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Donald Trump At The WEF: “Klaus (Schwab) Has Done A Fantastic Job…”

The Pedo Donald Trump has been owned and operated by the Khazarian Mafia His whole life. YOUNG TRUMP SEEN IN DRAG AS THE DATE OF A KNOWN KHAZARIAN MAFIA PEDOPHILE WHO LIKED TO F##K YOUNG BOY’S UP THE ASS If the Trickster Trumpeter had tried to buck the Rothschilds by standing up against them for […]

Brussels fantastic film festival completes 40 years

Directors from all over the world came to the auditoriums of the Belgian capital’s Universal Exhibition to present their films. John Mc Tiernan, author of “Predator” and “Die Hard” is this year’s guest of honour.

NRCC Chair Emmer: Trump Has Been a ‘Fantastic Ally’

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that former President Donald Trump had been a “fantastic ally,” especially on fundraising for GOP candidates.

Six Fantastic and Mythological Beings from the Blade Trilogy

In the original Blade trilogy, Wesley Snipes played Eric Brooks, the title character also known as Blade. The film, written by David S. Goyer and directed by Stephen Norrington, was released in 1998 Read more Section:  News Myths & Legends Americas Read Later  Source

For all you fantastic people on the London march … WE ARE GETTING THERE! We have the power not the dark suits and when the People remember that it’s over and Gates has a date with a jail cell

For all you fantastic people on the London march … WE ARE GETTING THERE! We have the power not the dark suits and when the People remember that it’s over and Gates has a date with a jail cell David Icke / Richard Willet – Memes and headline comments by David Icke Original Article: […]

Bill Barr is a Fantastic CIA Ass-et That Has Made a Career Out of Covering Up Child Rape Rings, Political Corruption, Biden Criminality & Anything His ZIONIST Masters Want Covered Up; He Has Been Well Rewarded For His Corruption

By infostormer -December 11, 20201 Here’s another story showing how Bill Barr has been at the center of keeping all these insane conspiracies going. So Barr reportedly knew about all these investigations into Hunter Biden and worked to ensure that they weren’t made public prior to the election. Quite remarkable that out of all the different things […]

The Fantastic Mythological Art of Jim Fitzpatrick

Jim Fitzpatrick in 1969. In spite of Jim Fitzpatrick being probably the undisputed father of Celtic mythology in the realm of fantasy art there is very little information about him available on the web, to the point that I have not been able to even find out about his birth date, let alone about any […]

10 Fantastic Car Cleaning Hacks

No matter how hard you try to keep it clean, you’re bound to get your car dirty. Whether its stains, crumbs or you just accumulate a ton of dust and pollen when the seasons change — a dirty car is inevitable. There are a million car cleaning products out there, but the problem is that […]

8 Fantastic Health Facts About Terpenes

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Freedom From Addictions

28th June 2016 By Melissa Joy Jonsson Guest writer for Wake Up World To see the beauty and clarity of a person emerging from the confusion of addiction is to witness grace in action. All addictions are placeholders in awareness that represent an attempt to find True Authentic Self and simultaneously avoid it. The placeholder […]

Distorting Fascism to Sanitize Capitalism

The facile and indiscriminate use of the term fascism has led to a widespread misunderstanding and misuse of its meaning. Asked to define fascism, most people would respond in terms such as dictatorship, anti-Semitism, mass hysteria, efficient propaganda machine, mesmerizing oratory of a psychopathic leader, and the like. by Prof. Ismael Hossein-Zadeh Such a pervasive […]

Russia holding the line to prevent total global war

     The deployment this week of a US missile system in Eastern Europe is another step towards all-out global war. Despite Western propaganda demonizing Russia, the truth is that it is Russian military might that is actually holding the line to prevent such a cataclysm. The United States and its NATO allies are already at […]

When Peace Activists Met With The U.S. Institute Of Peace

Print Friendly Above Photo: Salih Zeki Fazlioglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images. I was part of a debate on Tuesday that involved a larger disagreement than any exhibited at the Democratic presidential candidates debate that evening. A group of peace activists met with the president, a board member, some vice presidents, and a senior fellow of the so-called […]

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