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Trump Says Israel Has To Finish Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians Quickly As It’s ‘Losing A Lot Of Support’

Trump came out and basically said he would have slaughtered tens of thousands of Indigenous Semitic Palestinian descendants of the Biblical Judians same as the Non Semitic Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrels have done, but he would have censored everything so people would not have been able to know what was really going on. […]

Trump Comes Out In Favor Of Holocausting Every last Semitic Palestinian. Child In Occupied Palestine

The Trickster Trumpster frontrunner for the GOP ticket for 2024 presidential election, said he supported Israel’s brutal ongoing Holocaust operations in Gaza of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the biblical Judians in an interview with “Fox & Friends” this week. The Trickster Trumpster agreed when a host described him as being “firmly in Israel’s […]

You do realize Don’t You, If Humanity Hangs The Globalist War Criminal B@stards, They Will Stop Holocausting Humans

At The Nuremberg trials there were four main War Criminal parties involved. The three worst war criminals, USSR, UK & US were persecuting the war criminals who had done much less war crimes than the ones running the Prosecution. But be it as it may, one of the excuses the three huge war criminals used […]

Linkedin Announces They Support Raping And Holocausting Children & The Truth Is Against Their “community standards”

Linkedin has locked my account for telling the truth and warning people of evil being done against humanity. The headline of the article which made Linkedin empty the contents of their colons into their fruit of the looms was this: ‘The Perils of Kissing Rabid Skunks & Trusting Jews’ Now as I figure Linkedin knows […]

Iran Now Threatens To Close Mediterranean Sea Over US’s & Rothschild’s Israel Holocausting Tens Of Thousands Of Semitic Children

Iran had their Democratic government overthrown by Rothschild’s CIA & M16 in 1953. A brutal mass murdering hand puppet controlled by the Rothschild’s via Washington DC was installed who made life hell for Iranians until the Iranians overthrew the puppet in 1979-80. Because the Iranians dared to take their country back, US had Iraq run […]

US Confirms 2nd Carrier Group En Route To Help Rothschild’s Finish Holocausting the Semitic Indigenous Palestinians and Help Rothschild’s Start WW3

The red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel Jew Cult member running Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac announced they are sending the Goy US Navy to help the Rothschild’s red Russians in Occupied Palestine finish Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian descendants of the Judeans in the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land, […]


A Palestinian woman inspects the ruins of her community after it was demolished by Israeli occupation forces in the occupied West Bank area of Khirbet Humsa Zionist Speak always turns the truth 180 degrees to make the BIG LIE. 2002 I am sick to f##king death of pedophilic mass murdering Jew Cult members, their crimes […]

Mass Holocausting Iraqi War Criminals Still On The Loose Twenty Years On-Wheres The Arrest Warrants ICC?

The arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court for Russian President Vladimir Putin came at an opportune moment. It was, if nothing else, a feeble distraction over the misdeeds and crimes of other leaders current and former. Russia, not being an ICC member country, does not acknowledge that court’s jurisdiction. Nor, for that matter, does […]

Moderna Mass Murdering (HOLOCAUSTING) CEO Stephane Bancel admits CRIMINAL company made 100K “COVID-19” KILLER JAB doses in 2019 before the RATSCHILD’S Samdemic was even even Perpetrated

Mass Murdering Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel confessed to his Criminal Corporation’s crimes during a talk with the World Economic Forum (WEF) that the company was already manufacturing “COVID-19” “vaccines” as early as 2019, months before the SCAMDEMIC officially started. The admission occurred during a Jan. 19 panel session of the WEF 2023 conference in Davos, […]

Pure Evil: US Illegally Occupying Syria While Holocausting Syrians & Stealing Syria’s oil Tells Other Countries Not to Work with Syria’s Assad on Earthquake Relief as Death Toll Passes 50,000

The State Department on Monday reaffirmed its opposition to countries upgrading their ties with the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, even if it is an effort to aid Syria’s earthquake relief. “Our position on the Assad regime has not changed. Now is not the time for normalization. Now is not the time to upgrade […]

Holocausting Innocent Children With Killer Jabs-N.J. boy, 12, dies after collapsing during no-contact football practice

Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia, a sixth-grade student at KIPP Rise Academy in Newark, was running drills Feb. 10 when he collapsed and became unresponsive. A New Jersey mother wants answers after her 12-year-old son died after collapsing during a no-contact football practice. Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia, a sixth-grade student at KIPP Rise Academy in Newark, was running […]

Ratschild’s Private Fiefdom In Illegally Occupied Palestine Holocausting More Semitic Indigenous Palestinians So They Can Be Replaced With More Non Semitic Khazarian Jews

Now that the red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Mass Holocauster and war criminal Nitwityahoo is back in the saddle in Rothschild’s evil fiefdom in illegally occupied Palestine, he has plans to speed up the complete genocide of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian people so he can bring more End of Times Death Cult […]

Non Semitic Khazarian’s Semitic Palestinian Holocausting blues

NITWITYAHOO’S GOT THEM SYRIAN & PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUSTING BLUES Non Semitic Khazarian’s Semitic Palestinian Holocausting blues- Seems like thats all the red Russian Turkmen Khazarian reject outcaste want to dos- They kidnap Semitic Palestinian children in the middle of the night- Ritual rape, torture, beatings, dying in pain and fright- Blood sacrifices to an evil, bloodthirsty […]

The Holocausting of the Caucasian Israelites

The Holocausting of the Caucasian Israelites   A very good book of where the Caucasian Israelites comes from. It is in the very name of our race; Caucasian, to where the Assyrians brought our forefathers into captivity in 740 B.C., as punishment for their sins (repeating today). The origin of the North European race. Highly […]

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