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Gab implements subscription plans to Help stop Malicious Spam Bots

Gab, the social media platform renowned for championing free speech, has taken drastic measures to ensure its survival by introducing a subscription model for users. In a candid announcement, founder and CEO Andrew Torba addressed the platform’s ongoing challenges, citing the need to address issues surrounding file storage and financial sustainability. Effective March 1st, GabPRO, […]

DC Mayor Implements ‘Big Brother’ Digital Vehicle Tracking Program Amid Rising Car Thefts

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) unveiled a new taxpayer-funded program that uses digital tracking tags to find stolen cars more easily. This comes as Bowser’s failed progressive ‘defund the police’ policies have sparked a crime tsunami across the nation’s capital.  On Wednesday morning, Bowser’s office stated that tracking tags will be available to […]

Maryland School Implements N-95 Mask Mandate After 3 COVID Cases

Maryland School Implements N-95 Mask Mandate After 3 COVID Cases Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, An elementary school in Maryland has reinstated mandatory mask requirements, as Joe Biden appeared in front of the press wearing a face covering Tuesday. Rosemary Hills Elementary School in Silver Spring, a wealthy DC suburb, has brought back […]

Maryland School Implements New Mask Mandate

An elementary school in Maryland has reinstated mandatory mask requirements, as Joe Biden appeared in front of the press wearing a face covering Tuesday. Rosemary Hills Elementary School in Silver Spring, a wealthy DC suburb, has brought back the mask mandate for students and staff, and added that the coverings should be N95 masks. The […]

Google tightens belt, implements cost-cutting measures like removing snack bars and staplers

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Search engine giant Google has begun implementing cost-cutting measures, as confirmed by the company’s chief financial officer.Google CFO Ruth Porat broke the news in a March 31 email sent to all employees of the Mountain View, California-based technology firm. Her email said the cost-cutting measures aimed to “deliver … [Read More…] Source

Medical profession implements WHO digital diagnosis code for the unvaxxed

Jan 25 2023 Doctors will be ‘incentivized’ by the government to start asking more questions about your vax status A set of international codes are used by the medical industry for billing purposes under Medicare-Medicaid and the private insurance companies, but it’s not just about billing. These codes are part of the International Classification of […]

Technocrats-At-Work: Medical Profession Implements WHO’s Digital Diagnosis Code For The Unvaxxed

When you make your next visit to a medical facility, for any reason, you will be asked if you took the “vaccine” and boosters. Your answer will be coded on the spot and the data uploaded to the all-seeing medical cloud. Technocrats lust for data like this. They also lust for opportunities to practice their […]

UK Civil Service Implements ‘Christmas’ and Alcohol Bans for Winter ‘Festive Celebrations’

Britain’s woke civil service has banned many of its members from hosting “Christmas” parties, insisting that only alcohol-free “festive celebrations” are permissible instead. The war on Christmas is alive and well in 2022, with parts of the UK’s ultra-woke civil service reportedly implementing a ban on the traditional end-of-year Christmas party, permitting its members to […]

Bible App Implements Handy ‘Skip Genealogies’ Button

EDMOND, OK — YouVersion, parent company of the most popular Bible app on the App Store, has announced a groundbreaking change to mankind’s Bible-reading experience. Effective this week, genealogies in the Old and New Testaments are now skippable through a handy shortcut on all YouVersion Bible applications. “Nobody reads those – everyone’s been pretending they […]

Ukraine Implements Total Surveillance Digital ID System — All Personal Documents, Banking & Passports Go Digital

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, has officially rolled out the “E-Governance” social credit iPhone tracking system with the Ukrainian government’s new “Diia app.” Source

NYPD Implements Controversial ‘Stop And Forcibly Vaccinate’ Policy

NEW YORK, NY—New Yorkers are having mixed feelings about the NYPD’s new stop-and-forcibly-vaccinate policy. The controversial policy would be the first in the nation to allow police officers to inject the COVID-19 vaccine into any motorist or pedestrian they choose to profile based on their appearance. “Some people say it infringes on their right to […]

Austria Implements Lockdown Mechanisms – But Only For Unvaccinated

In recent years, many on the right who pay attention to continental European politics have praised the political developments in Austria and in particular the leader of the conservative governing coalition Sebastian Kurz. Having earned the ire of many who despise the West due to his strong stance against political Islam, the conservative coalition, now led […]

Charity foundation implements 360,000 job creation projects

Charity foundation implements 360,000 job creation projects – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Barekat Charity Foundation, affiliated with the Headquarters for Executing the Order of the Imam, has carried out 360,000 job creation projects for the deprived over the past three years, IRNA reported on Sunday. In the past three years, 360,000 job creation projects have been […]

EU implements 666 Satanic Mark to Travel while Immigrants Can INVADE FREELY Unlimited

    The European Union has activated its 666 Satanic sign since 1 July 2021. The Satanic sign is the coronavirus passport. Without this, as a Europe you cannot travel freely in Europe. So the Mark of the Beast is already here. This is it. Don’t expect it to be necessarily on your forehead or […]

UK’s NHS app will implements ‘Covid passport’ in new Update

    A change to the NHS app brought in today allows people to prove whether they have had the Covid jab – effectively making it a vaccine passport. The update for users in England has been brought in with little fanfare but MPs and privacy campaigners have voiced fears that any such system could […]

Anger erupts as Twitter implements temporary changes to retweet function ahead of US election

    Twitter has made users jump through an additional hoop before they retweet a message on their platform, as part of a series of temporary measures purportedly designed to fight disinformation ahead of the US election. In a blog post, the company announced that people who want to retweet a message will be directed […]

Minnesota Implements Plans To Put Children In Foster Care If Parents Get Coronavirus

The state of Minnesota Department of Human Services, in coordination with the Minnesota governor’s “Children’s Cabinet,” quietly sent a form to child care providers informing them that parents who contract Coronavirus might have their children placed in “foster care”: Considering the widespread epidemic of false positive Coronavirus tests, this document obtained by NATIONAL FILE presents […]

Swiss Dept. of Public Instruction Implements “Precautionary Principle” Regarding Wi-Fi And Other Smart Tech Devices

By Catherine J. Frompovich In July of 2017, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, Department of Public Instruction, Culture and Sport, Office for Children and Youth, Child and Youth Health Service of Switzerland did something rather unusual, but extremely proactive, to enforce the “Precautionary Principle.” Source: [1] The Swiss Department of Public Instruction […]

Israel implements illegal cuts to Gaza’s power supply

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 19 June 2017 A Palestinian woman at a rally in Gaza City on 18 June carries a sign criticizing PA leader Mahmoud Abbas for supporting Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Ashraf Amra APA images Israel reduced its supply of electricity to the occupied Gaza Strip on Monday morning, in spite of […]

Moscow, Tehran preparing deal to reprofile Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility

Moscow and Tehran are trying to convert Iran’s Fordow former uranium enrichment plant into a production facility for heavy isotopes, Russia’s Rosatom nuclear energy corporation said in a statement on Friday. MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Moscow and Tehran are progressing on a deal to convert Iran’s Fordow former uranium enrichment plant into a production facility for heavy isotopes, Russia’s Rosatom nuclear […]

DHS and FBI Declare Social Media is the New terrorist Threat

Get ready for total social media lockdown in the near future. Just after Obama’s domestic extremism Summit, today the FBI director and Secretary of homeland security boldly declared that SOCIAL MEDIA is the new terrorist threat. ~ Video When you put what was just said in context with Hillary Clinton’s own admission that the US […]

Today the Global Economy is “Toxic Political Poison”, Can Only Lead to Market Manipulation, Social Chaos, War

Source Article from

Video: Police Beat Handcuffed Man

Jovan Jimenez has filed a $20 million lawsuit against the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office after an officer beat Jimenez for saying something ‘rude’. That incident, which was caught on video, shows Jimenez being grabbed by the neck, thrown against the wall and onto the ground, then being hit on the head by the officer’s […]

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