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One Billion For Israel’s Iron Dome Gone, Along With The System’s Credibility

Israeli regime supporters were driven into a frenzy after House Democrats, in the United States Congress, removed 1 billion dollars in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome air defence system from a stopgap government funding bill. In reaction to the move by some democrats, to withhold their vote for the stopgap government funding bill if it […]

Europe must act on Hungary’s anti-LGBT law. The EU’s credibility is at stake.

This week, the European Union faces an ultimate test. Not just about the nature of its values, but about what it will do to uphold them. For all intents and purposes, an EU member state just adopted legislation similar to what was dubbed Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law, which led to international outcry when it was […]

EU’s credibility ‘undermined’ if North Macedonia delayed from joining the bloc

Brussels could potentially press ahead with talks with Albania over membership of the EU even as negotiations with North Macedonia stall, Enlargement Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi has said. North Macedonia and Albania’s bids for EU membership had previously been coupled together, with both nations preparing for negotiations to begin on parallel tracks. The European Council agreed […]

Iran’s supreme leader: ‘No credibility’ in US promises, only full lifting of sanctions would work

Tehran has zero trust in any promises from Washington, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said, signaling that he does not actually believe the US will lift its sanctions. The persistent US-Iran issues of the comatose 2015 nuclear deal and Washington-imposed sanctions were touched upon by Khamenei in a televised speech on Sunday. Vague […]

The declining credibility of Palestinian objections to the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism

Browse > Home / Featured Articles / The declining credibility of Palestinian objections to the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism December 5, 2020 by Ben Cohen – Read on for article A group of Palestinian and Arab intellectuals, 122 in all, endorsed a statement last week published by The Guardian newspaper that attacked the International […]

The Man Who Blew the Lid Off Area 51 in the 1970’s Has Gained A LOT More Credibility

Bob Lazar has provided information that has now been verified, decades after he blew the whistle. The UFO phenomenon is no longer taboo to talk about. People like this deserve to be heard now without ridicule. by Arjun Walia The now famous ‘Area 51’ is no longer a conspiracy. In fact, it left that realm […]

Kiev’s fake Babchenko murder erodes media & information credibility – Intl Journalist Federation

“The profession’s aim is to seek the truth and … any manipulation of information can dramatically damage media credibility as well as journalism as a whole,” the IFJ said in a statement on Thursday. The staged murder of Babchenko by Ukrainian authorities, who was “killed” on May 29 only to reappear a day later during the secret service’s press […]

Going Underground – UN Independent Expert says Brussels is to lose its credibility over Catalonia

Going Underground – UN Independent Expert says Brussels is to lose its credibility over Catalonia Going Underground with Afshin We ask UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order, Professor Alfred M. de Zayas about the detention of Carles Puigdemont and whether its a sign of the end of […]

NYT: Trump’s Twitter Threats Put US Credibility on the Line

US President Donald Trump has begun 2018 where he left off. Since the first of the year, he has attacked a variety of countries in Twitter posts, urging protesters to overthrow the Iranian government, threatening to blow up North Korea and calling for cuts in aid to the Palestinians. Two things stand out about the […]

Donald Trump has lost all credibility by his outrageous behavior

(Note how this crypto-Jewess wears a Christian cross round her neck in order to disguise her Jewishness) A few days ago, President Trump retweeted  an Islamophobic video from an anti-Muslim British political leader who has been charged in the United Kingdom with religiously aggravated harassment and abuse of a Muslim mother in front of her children.  […]

As Climate Talks Open, Federal Report Exposes U.S. Credibility Gap

Above Photo: Members of the U.S. delegation, including Trigg Talley (right), deputy special envoy for climate change, attend the opening of the UN climate conference on Nov. 6, 2017. Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help […]

Elites “Have No Credibility Left:” An Interview With Journalist Chris Hedges

Above Photo: Lily Rhoads/ Flickr On Monday, WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North interviewed Chris Hedges, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, lecturer and former New York Times correspondent. Among Hedges’ best-known books are War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, The Death of the Liberal Class, Empire of Illusion: the End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle, […]

NO CREDIBILITY: OPCW ‘Chemical Weapons’ Report on Syria Contains No Real Evidence

US Coalition-funded pseudo NGO the ‘White Helmets‘ provided the bulk of the OPCW’s spurious chemical weapons report implicating the Syrian government in a “Sarin Attack” on April 4, 2017 in Idlib province.  By Stephen Lendman The Hague-based intergovernmental Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is mandated “to implement the provisions of the Chemical […]

CNN Is Dead: Network Loses All Credibility As Producer Admits That The Entire Russia Narrative Is Fake News

Nobody else needs to dig a grave for CNN because they are doing it themselves.  There has been scandal after scandal at the network, and now one of their producers has been caught on undercover video admitting that CNN has been pushing fake news stories about a connection between Donald Trump and Russia in a […]

COMMMENTARY: Peer Reviewed – Science Losing Credibility As Large Amounts Of Research Shown To Be False

Although good science should always be reviewed, using this label as a form of credibility can be dangerous, causing people to dismiss new information and research instantaneously if it doesn’t have it, particularly when that information counters long-held beliefs ingrained into human consciousness via mass marketing, education, and more.Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that we are […]

VIDEO: CNN host screams at Navy Seal who dares to question credibility of “anonymous” sources

CNN Anchor Kate Bolduan lost her mind in typical liberal left outrage screaming at US Navy Seal, Carl Higbie, to “be quiet” while clapping her hands in anger over his skepticism of anonymous sources. Fake news CNN is upset that someone dare question the integrity of journalism in the United […]

Mainstream media flushes last shred of credibility down the toilet with FAKE NEWS MARATHON over James Comey and Donald Trump

(Natural News) All the mainstream media news you’ve been seeing over the past few days about James Comey and the FBI has been nothing but an organized fake news marathon by the kings of fake news, the mainstream media. As explained by Susan Duclos of All News Pipeline: The establishment media aka the MSM appears […]

NPR Attempts To Undermine WikiLeaks’ Credibility With Deliberate, Brazen Lie

As if we needed another reason to want the legacy media to die screaming all alone in an ill-reputed nursing home, National Public Radio has just added one more to the planet-sized pile. NPR, which just Wednesday released an anti-WikiLeaks attack editorial disguised as a movie review, has made a deliberate attempt to tarnish WikiLeaks’ […]

Baeedinejad: US ban on aircraft sale violation of JCPOA

TEHRAN, Jul. 13 (MNA) – A senior official of Foreign Ministry and member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team said Iran will not give up to anything but the full implementation of JCPOA.The US refraining from selling airplanes to Iran, violates JCPOA and Iran will deal with the issue accordingly, Hamid Baeedinejad said while speaking to […]

Why we shouldn’t dismiss Bilderberg conspiracies so lightly

Martin Parker (TC) : We live in an age of conspiracies about a world shaped by shadowy plots, secret organisations and deals made behind closed doors. And while they are often viewed as the fictions of sad people wearing anoraks and tin foil hats, they can relate to the real business of global politics. Conspiracy […]

The occupied mentality Syndrome

Since the Korean War, but particularly since the Iranian Revolution of 1979 until today, the United States has been steadily escalating its military presence in the Persian Gulf. Taking advantage of many colossal events of the past 36 years, [1] the hyper-empire has institutionalized its massive presence on land and sea, and expanded its objectives […]

Portland’s socially responsible investments committee recommends putting Caterpillar on city’s ‘do-not-buy’ list

The following press release was sent to us by Occupation Free Portland: Portland’s Socially Responsible Investments Committee (SRIC) voted – 4 in favor, 2 opposed – at its March 17th meeting to recommend that City funds should not be invested in Caterpillar, citing concern that Caterpillar Corporation violates a number of the City’s socially responsible investment […]

Sharmine Narwani talks to RT International on Turkey’s claims Syrian Kurds are behind the attack in Ankara

  Related Articles Ankara Blast: Catastrophe of Convenience Turkey burned alive 150 Kurds Filed under: Al Qaeda, AngloZionist Empire, Erdogan, ISIL, Kurdistan, kurds, Moderate Terrorist, MUSLIM ZIONISTS, neo-Ottoman, Nusra Front, Russia, Sharmine Narwani, Syrian Army, Turkey, USA Source Article from 00

November 22, 2015, US and Saudi’s Suffer Defeats in Syrian Proxy War – Veterans Today

. <!– –> Home Health Agent Orange Coping Gulf War Illness (GWI) Medical Disability Benefits PTSD Investigations 9/11 Holocaust JFK Assassination Paris Attacks 2015 Sandy Hook Life Art, Books, & Entertainment Economy & Business Education Environment Food, Wine & Travel History Civil War (1861-1865) Cold War (1947-1991) Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq War (2003-2011) Korean War […]

It’s a start: Seattle votes big money out of politics – Koch brothers big losers

“Seattle voters won big tonight. Seattle leads the nation, first on $15/hour and now on campaign finance reform.” Much to the detriment of Washington State’s biggest corporate donors like Microsoft and Starbucks, and to the chagrin of Seattle’s newspaper of record, Seattle voters have elected to have publicly-financed elections, and to severely limit the influence […]

Can Pan-European Hysteria Save NATO’s Syrian War?

Tony Cartalucci (NEO) : After over a decade of war and destabilization waged by NATO stretching from North Africa to Central Asia, with the recent destruction of Libya and the 4-year war NATO and its regional partners have waged against Syria, an influx of refugees, following the trail of their conquerors back West was all […]

Recognizing Neocon Failure Shows Obama Has Come To His Senses?

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Selected Articles: The Fed, The Mainstream Press, US Imperialism, and Netanyahu Are All Losing Credibility

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