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Fox News Produces Iran Nuclear Weapons Hoax Scare

“Iranian lawmaker declares Tehran obtained nuclear bombs” a Fox News headline read on May 12, sensationalising comments made by an Iranian political commentator who was recently re-elected to parliament in March. Despite the bold title to the article, only Israeli media bothered spreading this claim, as even US networks left it alone. At a time […]

Obama Produces Film On Globalist Plot To Extinguish Humanity

Former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michele Obama, have produced a new film on the globalist plot to extinguish humanity called Leave the World Behind, which is releasing on Netflix Source

IDF raid of al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza produces nearly ZERO real evidence of claimed Hamas headquarters

IDF raid of al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza produces nearly ZERO real evidence of claimed Hamas headquarters Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have completed their raid on al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, but there was very little evidence procured to show that Hamas has been using the facility as a “command center.” Over the past several weeks, […]

NATO Summit produces plan to fast-track Ukrainian membership into the military alliance, practically guaranteeing onset of World War III

It should be troubling to everyone living in the U.S., Canada and Europe that two days after Joe Biden announced to the world that the U.S. is “running low” on ammunition, he and his NATO partners announce they are doubling down on their support for Ukraine’s inclusion in the NATO military alliance, which is a […]

Too Much Comfort Produces Weakness

The modern age is great in that unnecessary labor burdens have been taken off of the backs of man due to engineering and technological  advances. Source

Interview 1762 – James Corbett Produces a Biosecurity Data Dump

via James Corbett + Meryl Nass, M.D. break down the COVID-19 Crisis from Homeland Security to Biosecurity, citing similarities to the US government’s 9/11 response, H1N1 crisis + other disastrous parallels. Will the government lead us down an endless emergency crisis, pulling the ‘emergency’ stop switch, whenever they please? Was the COVID security infrastructure […]

Iran produces novel COVID treatment pill

Iran produces novel COVID treatment pill – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iranian pharmaceutical companies have managed to produce a novel COVID-19 oral antiviral candidate, Paxlovid. Performing molecular synthesis, the pharmaceutical companies could finally produce the medicine, Hamidreza Jama’ati, Secretary of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, said on Monday, Mehr reported. “Based on studies by the Food and […]

FDA Documents Show CV19 Vaxx Produces A Bioweapon

Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee and top biotech analyst who has researched and written about many cutting edge pharmaceutical issues. Kingston contends the so-called vaccines are in fact bioweapons and she can prove it with the FDA’s own data Kingston also says the FDA’s own research shows they have known it is the […]

BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Produces 10 Times More Antibodies Than China’s Sinovac: Study

A new study by researchers in Hong Kong has found that recipients of BioNTech’s Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine generate 10 times more antibodies than the Chinese CoronaVac vaccine made by Sinovac. The study reported that even after receiving their first BioNTech dose, recipients’ antibody levels were higher than those who had received two doses of Sinovac. The […]

Why the Technocratic Mindset Produces Only Misery and Failure

It has the most fundamental aspect reality backwards Saw this article come across, come across my news alert for “Transhumanism”. In it Dr. David Eagleman talks about how not only can we augment human senses with fantastic new abilities (like to “see” heat and electromagnetic patterns), but how we’ll even be able to build machines that […]

Container ship fire produces ecological catastrophe in Sri Lanka

Fire damaged X-Press Pearl just before it sank (Credit: Sri Lankan Air Force) In the second major container ship accident in Sri Lankan waters in the past year, the X-Press Pearl, which was awaiting entry to Colombo port, caught fire on May 20 after a chemical leak. All attempts to douse the fire failed and […]

Varamin produces 70% of country’s glassware

TEHRAN-The craftspeople of Varamin, an ancient city in Tehran province, produce some 70 percent of Iran’s glassware and crystal, the local tourism chief has said.  The city is a hectic hub of glass production with 100 active workshops, Zhila Khodadadi announced on Wednesday.  Varamin’s crafters apply all modern techniques in this field and their handmade […]

South Arica’s COVID-19 battered economy produces more poachers

South Africa’s tourism industry is being shattered by the coronavirus pandemic and newly unemployed people are going hungry. Hotels and bush camps, which are normally big employers, have been empty since the end of March which has resulted in layoffs. So now, in desperation, more people who live near game reserves are turning to poaching […]

Syrian Army produces evidence Israel providing weapons to ISIS, terrorists, near illegally-occupied Golan Heights

     Israel has been arming rebels to “counter Iran” in Syria As rebels in Syria surrender their medium and heavy weapons, the Syrian Army is driving ISIS out of the southern countryside, near the Golan Heights. The Syrian army has found something peculiar amongst the captured arsenal of hundreds of different weapons. The weapons captured […]

Science is BROKEN, and the peer-review process produces "utter bulls##t" parading around as real science

(Natural News) Much of what gets published in so-called “science journals” or “medical journals” is actually complete “bulls##t,” warn many observers. Brendan D. Murphy has authored a spectacular piece published by Waking Times, offering astonishing details in support of that notion. His full article is reprinted here. Find the original at this […]

New X-Ray System Produces 3D Images With 85% Less Radiation & Reduces The Dangers of Mammography

Next Story The EOS machine is a new X-ray system that is able to scan a person across two planes at 90 degrees to one another. The result is a much more detailed 3D image, one that will help medical professionals treat patients more quickly and more safely. The machine reduces scan times and radiation exposure […]

Trump’s chaos produces results: Gulf states upgrade ties to Israel

By James M. Dorsey A cornerstone of the Trump administration’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian peace, involving a restructuring of relations between erstwhile Middle Eastern foes appears to be taking shape: Gulf states are making long-standing covert ties to the Jewish state overt without establishing formal diplomatic relations. In the process, the Palestinians are being pressured to […]

Little boy from Gaza produces computer games

A 15-year-old Palestinian boy from the Gaza Strip has taught himself to produce professional-standard computer games, Safa News Agency reported on Monday. Bilal Shahin has developed 20 games over the past three years, one of which — Flappy Attack Crush — is available on Google Play Store. “My love of computer games prompted me to learn the […]

Iran produces 3m b/pd of crude oil from South Pars

IRNA – Cumulative crude oil production from the South Pars Oil Layer (SPOL) has reached 3 million barrels per day since March 21, 2017, the project operator said on Sunday. Development of SPOL needs use of modern technologies, including the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods, Fardin Asadi, operator of SPOL’s development project said. He called […]

Russia threatened to use nukes? US commission produces wildest claims in push for military buildup

Members of the US government commission, officially known as the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), on Wednesday sat down in Washington, DC for a hearing aptly named “The Growing Russian Military Threat in Europe: Assessing and Addressing the Challenge.” Five cool weapons showing why the world can’t ignore Russia (PHOTOS) The hearing focused […]

Photos: Iran marks anniversary of US missile attack on Iran Air Flight 655

Iran is marking the 28th anniversary of the downing of its commercial airliner by a United States Navy guided-missile cruiser back in 1988 as the aircraft was flying in Iranian airspace, and over Iran’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.     By ISNA Source Article from

SOTT Exclusive: US and British crazies blame Putin for "Brexit"

     All right-thinking people know that all loyal servants of the Anglo-American empire are deluded nut-jobs who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the ass. But it must be admitted that this particular variety of human being does know one important thing, and they know it very well: Whenever anything happens that […]

Mad as Hell

We all experience the ‘been there got the tee-shirt’ feeling. There won’t be one of us that doesn’t identify with Howard Beale’s emotional outburst. This will make you smile but it will also give you much pause for thought as to the Orwellian hell our society is plummeting into. Do you act now whilst the […]

Stunning admission that SCIENCE IS FRAUD: Medical journals more likely to recommend high-profit drugs when they are funded by Big Pharma advertising

(NaturalNews) If you’ve ever wondered why seemingly intelligent doctors prescribe so many harmful medications to their patients, the answer is simple: money. We’ve all heard about the conferences and exotic vacations for doctors funded by pharmaceutical companies, but it turns out that the medical journals that doctors rely on for their information are […]

Migrants are an Underground Army – Ten Signs

  April 16, 2016 Source Article from

Russian aid convoys come under militant fire in Syria – truce center

“While delivering humanitarian cargo to the settlements of Harasta, the Damascus province, and Kafr Nan, the Hama province, Russian aid convoys have come under fire by militants. None of the Center personnel and Syrian nationals taking part in the operations were injured,” the statement goes. The Russian center successfully delivered humanitarian aid to the village […]

Damning study says 1 in 3 of all excessive force claims against police involve physicaly or mentally disabled people

     A new study has found that at least one third of all victims of police killings are people with disabilities. The researchers hope a closer look at the issue will change the conversation about police violence. The statistics regarding police abuse of the disabled by police are not easy to come by. In its […]

Robert Califf approved as the next FDA commissioner – the FDA now officially belongs to Big Pharma

     Robert Califf’s ties to Big Pharma run deep and the Obama nominee just sailed through the U.S. Senate. It is hard to believe only four senators opposed the confirmation of Robert Califf, who was approved today as the next FDA commissioner. Vocal opponent Bernie Sanders condemned the vote from the campaign trail. But where […]

Huge new study proves that eating berries promotes weight loss

(NaturalNews) Middle-age-spread is a real issue for both men and women who step into their 40s. As the metabolism slows down with age, and the muscle mass is reduced as well, it’s increasingly difficult for the body to burn fat and stay fit. Although some handle it better than others, middle age is […]

Abbott says he will run for another term

Michelle Grattan (TC) : Former prime minister Tony Abbott has ended months of speculation by confirming he will renominate for his Sydney seat of Warringah. Photo by Alan Poritt, AAP His decision will be welcomed by many conservatives in the party but will concern those colleagues who fear that his continuation in Parliament could be […]

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