Russia Scared, Moving Nukes to EU border After NATO Announces military Schengen



The Kremlin voiced concern over NATO’s plan for a ‘military Schengen’ zone allowing free troop movement in Europe.

NATO’s initiative, seen as a counter to Russian threats, heightens tensions according to Moscow.

Kremlin spokesman cites increased risks and promises counter-steps to protect Russia’s security.

Russia is scared, it’s already moving its nuke to EU borders

Russia relocates its Yars intercontinental ballistic missile to the Kozelsk military base in western Russia, closer to Europe.

The missile can reach London in less than five minutes and Berlin within moments.

What Russia forgets is that NATO has nukes too, far more numerically and more technologically sophisticated as well.

Should Russia seek to start any conflicts with NATO, it will only end with Russia being wiped off the face of the map and NATO barely just scratched…

Let’s all hope and pray that it doesn’t ever get to that.

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