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South Arica’s COVID-19 battered economy produces more poachers

South Africa’s tourism industry is being shattered by the coronavirus pandemic and newly unemployed people are going hungry. Hotels and bush camps, which are normally big employers, have been empty since the end of March which has resulted in layoffs. So now, in desperation, more people who live near game reserves are turning to poaching […]

Anonymous Takes Down Greek Central Bank… For a Few Minutes

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Brands   The hacker group called Anonymous is taking responsibility for crashing the Greek Central Bank (GCB) website for a few minutes using a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). Spyros Frangos, press adviser for the GCB, told the media that […]

Stress activates the sleeping herpes virus

     Helsinki – Once someone has contracted herpes the virus can emerge again at any time. The re-emergence is linked with periods of stress. Scientists have been looking into how this happens. The first finding relates to how herpes establishes a life-long association with an infected person. Here the DNA genome of the virus hides […]

‘Safe Fracking’ is a fairytale: Premature birth and problem pregnancies near fracking wells

     A new study in the US’s ‘fracking capital’ Pennsylvania has found that pregnant women who live near gas fracking wells are far more likely to give birth prematurely or develop problems during their pregnancies. Expectant mothers who live near natural gas fracking wells are 40% more likley to give birth prematurely and a 30% […]

Alleged Beersheba Attacker Identified

Alleged Beersheba Attacker Identified by Stephen Lendman A same day article discussed the Sunday Beersheba, Israel bus station incident – killing an Israeli soldier, the attacker, an innocent Eritrean bystander lethally shot by police, and wounding nine others. The alleged attacker was identified […]

Deep-learning robot shows grasp of different objects

Robot researchers have had much success in getting robots to walk and run; another challenge has persisted for years, and that is getting robots to pick up and hold on to objects successfully. An international workshop on autonomous grasping and manipulation last year spoke of “new algorithms for selecting, executing, and evaluating grasps. In parallel […]

Growing numbers of rhinos poached for horns in South Africa: minister

A rhino looks through the bars of a holding pen at the Kruger National Park on March 2, 2015 The number of rhinos killed by poachers in South Africa continued to climb this year, with demand for rhino horn in Asia pushing the slaughter ever higher, the government said Sunday. As of August 27, the […]

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