A University of Cambridge study examining the depiction of artificial intelligence in film, television, Google searches, images, and voices, suggests it is yet another area that showcases racism. While most would likely assume a machine cannot have a race, the researchers said that they do indeed have “racial identities” influenced by “real world” stereotypes. These […]

No, we won’t have a Blade Runner future: The robots of tomorrow won’t look like humans — we’re too inefficient

(Natural News) In the 1980s science fiction classic Blade Runner, there exist human-looking robots known as replicants. These fictional biorobotic androids seem human on the surface yet possess strength, agility, speed, and resilience superior to ours. They’re also what many of us imagine the robots of the future will look like — as human as […]


Jay Dyer21st Century Wire The Blade Runner sequel fully vindicates my analysis of the original Blade Runner. In this video I cover the main themes and messages as well as the many Edenic and biblical references. In the sequel, the biblical narratives of Rachael, Moses, the Serpent and the Christ are reversed or inverted to […]


Jay Dyer21st Century Wire Based on the chapter in my best selling book with new information and analysis, I decode the highly philosophical and esoteric 1982 film from Ridley Scott. Blade Runner is not only important for its predictive programming, but also for its alchemical and gnostic themes, as found in the rest of Dick’s […]

"Frivolous" lawsuit aims to reverse ASA’s Israel boycott

Charlotte Silver Activism and BDS Beat 24 April 2016 Several current and former members of the American Studies Association are suing the academic organization, alleging that its resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions is a breach of contract because it does not fall within the group’s mission. But supporters and opponents of the boycott are […]

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