Trump Says Israel Has To Finish Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians Quickly As It’s ‘Losing A Lot Of Support’

Trump came out and basically said he would have slaughtered tens of thousands of Indigenous Semitic Palestinian descendants of the Biblical Judians same as the Non Semitic Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrels have done, but he would have censored everything so people would not have been able to know what was really going on.

Trump said in an interview with IsraHELL Hayom over the weekend that IsraHELL made a “big mistake” by broadcasting images and videos of the destruction in the Gaza Strip, saying it’s losing Israel “a lot of support.”

Trump said he would have done the Holocaust same as Israel in response to Mossad’s false flag October 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel but said it was time to “finish your war” as global opinion is turning on Israel.

When Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law Courts are convened, a lot of these evil Zionist Zombies like the Trumpster will wish they had not shot off their pie holes so freely.

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