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Japan braces for heavy snowfall in mountainous areas

Weather officials in Japan warned that there will be more heavy snow this weekend, mainly in the mountainous areas of Hokkaido, Hokuriku and Kanto-Koshin regions. The record snowfall this week in Niigata and neighbouring Gunma was brought by a strong cold air mass. More than 2,000 vehicles were stranded for many hours on an expressway. […]

Experts confirm winter broke records for snowfall in Switzerland

     Following three years with little snow, the Swiss winter of 2017-18 brought exceptional quantities of the white stuff – but only in the mountains. Record snowfall, avalanches and horror storms were all part of the picture from December right up to the end of April, when 10 people died in three separate bad weather […]

More snowfall could negatively impact farmers in Wisconsin

     The cold weather and snow could impact when local farmers start to harvest their crops. SkyWarn 13 Chief Meteorologist Darren Maier says the snow probably won’t be leaving anytime soon. “Until this pattern breaks to where we can get temperatures consistently back to normal or above, that possibility of seeing additional snow I’d say […]

Record snowfall for Vancouver, British Columbia – double previous record

     Almost double the previous record, but “not one single media organization put the term ‘record’ in the title of their news,” says reader David Taylor. Didn’t mention the word “record” until 10 paragraphs down. 23 Feb 2018 – “Between eight and 10 centimetres of snow had accumulated in Vancouver by Friday afternoon, Environment Canada […]

Heavy snowfall brings chaos to roads across northern and central Spain

     Heavy snow and freezing temperatures have brought chaos to roads across northern and central Spain once more. Snowdrifts have forced the closure of main thoroughfares in Castilla y León, Cantabria, Asturias and the mountainous regions of Aragon, the Basque Country and even Madrid and parts of the Balearic Islands. Spain’s national weather agency have […]

Local News Warns of a Fourth Snowfall and Geoengineering for Houston

Terence Newton, Staff Writer Waking Times  The weather is doing some unusual things this year, and there is no consensus on what is bringing about such dramatic changes to our climate. Is it global warming, climate change, ocean warming, or maybe geoengineering? The gulf port city of Houston, TX, the fourth largest city in the […]

Billionaires Stuck: Davos Disrupted By Massive Snowfall, Avalanche Alerts

It’s ironic that for a World Economic Forum conference which lists global warming – only in the more politically acceptable phrasing of “Extreme Weather Conditions” – as the top 1 and 2 global risks for 2018, respectively, in terms of likelihood and impact… … that this year’s WEF event in Davos […]

Third successive weekend of heavy snowfall over the Alps; up to 2 feet (60cm) recorded

     The third weekend of November was the third in a row to see heavy snowfall in the Alps with Sunday seeing the most significant snowfall in many areas. Resorts that had opened to start their 17-18 ski seasons on Saturday including Arosa in Switzerland and the Zugspitz glacier above Garmisch in Germany posted ‘ […]

Heavy spring snowfall closes Lesotho border post near Matatiele, South Africa

© Armelle HalseWhile November is known to be a summer season with frequent rains to cool things down, snow has been spotted in Barkly East, Elliot, Swartberg KZN, Sani Pass, Sani Top, Lesotho, Matatiele, Clarens Free State, St Bernards Peak, Underberg, Himeville and Fouriesburg.      South Africa and Lesotho decided to close the Qasha’s Nek […]

Heavy snowfall causes hundreds of car accidents in Russia’s Far East (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Some 256 road accidents occurred on Friday in Vladivostok in the Far East of Russia, as roads on the up-and-down terrain of the city turned into an ice rink for local drivers. Luckily, no one died in the accidents, but eight people were reported injured. READ MORE: Not cold enough in Russia: Airboats brave ice drifts […]

Record-breaking snowfall of 55 cms knocks out power, cancels buses in northeastern British Columbia

     A record-breaking snowfall knocked out power to thousands of customers Tuesday and shut down bus routes in northeast B.C. According to Environment Canada meteorologist Lisa West, 23.0 cm fell in Fort St. John, beating the previous daily high of 15.2 centimetres on October 24, 1933. An additional 32 centimetres fell on the city Wednesday […]

Technically record summer snowfall with summer cold storm warnings

     Summer is still officially a few days away, but winter storms already sweeping across Edmonton and ski resorts of southern Canada along the US border breaking all time snow depth records. This also means summer snow in Montana and Washington state, but the weather man assures us it will pass quickly, never mentioning record […]

First snowfall of 2017-18 season recorded for Lake Tahoe

     Lake Tahoe had its first snowfall of the season on Tuesday, Sept. 13. Kirkwood Mountain Resort reported around 3 to 4 inches of wet snow early in the morning. The resort’s base is at 7,800 feet. Sierra-at-Tahoe, located at 8,800 feet, also reported snow. “Much cooler temperatures along with showers and isolated thunderstorms are […]

Early snowfall at Rogers Pass, Montana

It’s snowing in Montana! Snow is finally falling in Montana, and not a moment too soon. For now, it’s only at Rogers Pass, but wet weather is expected across more of Montana this week. Source Article from 00

Fresh spring snowfall closes roads and schools across Tasmania, Australia

     Continued snowfall in Tasmania has forced the closure of a number of schools and roads across the state. The weather bureau said the snow came after a front crossing the state brought very cold south-westerly air behind it. On Friday morning, snow was falling as low as 200 metres, adding to already significant levels […]

Highly unusual snowfall in Finland?

     Email from reader in Finland Hello Robert, It’s been snowing in Finland in May and it’s been highly unusual. I couldn’t find any English news about it yet, which seems a bit fishy to me. However, I’m sure they might report about it later on the Yle News section. I try to keep on […]

Record snowfall on Palomar Mountain, California

     More than double previous record for May 7th. Also, record cold in San Diego and many other California cities. Palomar Mountain is a mountain ridge in the Peninsular Ranges in northern San Diego County, California. It is home to the Palomar Observatory and Hale Telescope. Meanwhile, the max temp in San Diego today (7 […]

Thunderstorms and snowfall hit Big Island, Hawaii

     The thunderstorms sweeping across the state from the west hit the Big Island on Sunday, leaving significant rainfall totals in some spots and a dusting of snow atop Mauna Kea. The two sites recording the most rainfall in the 24-hour period ending at 4:45 p.m. were both on the leeward side — Kealakomo with […]

Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits near the island of Crete in Greece

     Greek authorities say a strong earthquake with preliminary magnitude 5.5 has occurred off the southern island of Crete, but no damage or injuries have been reported. Athens University’s Geodynamic Institute says the undersea quake struck at 11:36 a.m. Wednesday, 30 kilometres (19 miles) south-southeast of Crete’s southeastern tip. Greece is one of the world’s […]

Syrian ceasefire bulletin: Reconciliation committee head kidnapped by moderate terrorists

     General information on the application of measures for the reconciliation of opposing sides In the course of last 24 hours, ceasefire agreements have been achieved with commanders of 5 armed formations with total staff up to 450 men active in vicinity of Mahajjah (Daraa province). In total, 42 ceasefire application forms have been signed […]

Mountain lion with teeth growing out of its head found in Idaho

     It’s hard to watch the media downplay all these bizarre animal events as if they just have no idea whatsoever that we’re under continual assault by ever-increasing radiation in our environment. Last month a hunter’s dog was attacked by a mountain lion that had a set of teeth literally growing out of the top […]

Russia’s gambit: Kurds take Moscow’s side as ally in Syria

     The announcement of the leadership of the Syrian Kurds that they would open their first foreign office in Moscow is telling: their choice of Russia over Washington or Western Europe signals that Russia is allying with the Kurds in the Middle East, which will certainly undermine US and Turkish policy in the region, according […]

Russia Insider: ‘Hillary stole Iowa using voter fraud and missing precincts’

     The media is reporting a virtual tie between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the Iowa Caucus. (The latest numbers give Clinton a miniscule edge, 49.8% Clinton, 49.6% Sanders). But don’t be fooled: Clinton stole Iowa, and there’s even video proof of her dirty tricks: A quick explanation of what you’re watching (voter fraud): […]

Edward Snowden, Nobel Peace Prize candidate

     US whistle-blower and former spy agency contractor Edward Snowden is among the top candidates for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize which is awarded in Oslo, Norway. “2016 may finally be Edward Snowden’s year … His leaks are now having a positive effect,” Kristian Berg Harpviken, head of the Peace Research Institute in Oslo told […]

Heavy snowfall disrupts China’s pre-holiday travel rush

     Rare heavy snow hit several central and eastern Chinese provinces Sunday, disrupting a pre-holiday travel rush that involves millions of people. Heavy snow blanketed central China’s Hubei Province early Sunday, closing down a pivotal airport in its capital Wuhan, delaying trains and causing standstill on expressways, the local government said. The Tianhe Airport in […]

Putin: ‘Turkish Leaders Made A Huge Mistake’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the Turkish government of making “a huge mistake” in the shooting down of their warplane over Syria in November.  Putin says that Russia’s sanctions against Turkey’s “war crime” have been moderate in contrast to more extreme actions they could take in the future. Fort Russ reports: According to him, measures against […]

Finally declassified: France’s collaboration with Nazis revealed

     France’s archives revealing details of collaboration with Nazi Germany have been declassified. From Monday, the public can access the police and legal documents from the Vichy regime’s collaboration with the German invasion from 1940-44. A culture of secrecy surrounds this period in France’s history, when the government worked with the Nazis in France to […]

For real? Turkish coastguard ‘filmed’ Greek coastguard ‘trying to sink’ Syrian refugee boat

     A Greek coastguard has been accused of deliberately trying to sink an inflatable refugee boat carrying Syrian refugees crossing the Aegean Sea. A video shows a man seemingly trying to prod the life raft with a pole. The footage was released by the Turkish Institute of Public Diplomacy and shows a person on board […]

París, París… ¿nos vamos a sumar a la hipocresía mundial?

Es inevitable, y es correcto, que nos sintamos horrorizados por los atentados terroristas de París que han producido la muerte de cientos de personas inocentes, como es correcto que expresemos nuestra solidaridad con esas víctimas y con sus familias, y, por supuesto, que condenemos esa forma de actuar del llamado Estado Islámico… Pero no podemos […]

The French Republic Taken Hostage. Who Directs Daesh? France has been a Terrorist State since 2011

For the last five years, the French people have been hearing about distant wars, but without ever understanding what they meant. The Press informed them about the engagement of their army in Libya, but never about the presence of French soldiers on mission in the Levant. My articles on this subject are widely-read, but perceived […]

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