Voting is a Mental Illness AND Treason

Voting is a mental illness.

Voting in America never makes things better.
No mater who is “elected” (appointed) as head CEO of the USA/DC Corporation, the march of making Americans slaves to a communistic one world un-elected dictatorship run by child raping Usury Soul-less “bankers” continues on unabated.

No matter who is appointed the sheep think they “elected”, the loss of freedoms, the continuing downward spiral of America continues, and the level of pedophilia acceptance and in your face perversions continue.
Because that is what the owners of USA/DC want, that’s why!

Only about half the people in America are mentally ill and stupid enough to believe voting changes anything.

Voting for one of the two clowns

approved by the two wings off the USA/DC carrion slurping vulture

And thinking it will change anything is the illusions of mentally ill hallucinating sheeple.

I propose the folks too smart to vote in USA./DC’s rigged elections have our own elections.
We vote to lock all registered voters into mental istatutions for their own good.

Then after they are safely secured where they can not commit treason against America any longer, we vote to convene Nuremberg type Common Law Tribunals, give fair trials and fair hangings to all Scalawag treasonous low lives who have conspired with the Ratschilds against America.

After all if the majority of voters vote for hanging their asses, it is democracy and legal.


The Ole Dog!


“Look,” he told me,
“all those little children dying in the trees.”
And I said, “What?”
He said, “look.”
And I went to the window and sure enough, there they were hanging in the trees,
dead and dying.
And I said, “What does it mean?”
He said, “I don’t know it’s authorized.”

The next day I got up and they had dogs in the trees,
hanging, dead, and dying.
I turned to my friend and I said, “What does it mean?”
And he said,
“Don’t worry about it, it’s the way of things. They took a vote. It was decided.”

The next day it was cats.
I don’t see how they caught all those cats so fast and hung them in the trees, but they did.
The next day it was horses,
and that wasn’t so good because many bad branches broke.

And after bacon and eggs the next day,
my friend pulled his pistol on me across the coffee
and said,
“Let’s go,”
and we went outside.
And here were all these men and women in the trees,
most of them dead or dying.
And he got the rope ready and I said,
“What does it mean?”
And he said, “It’s authorized, constitutional, it passed the majority,”
And he tied my hands behind my back then opened the noose.
“I don’t know who’s going to hang me,” he said,
“When I get done with you.
I suppose when it finally works down
there will be just one left and he’ll have to hang himself.”
“Suppose he doesn’t,” I ask.
“He has to,” he said,
“It’s authorized.”
“Oh,” I said, “Well,
let’s get on with it.”


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