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What Bumblebees Can Teach Us About the Caucasian Plight

Renegade Editor’s Note: The opinions contained here do not reflect those of your editor. For example, it is quite clear that jews did indeed exploit the Chinese to great effect during the 20th century. Also, the solution to our problems should never be to use science to tamper with our genetics. It had always been […]

Amerika’s Judenpresse Ignores Evil Horrendous Torture/Murders of Two Caucasian Toddlers By Serial Negroid Offenders

“ALL THE NEWS THAT SULZBERGER DEEMED NOT FIT TO PRINT” ™ An “Almost Daily” Web Page Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions,Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Headlines “We read and rebut their vile crap so you won’t have to!”–%20DUMPED%20IN%20STREET%20–%20MEDIA%20SILENT%20-%20The%20Real%20History%20Channel&time=1621450332062&type=share& Cash Gernon, age 4MAY 18, 2021 “Say his name!”EDITORIAL BY Here’s […]

Western Caucasian Visual Displacement Is Now Complete

    Understandably, at this point in time after the 2020 elections, many observers are laser focused on the struggle for the Presidency between the incumbent and the cadaver. Accounts of voter fraud are mildly interesting, but observers are, in my view, missing the larger and far more important story: The race war against Whites […]

The Holocausting of the Caucasian Israelites

The Holocausting of the Caucasian Israelites   A very good book of where the Caucasian Israelites comes from. It is in the very name of our race; Caucasian, to where the Assyrians brought our forefathers into captivity in 740 B.C., as punishment for their sins (repeating today). The origin of the North European race. Highly […]

America and Turkey begin Ground Invasion of Syria. How Will Russia Respond?

Syrian Local Coordination Committees say that the US has been preparing and expanding Rmeilan airport for a while now. When asked by Al Jazeera, a US CENTCOM media operations officer did not confirm or deny the reports. According to information received by Sputnik on Wednesday, Turkey has been amassing military units along the […]

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