EU implements 666 Satanic Mark to Travel while Immigrants Can INVADE FREELY Unlimited



The European Union has activated its 666 Satanic sign since 1 July 2021. The Satanic sign is the coronavirus passport. Without this, as a Europe you cannot travel freely in Europe. So the Mark of the Beast is already here. This is it.

Don’t expect it to be necessarily on your forehead or your right hand as a chip implant because it probably won’t be, besides you’re holding your phone in your right hand so this just might be it.

In the beginning it will be used only for traveling but as time will go on, they will probably require it for going to work and shops. Again don’t obsess to much about a chip implant, the Bible doesn’t say it has to be a chip, it says there will be a mark on the forehead and right hand without which you cannot buy and sell, but we don’t know how the mark will look like.

The EU is now celebrating the “spirit of openness” with the launch of an internal passport system much more extreme than anything the USSR ever would have dared to suggest to their population.

You need to keep in mind that all of this is being done permanently as if the virus is the Black Death on steroids, killing twice as more as it did back in the 14th century. Nothing is ever going to be back to any normal you once knew. This was the plan all along, they just needed a pretext and this corona hoax is their pretext.

Normally, like any other virus, this corona virus should end (the question is, has it ever started though?) because each and every single pandemic has a beginning and an ending but not this one. They are taking these measures permanently as if there is no end in sight.

All of this for you the white native European while your continent is being invaded by millions of brown Muslims and none of them is being asked have a passport of any kind or be vaccinated. Nope, this isn’t a PLANNED scheme to genocide Europe. It’s just a conspiracy theory!

There is only one solution to this world, abandon city life, go and live in the wild or in a very small village as a peasant and be self-sufficient. It is going to be hard and insufferable. It is going to be very tempting to return to the luxuries of the cities, in fact many real peasants are giving up peasant life in most parts of the world, especially the youth but if you want Godly salvation this is the only way.

You are going to have to make a choice, either accept Satan’s mark of the beast and his city-life commodities, or accept God and go live in poverty as peasant from 500 years ago. Before choosing the city, ask yourself, is it really worth selling your soul over plastics and other nonsense? What does Satan has to offer you? A cell phone, a laptop, a car and all that, is it really worth it? All of this is temporary.

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