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Inside the Biden administration sham to convince the world Netanyahu wants a ceasefire

Antony Blinken claims that Hamas is blocking a ceasefire in Gaza, but it is Israel which has vowed to invade Rafah regardless of an agreement and is absolutely unwilling to declare an end to its genocidal operation. Source

How Communist Jews Rewrote History To Convince Gullible Blacks ‘They Wuz Kangs’

(Substack) Benighted Blacks have always been putty in the hands of the Jews — easily manipulated and molded into willing “golems” — a mythical Frankenstein-like monster created by rabbis to destroy their perceived oppressors and enemies. As the earliest European explorers have attested in their extensive writings, what they witnessed when first setting foot in […]

Gates Still Trying To Convince People To Take ‘Safe & Effective Vaccines.

Bill Gates is still on what appears to be his never-ending quest to inject the global human population with as many “vaccines” as possible. The Covid pandemic may be old news at the World Economic […] The post Gates Still Trying To Convince People To Take ‘Safe & Effective Vaccines. appeared first on The People's […]

Nides can’t convince his own children to take Israel’s side

Tom Nides was an unrelenting cheerleader for Israel during his two short years as ambassador to the country. Then this summer he took a big job at Wells Fargo, till the Hamas attack of October 7– and just a month into the job Nides left the bank to become a full-time Israel lobbyist, working with […]

Another Day, Another Bull S#it Controlled Opposition Article To Convince The Sheeple The Scamdemic Was Really A “Pandemic”- “Boosted People More Likely Than Unvaccinated To Be Infected: New Study Finds”

Take this BULL SHIT headline: “Boosted People More Likely Than Unvaccinated To Be Infected: New Study Finds”. Allow the Ole Dog! to translate the Zionist Speak for you. Killer Jabbed sheeple get sick and die because they took a Killer Jab meant to euthanize the sheeple, because the sheeple feared a non existent “virus” 217 […]

Sanders aims to convince Fox News readers climate action ‘is a moral responsibility’

“If this is what you believe I would respectfully disagree and I would urge you to get on the phone and call friends and family around the country to hear about what their communities are experiencing.” Source

Sanders aims to convince Fox News readers climate action ‘is a moral responsibility’

“If this is what you believe I would respectfully disagree and I would urge you to get on the phone and call friends and family around the country to hear about what their communities are experiencing.” Source

The Guilty Of Mass Murder Via Loaded Syringes Desperately Trying To Convince The Killer Jabbed Sheep the Scamdemic Was Real

The IsraHell Firster Whores holding forth in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac Ask “scientist” Why they “Did A 180” On “COVID” lab leak after F#cki emailed them. This is all meaningless bull shit to try to convince you the Scamdemic was real and they did not just Holocaust Americans for their MASTER. NO ONE, […]

LIES Limited Hang Outs Tell You to Try to Convince You There Really Was a “pandemic” Instead of a Made Up SCAMDEMIC

“A year ago, doubly vaccinated Australians were 10.72x more likely to catch Omicron than the unvaxxed. Now they are 20x more likely and the triply or more vaxxed are 35x more likely, as the latest NSW Health stats show”. SOURCE OF THE BIG LIE BULL S#IT PROPAGANDA: Covid Vaccination knocks up to 2.5 Decades off […]

30 Shekel Whores Trying Hard To Convince Americans The Faked Scamdemic Was Real- Natural Immunity As Good As Or Better Than COVID-19 Vaccination: Study

Natural Immunity to What??? There is no “COVID-19” The mRNA KILLER JABS are not a vaccine. In order to have a vaccine it must contain the dead bodies or bones of the “virus” being vaccinated for. In order to have the “virus” bodies, one must Scientifically Identified a virus by Isolating it from and infected […]

Turkey hopes to convince ‘anti-vaxxers’ with fifth dose of COVID jab

New York’s Sick Commercial Trying to Convince Parents to Vaxx Their Children

Taxpayer money in New York state is being used to influence parents into getting their children injected with a dangerous gene therapy to “protect” them from “COVID”. I love the style of this commercial, which just shows a woman on the phone talking to someone about how their doctor said it was totally safe and […]

Union leader Sharan Burrow: How to convince governments to actually change

— Sharan Burrow, general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation On how to talk about climate change with workers in affected industries, like coal mining “You can’t lie to workers. We have to base our demands for a secure future on the basis of what’s real. So that’s why we fought for a good […]

Jewish Groups Exploit Atlanta Murders To Convince Asians They Are Victims Of ‘White Supremacy’

Jewish groups are shamlessly exploiting the recent murders at Asian “massage” parlors in Atlanta in order to ratchet-up racial tensions and encourage Asians to take on a “victim mentality” at the hands of “White supremacists” — and that the Jews are “here to help”: Police in Georgia say the 21-year-old suspect may have been motivated […]

Third-party progressives can win, but they must convince the public

Once new possibilities for change that are within reach of ordinary people become evident, or at least once people think they are evident and within reach, popular aspirations also expand. — Francis Fox Piven, Challenging Authority (2006, 141–2) Crisis can open the door to opportunities previously seen as desirable but impossible. As 2021 unfolds, more […]

NZ govt asks how to convince doubters to get a Covid-19 vaccine … maybe explain the manufacturers’ liability exemption & the numerous deaths & adverse reactions to date?

The NZ government is wanting us all to accept the new untested covid vaccine. They cite the data that one in four will not. How to change that? As stated, tell us why the manufacturers have no liability for any damages caused. Secondly, instead of enlisting prominent community figures to twist our arms, they could […]

Health and Human Services Launches $250M Campaign to Convince People to Take COVID Vaccines as Doses Sit Unused

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Powerful Jewish Group Wants To Convince America That Jews Are Neither ‘White’ Nor ‘Privileged’

The American Jewish Committee, a powerful Jewish supremacy organization allied with the Anti-Defamation League, has recently hired Holly Huffnagle, a White Christian, to spearhead their antisemitism outreach efforts in the evangelical Christian communities in America: A Christian now employed to help tackle anti-Semitism in the United States, she has more than one thing in common […]

Here’s Why Mainstream Media Is Trying To Convince You Our World Is Becoming More Violent

Next Story Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom suggests, ‘What you see, you become.’ It is a doctrine that suggests what we experience in the physical world will naturally impact our physical and emotional state of being. This state of being in turn goes on to inform what we experience. There is some support for this idea in […]

US Intelligence’s attempt to smear Putin in ‘Panama Papers’ backfires on Clinton, Cameron

     The Soros-funded framing of the document release aimed to smear Putin, but did more to expose the collusion of Hillary Clinton, David Cameron, and other Western scam artists. On Sunday, the “Panama Papers” were released to the world, in the single greatest incriminating document leak in world history. The documents, all from a single […]

US Defense Secretary Threatens Russia and China

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter delivered a pointed warning of future wars Saturday in an address to a forum at the Reagan Library in southern California. The reckless and provocative character of the Pentagon chief’s speech is underscored by the targets of his saber-rattling: Russia, with the world’s second largest stockpile of nuclear weapons, and […]

New Black-Palestinian Solidarity video features Lauryn Hill, Rasmea Odeh, Danny Glover

Black-Palestinian Solidarity released a powerful video today unifying resistance against state-sanctioned violence both communities are confronting. “When I See Them I See Us” features more than 60 leading Black and Palestinian artists and activists, including Lauryn Hill, Rasmea Odeh, Danny Glover, Cornel West, Angela Davis, Alice Walker, DAM, Aja Monet, Sapphire, Rafeef Ziadah, LisaGay Hamilton, the Baha Men, Rashid Khalidi, Dream Defenders Co-Founder […]

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