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How ‘Jewish Merchants’ Used Their Power To Break Racial Segregation in Birmingham, Alabama

(Forward) A recent op-ed piece in the Jewish Forward newsite recounts how Jewish merchants used their economic influence to break the united wall among Whites against racial integration in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960s — and suggests that Jewish merchants today should use the same strategy to leverage a ban on gun sales to somehow […]

1968 Kerner Commission Finds ‘Over-Representation’ Of Jewish Merchants In Ghetto Businesses Contributed To Race Riots

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Following the widespread urban rioting across American inner cities in the summer of 1967, the Johnson administration convened the Kerner Commission to find the causes of the rioting — and they found that one of the contributing factors was how racist Jewish merchants were ‘over-represented’ in the economic exploitation of Blacks in […]

Wine merchants or war crimes profiteers?

The import and sale of Israeli wines across Canada is a microcosm of how apartheid maintains “business as usual.” Source

Vikings Shipped Walrus Ivory to Medieval Islamic Merchants 4000km Away!

With the accelerated pace of climate change and global warming wreaking havoc on the ice sheets of the world, particularly Greenland, new evidence emerges from the ice-capped country. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Blacklisting the Merchants of Spyware

In a modest effort to disrupt the global spyware market, the United States announced last week that four entities had been added to its blacklist.  On November 3, the US Department of Commerce revealed that it would be adding Israel-based companies NSO Group and Candiru to its entity list “based on evidence that these entities […]

Did a Handful of Greek Cotton Merchants Change the Course of the American Civil War?

The Battle of Antietam, the Civil War’s deadliest one-day fight. Public Domain The Confederates handed the Union a key victory on the “Cotton Front” before a shot was even fired in the American civil war. However, without the agility of the Greek cotton merchants, the alternative supplies may not have been enough, or established in […]

Teen Solidarity Against The Merchants Of Death

Teen Solidarity Against The Merchants Of Death Above Photo: AVPs and others celebrate International Day of Peace, September 2017 Here in Kabul, as the rising sun begins to warm our chilly rooms, I hear excited laughter from downstairs. Rosemary Morrow, a renowned Australian permaculture expert, has begun teaching thirty-five young students in a month-long course on […]

Alex Linder’s Learning College: Merchants of Sin

Alex Linder has turned my book Merchants of Sin into an audiobook. He did a great job, adding quite a bit of his own commentary and expanding on many topics and ideas in a way I wasn’t able to in the book. I’ve personally listened to hundreds of hours of Linder’s audio recordings in the […]

Chinese Merchants Selling “High Quality Refugee Boats” on Famous Alibaba Wholesale Site

August 09, 2017 1 Source Article from

Kazakh president to discuss mutual, global issues in Iran

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev will make an official visit to Iran to discuss ways to improve mutual relations and the latest regional and international developments. Nazarbayev is scheduled to arrive in Tehran on April 11 for a two-day visit at the invitation of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The Iranian and Kazakh presidents plan to discuss […]

The Frightening Science and Politics of Cell Phone Safety. Electromagnetic Waves and the Health Impacts of Wireless Devices

In an article published in the New York Times last week entitled “At C.D.C., a Debate Behind Recommendations on Cellphone Risk”, author Danny Hakim discusses the controversy surrounding the potential health risks of using cell phones. Hakim writes that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued guidelines recommending “caution in cellphone use”, due […]

Merchants Auto Renews Commitment to Hire Vets

by John Vogel   Merchants Automotive Group of New Hampshire has signed on for a third year with Hire Veterans.  This decision came after another great year finding quality employees through this leading online military job board.  Merchants Automotive Group is a long standing company who is dedicated to improving continually improving the community for […]

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