Brighteon Media lawsuit against Big Tech and Big Government a fight for FREE SPEECH in America

Brighteon Media lawsuit against Big Tech and Big Government a fight for FREE SPEECH in America

The historic lawsuit against Big Tech and Big Government filed by the Health Ranger Mike Adams’ Brighteon Media is a fight for the right to free speech of every American.

Adams himself asserted this during a recent discussion on the “Health Ranger Report” with the case’s lead lawyer Jeffrey Greyber and tech censorship expert Jason Fyk. The lawsuit, which lists Webseed Inc. and Brighteon Media Inc. as plaintiffs, was filed on May 27 at the Austin Division of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas.

“The U.S. has been helping identify, pay for and facilitate private corporations’ suppression of Americans free speech,” the lawsuit stated. It also presented conclusive evidence that shows U.S. government departments specifically naming, Natural News and the Health Ranger for censorship targeting. (Related: U.S. government illegally SURVEILLING targeted citizens to SILENCE their free speech.)

Listed among the government defendants are the Department of State and the Global Engagement Center under it, the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. NewsGuard Technologies and two London-based entities – the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the Global Disinformation Index – are also named as defendants.

Big Tech defendants include Google, Meta Platforms (Facebook’s parent company) and X (formerly Twitter). Ten John Does are also included as defendants in the lawsuit.

“This is critical. We are fighting for everybody’s right to speak freely,” Adams told viewers. “The reason we are pursuing this is to fight for your right to speak, to fight for your freedoms, to set a precedent that the government cannot launder censorship through these third-party companies to influence Big Tech, to collude with Big Tech, to blacklist people just because they don’t like what they’re saying.”

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“We are fighting to take this all the way to the final decision to set a precedent to defend the liberty of freedom of speech for all Americans.”

Fyk: U.S. is facilitating censorship with private companies

According to Adams, “disinformation” and “misinformation” are just code words for blacklisting that are being used by the censorship-industrial complex to censor people. He noted how the U.S. government used the word “misinformation” to describe the Hunter Biden laptop issue. But a few years later, it was found that the so-called “laptop from hell” was indeed real.

Fyk, the founder and director of the Social Media Freedom Foundation (SMFF), meanwhile pointed out that the U.S. is facilitating censorship with private companies. Washington is even paying these firms to influence the restraint of American liberties, and offering them protection from legal action when they do so. Adams agreed, noting how these companies are using U.S. taxpayer money weaponized against the people.

The Health Ranger also explained why X was named in the lawsuit. This is because the platform owned by Elon Musk failed to stop the censorship and blacklisting of, as well as the shadow-banning of his Health Ranger account.

Greyber noted that Musk himself has admitted that the government was strong-arming it into eradicating 250,000 accounts without any real reason – a request the social media platform complied with. According to the veteran attorney, X’s lack of desire to do what was right has led it to become a defendant in the lawsuit.

Fyk ultimately mentioned that the Brighteon Media case is monumental as it will be a situation where a federal court could stop or allow censorship. He warned that if this censorship is allowed, the U.S. Constitution is done for and the American people could lose their freedom of speech.

Watch the full conversation between Jeffrey Greyber, Jason Fyk and the Health Ranger Mike Adams about the Brighteon Media lawsuit against Big Tech and Big Government below.

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