April 16 – Humanity is Standing on a Ledge

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Israel vows to attack Iran. Iran vows to retaliate. The MSM is downplaying the urgency of our situation. Iran could close the Straits of Hormuz. The world has fallen into the hands of religious fanatics who think they are doing the Lord’s Work by destroying the world. The goal is destruction for the sake of destruction. Yes the world’s financial markets pretend nothing is happening.

The Jewish Brain- ‘To restore deterrence to the Middle East, Iran must face the full extent of Israel’s military capabilities’

Mark Glenn–“The yearly celebration of Purim festivating over the mass murder of 75,000 Persians was not a celebration of some event said to have taken place in the past, but rather was a pre-emptive celebration for what it is that the followers of Torah Judah-ism have been planning for thousands of years. Furthermore, the Gentile reader with a vested interest in his/her own future survival should also keep in mind that the nuclear holocaust which the Jews are planning for Iran is also being done to threaten the rest of the world with the same if any country dares to get sideways with yahweh’s chosen armageddonistas, to wit-

‘Israel’s adversaries are closely observing its actions. Such a decisive strike would send a clear, powerful, and deterring message to Iran and to the entire region and would demonstrate that any aggression against Israel would be a grave mistake with the severest of consequences.’

Iran threatens to use ‘weapons it has never used’ in ‘painful and severe’ response if Israel launches retaliatory airstrikes –

Behold a Pale Horse – Interview with Bill Cooper – YouTube. (39 minutes)



Iran Breaches Anglo-Zionist Defenses in Historic Attack: A Breakdown

Air Force Intelligence HQ completely levelled. Other strikes on air defence installations obviously not close to population centres and out of view but I’m sure sat intel will show extent of damage.”     

William Cooper Warned Israel Was Created To Usher In ‘One World Government’ – The People’s Voice

Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Divine Mission to Destroy Us: A Master Class on the Exodus Formula Demolishing America and the World

WW3, End Times Prophecy, & Antichrist | Know More News w/ Adam Green


Craig Paardekooper: They Attacked Our Military With the COVID Bioweapon

Brief Analysis of DMED Data (2021): Excess Symptoms in U.S Military Personnel Since Rollout of Covid Shots

Universities continue to kill their students via COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates – 20 year old Janey Thompson, biophysics major at Wake Forest University died from blood clots – 6 cases

She was mandated COVID-19 Vaccines at Wake Forest University

VIDEO: Armenian Christians under siege by Israel

Jeremy Loffredo visits the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, where a community of Armenian Christians dating back to the 4th century face displacement at the hands of a shadowy Israeli corporation called Xana Capital and the violent settlers it uses as hired muscle.

Deborah Birx Gets Her Close-Up

… it was Birx – even more so than Anthony Fauci – who was responsible for government “guidelines,” almost all of which proved to be unnecessary and disastrous for the country…

The scam goes on even in Canada’s most Conservative province

Alberta updates mRNA booster guidance to every three months, starting with six-month-old babies

That works out to about 320 doses for the average lifespan. 

“Starting April 15, 2024, select groups of Albertans at high risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 will be eligible for an additional dose,” AHS wrote on its website. 

According to Alberta health officials, “All vaccines are safe, effective and save lives,” and it doesn’t matter if a patient takes a COVID-19 booster before, after, or at the same time as a flu shot. 

‘Palestine is not for sale’: Israeli event near Toronto promoting West Bank property draws critics

“When I heard about the events, I just broke down and started crying because what’s happening is just unbelievable and horrific. They’re here to steal Palestinian land right under our nose,” Sasa said while protesting outside a similar event at a synagogue in Thornhill on Sunday.

“How dare they sell this land in Canada. It’s disgusting,” added Sasa, a PhD candidate at McMaster University.

Nicola Tesla was a friend of Nazi agent and satanist George Viereck

Thousands of Japanese Citizens Flood Streets to Protest WHO, WEF, Bill Gates, Vaccines

As Slay News has reported, the Pandemic Treaty will grant the WHO, and its parent agency the United Nations, with sweeping global powers that override the laws of individual nations.

Under the treaty, the WHO will be able to enforce global lockdowns and other measures in the event of an “emergency” such as a pandemic or “climate change.”


Everything you need to know about Catholic teaching on the Antichrist

It is generally agreed, based on the biblical texts, that the beginnings of the Antichrist’s career ‘will be lowly and obscure.’ However, as a result of his powers of seduction, his power, conquests and influence will grow until it results in a worldwide rule.

In his book The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation, Fr. Denis Fahey gives an overview of what is certain, probable and undecided about the Antichrist. 

It is certain that the Antichrist will be a single man, a single human person. 


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